The Muslim Brotherhood, Tarantulas & Wasps; Not Just Lara Logan’s War Cry

CBS News and “60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan went on the offensive against the Obama administration for false claims that the Obama administration has succeeded in weakening the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Logan ripped the administration for the way it has handled the war in Afghanistan and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

“I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand that there is a major lie being propagated,” Logan said about the administration touting the weakening of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The fact that our Ambassador was abandoned to the brutality of terrorists raised the issue of whether maintaining appearances took precedence over truth during the run up to the U.S. Presidential election. The Administration’s policies in Libya had to appear to have succeeded in Libya- raising the issue of whether the American people will be abandoned to brutality if things become dangerous here at home.

I collect information about organizations like ACORN and other tax-exempt organizations, many funded by billionaire George Soros. Looking at how extreme left-wing Marxists (like Van Jones) seem to appear, often without Senate confirmation, within the upper levels of the federal government made me think of a book that I read many years ago about the vast array of strategies that wasps have developed for producing larvae within the living bodies of other organisms, including their own kind. Eventually the larvae destroy the organism within which they hatch but a horrifying variety of deceptions occur in order to ensure that the wasp life-cycle is perpetuated.

A certain female wasp seduces a male and then reaches around behind the male with her long tail and injects her eggs into her partner. Thus, the elegant commencement of the male’s slow demise occurs during the sex act while in flight! There are many more scenarios that cover a bewildering variety of wasps existing in every conceivable natural environment upon the earth. I came across the following article at the Jerusalem Post’s website:

REGARDLESS OF their huge size and fearsome appearance, tarantulas are themselves the prey to a specialized and efficient predator, the spider wasp. Sometimes called tarantula hawks, they are solitary wasps belonging to two genera: Pepsis and Hemipepsis. These insects are large and conspicuous. Most species have bright red, yellow or orange wings with iridescent black or blue bodies. They are impossible to miss.

Several times I watched female Israeli spider wasps of the species Hemipepsis brunnea search for and find a tarantula, sting it with their paralyzing venom and then drag it to their lairs where they deposit an egg onto the still living, but paralyzed spider. The wasp then closes the lair and in some cases camouflages it. The egg develops into a larva that feeds on the living spider. The stuff of horror movies.

In a variation of this story, David Ward and Joh Henschel from the University of British Columbia in Canada studied a different spider wasp (Pseudopompilus humboldti) that lives in the Negev. They found that these wasps placed their paralyzed spider at the entrance of the spider’s own nest, exposed to birds and other animals which sometimes ate them. Why would the wasps not do more to protect their developing progeny?

Ward and Henschel hypothesized that temperatures in the Negev were so high that if the wasps didn’t place them thus, their larvae would be unable to develop. Sure enough, when the scientists moved the paralyzed spiders to a deeper, more protected area of the nests, the wasp larvae became too hot and died. It was better to risk some predation than the certainty of their larvae dying from excessive heat.

BUT THE adaptations of these wasps are dwarfed by Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga, another solitary wasp studied by Dr. William Eberhard of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Costa Rica. He found that this wasp actually changes the behavior of the spider for its own benefit. These wasps don’t paralyze the spider, instead they stick their egg on an active spider and the wasp larva feeds on the spider’s juices, much like a tick sucks blood. However, right before the larva is about to build a cocoon so that it can metamorphose into an adult wasp, it injects the spider with a drug. Suddenly instead of building a typical web, the spider builds a tangled structure that is devoid of the sticky threads normally used to catch insects, and is instead perfect to carry the wasp’s cocoon. After doing the wasp’s bidding the spider dies.

So the wasps prey on the spiders, sometimes with extraordinary powers, but what preys on the wasps? It turns out nothing preys on these creatures; they live la dolce vita at the very pinnacle of the food chain.

Even if we had a new administration, the larvae of a new kind of politician has hatched within the body politic- within the bureaucracy itself. The body of the host organism- the American people and our political leadership- has lost the ability to formulate reasoned policy responses in the face of a number of challenges, any one of which threatens our continued existence. The news media lack the will to report many of the threats. Maybe due to anxiety about obtaining stimulus money when the “mainstream” news media’s house of cards crashes.

A case in point is the way in which George Soros and other billionaires have created huge tax exampt foundations. Many foundations lobby for higher taxes, secretly fund candidates via various conduits and move the world toward international governance; i.e., an oligarchy of bankers and their minions- the UN-style bureaucrats at every level of government, media and the academic world- including law schools. This is all done by increasing the number of folks dependent on government entitlements, including corporations that line up at the trough for more subsidies, including but not limited to tax loopholes!

We now have seen the Arab Spring go through it cycle with larva-offspring like the Muslim Brotherhood starting to assume positions of power in along side the United States government.

U.S. personnel working in the Middle East and other countries are now learning how the Obama Administration removed U.S. security personnel from Libya over approximately a six month time period. Despite requests for increased security by U.S. officials closely involved with Libya, the government denials of security allegedly were because the Administration’s policy has been to rely on Libyan security forces- many of which are connnected to the militias that overthrew the previous regime. The calculated “missteps” are a direct result of misunderstanding who can be trusted in the Middle East and apparently resulted in the torture, rape and murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi.

Ambassador Stevens would have been better off injected with eggs and wrapped in a cocoon than to trust in the U.S. government for protection!

Indoor Gun Range Opens in Federal Way

The whole United States is experiencing a historic wave of new shooters. Federal Way is now positioning itself to enjoy some of the money generaated by the firearms industry. Bellevue, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada are two examples of cities that have attracted successful gun related businesses. Potlatch, Idaho, a former timber town alongside the Clearwater National Forest, is one of a number of cities that areaggressively recruiting gun manufacturers and other gun related businesses. In fact, the whole state of idaho- and other states like Montana- have recognized the economic opportunity represented by America’s legacy of firearms freedom linked to the spirit of enterprise!

Las Vegas received funds from a sell-off of federal lands pursuant to a law that only applies to Nevada. Most of the revenue had to be used on parks and $64 million has been spent on the Clark County Shooting Complex, which is on 2,880 acres north of Tule Springs in the northernmost part of the valley. The complex will see another $3 million spent to build a facility for shooting clay pigeons. Meanwhile the City of Las Vegas has acres of indoor gun ranges all competing for the wave of enthusiasm for shooting activities in and around the strip.

Can Federal Way learn something from Las Vegas and Bellevue? We now have our first indoor range in Federal Way and another one is in the works! Bellevue area hosts at least three indoor ranges, and a number of outdoor ranges, all within a short drive from each other. All seem to be thriving so Federal Way can only gain by supporting efforts to harness our economy to a tsunami of enthusiasm for firearms that shows no signs of receding.

Service Clubs of Federal Way Unite!


DENNIS R JARACZESKI started the Federal Way Service Club Network about four years ago with Bob Darrigan of Lions Club, Wayne Triplett of Morning Kiwanis and Dick Meyer. Dennis is a member of the Noon Rotary. His club and Sunrise Rotary- which meets in the morning- recently merged. Byron Hiller of Sunrise Rotary was actually the first person to broach the idea of creating an entity with the objective of getting an indoor range for Federal Way.

The fact that Byron helped to found the ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION- and has also played a huge role in ADTA activities, demonstrates a historical truth that has been demonstrated over and over again. The leaders in the community, like Noon Kiwanis President Gordie Olson and SKFR Deputy Chief Gordie Olson- already so busy with official duties- are also volunteering through churches, schools, clubs, unions and other associations. They commit massive time to make Federal Way a better place to play, work, live and worship.

Dennis told me that the Noon Rotary club has been providing significant funding to the Federal Way School District and the two local community colleges for over 25 years! His club also gives scholarships to Highline and Green River for graduating seniors. The Rotary’s budget has been a minimum $23,000 each year.

The Noon Rotary started supporting Valhalla Elementary when Dennis was President of the club in 2007-2008. The club looked at the poor graduation rate in Federal Way. Research predicted that if enough adult intervention occurs by the time students are in 5th grade, it is possible to predict successful graduation from high school.

The Noon Rotary supported Valhalla Elementary for three years with up to $15,000 each year. The funds went for needs that included purchasing dictionaries for each of the third graders but the funds were for the entire school. This year, they are supporting Enterprise Elementary with the same level of funding. Over 40% of Noon Rotary Club’s annual budget supports education for Federal Way schools.

Getting all of the service clubs in Federal Way together on an informal monthly basis is a powerful concept. The Federal Way Service Club Network, FWSCN, now has created a growing matrix of organizational skill sets in which clubs like Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary are uniting to get to know about each other’s clubs and work together. These and clubs like the Soroptomists, Caregiving Network and Masonic Orders have always attracted and helped to develop community leaders.

Ultimately the Network is involving all of the service clubs in joint projects. There are a number of ideas for one big project like a memorial honoring veterans or a sign that announces the names of these clubs that have made Federal Way and communities all over the United States great. My suggestion is that every club raise awareness of how important educational reform is for the safety and prosperity of our communities.

Supporting programs and projects involving partnership between employers and schools gets my vote for interclub cooperation.

Noon Kiwanis, for example, to which I have belonged off and on for years, is represented at Federal High School games by Kiwanis members selling refreshments. You will also see many of the leaders in our community serving salmon at the Annual Kiwanis Salmon Bake in Steel Lake Park. The funds go for scholarships and other worthy programs.

In fact, many of the local service clubs compete to a certain extent. Thus, there is a huge potential when you get them all working together.

Americans take it somewhat for granted that so many volunteers do so many different things. Nevertheless, folks from other countries are astounded when they see what unpaid volunteers produce! Many foreign observers have commented on how volunteerism, almost unique to the United States, contributes to our strength and greatness.

Federal Way Service Clubs United Against Gun Safety?


Apparently, the Armed Defense Training Association does not qualify as a service club because our focus is only on protecting life and not on feeding the homeless or providing scholarships for education.

A Federal Way Rotary Club member was actually the first person to suggest starting the Armed Defense Training Association in order get an indoor range going in Federal Way.

All these service clubs commit massive time to make Federal Way a better place to play, work, live and worship. A few of the clubs- like Rotary and Kiwanis- have provided me with the privilege of speaking at their meetings about firearms-related subjects, including the reasons that armed citizens are an important component of public safety.

Nevertheless, influential folks from more than one of the well known charity groups in Federal Way have stated unequivocally that their organization is not involved in education about gun safety- and evidently many of these groups presently have no wish to promote gun safety!

One group stated: “From a public relations standpoint, we would not want readers to think our mission in any way involves guns or gun safety!”

So far as I know, none of the service clubs in Federal Way have endorsed gun safety. I was working hard to write a story about what the Federal Way Service Club Network is all about when I was told not to even mention the Armed Defense Training Association in the article because this might imply an endorsement of gun safety.

Does this mean that we should all leave loaded guns where children can harm themselves, point our muzzles in unsafe directions and make sure that we aim at things that we don’t intend to shoot? The only thing more politically correct than gay marriage and consensual sodomy will soon be accidental discharges in crowded places. Here is a sampling:

The Federal Way Community Gardens Foundation is also NOT involved in gun safety, and we agree with Fusion’s comments toward this.

Job’s Daughters is also not involved in education about gun safety.

FUSION is not involved in education about gun safety, so FUSION would not fit into an article on that topic. From a public relations standpoint, FUSION would not want readers to think our mission in any way involves guns or gun safety.

People from other nations are astounded when they see how many unpaid volunteers are active in so many areas of life in these United States. The only thing that may be even more amazing to the rest of the world is our freedom to own as many firearms as we choose.

On the other hand, a great lady who is one of the service club leaders in Federal Way told me:

“I remember a time in my childhood — well, I guess I was about 12 or 13. After being a Campfire Girl, many of us joined Rainbow (similar to Job’s Daughters.) I remember when one of our sponsors, a Sportsman’s Club, helped send us to camp. There we learned how to shoot guns and all about gun safety. The classes were at a camp near Ft. Lewis, as I recall. My, my…how times have changed.”

This wonderful lady who represents the best of the service club ethic continued:

“Many people predict that times may get very hard in the not so distant future — with home invasions, robberies, mobs, panic and chaos commonplace. Desperation brings out the worst in people. People need to be self-reliant and prepared. Protecting oneself and family should be on more people’s minds today. I, for one, think of all the people that would be alive today had they been prepared to protect themselves.”

With so many new gun owners out there, the need for gun safety has never been greater. Most service clubs help the poor and homeless and also help children and adults from middle class families that just need encouragement or assistance. Why is learning to protect our families from violent predators less important than making sure everyone has a square meal?

And why isn’t protecting school children from the threat of massive violence just as important as all the other wonderful contributions that service clubs make to our schools? Political correctness is destroying all of us one little step at a time.

If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength! Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done? -Proverbs 24

Under Attack: Self-Defense for Sikhs, Christians, Jews & Muslims



First Aurora, Colorado shocked the nation and now a shooting at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin is creating an international furor over U.S. gun laws. An active shooter in suburban Milwaukee murdered six people and three others were critically wounded, including Oak Creek Police Officer Lt. Brian Murphy.

Lt. Brian Murphy ran to the scene of the shooting at the Sikh temple and was helping a victim when the gunman shot him. Another police officer engaged the killer and stopped further loss of life by ending the life of Wade Michael Page.

Page played in white supremacist heavy metal bands with names such as Definite Hate and End Apathy. The Southern Poverty Law Center described Page as a “frustrated neo-Nazi”.

Sikhism is a 500 year old religious faith known for tolerance and regard for the sanctity of life. The world’s fifth-largest religion with about 27 million adherents, the Seattle Times reports 80,000 to 500,000 Sikhs live in the U.S.-possibly 25,000 in Washington, mostly living in nearby Renton and Kent with other concentrations in Seattle, Bellevue, Marysville, Bellingham and Spokane.

Although Sikhs are peace loving people, the universal symbol of Sikhism is the khanda, a double edged sword symbolizing the ability of truth to cut through the duality of illusion. Like the symbol of the cross in Christianity, the khanda is depicted on a flag which is seen flying outside every Sikh Gurdwara or temple.

Traditionally Sikh men in and around the Punjabi considered it a religious duty to own and wear elaborately adorned ceremonial kirpans, traditional curved daggers. The founder of the Sikh faith, Gobind Singh, commanded male followers to carry the kirpan during the centuries long struggle against the Islamic Moguls that ruled many areas of the Indian subcontinent in the past.

I went to a Sikh wedding and did not see any cutlery except for butter knives. I have discussed the Sikh’s martial history with Sikhs and the daggers are either a lost tradition or an aspect of their culture which the Punjabi people don’t wish to discuss. The duty to wear the ornately jeweled traditional kirpan may be a thing of the past for American Sikhs possibly because many of the Punjabi families have lived in the United States for several generations.

It would be no wonder if Sikhs did not want to discuss all their beliefs. There have been many documented instances of ignorant Americans attacking them in misguided attempts to avenge the attacks on the World Trade Center. The New York-based Sikh Coalition has reported more than 700 hate crimes in the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001. Ironically, many folks confuse Sikhs with followers of Islam because the men wear turbans and beards.

Authorities are not sure what Page’s motive was but, with so many people in and around South King County that practice the Sikh religion, I am planning to reach out and provide classes on the laws of armed defense to any local gurdwara- or mosque, synagogue or church- that wishes to work with us to provide such legal training for their people at little or no cost.

One pastor in Kent asked me to provide a one-hour legal segment for a Personal Protection in the Home class. This is normally a two-day NRA class; the NRA requires that an attorney or officer of the law provide the legal segment which is part of each class. So many people signed up for the class that I taught my one-hour portion three times in one week and attended one of the three classes through the entire day, including an intensive live-fire event.

Many local churches are quietly encouraging a few volunteers to be armed at church because of all the mass shootings that have occurred in churches nationwide. Seattle has already experienced a shooting at the Jewish Federation that resulted in mass fatalities and casualties.

The President of the Sikh temple near Milwaukee, Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65, had to grab a butter knife in the temple to defend his flock. He stabbed the lone gunman before being shot twice. FBI agents reportedly told Satwant’s son that Satwant was a hero because he died giving some women in the gurdwara time to take cover.

The ability of the Islamic community to defend its members will also be critical, especially if there is ever another major attack like 9/11 or atrocities against children in a school in which Middle Eastern terrorists are involved. Certain terrorist groups are aiming to target schools in hopes that some Americans will retaliate against Muslims, thus radicalizing American Muslims who tend to be moderate. With so many hate groups out there, however, it is difficult to predict who will attack next or what the weapons may be. We have seen box cutters, airliners, fertilizer and all kinds of improvised weapons of mass destruction deployed by many different groups within the United States and abroad.

The FBI is leading the investigation into the Sikh shooting because it is now viewed as domestic terrorism or a hate crime. But even if taxpayers could afford to station an FBI agent or uniformed officer at every church and school in the nation, it would be important to have at least a few specially trained men and women that are prepared to react with deadly force as volunteers.

A woman that volunteered to protect a church in Colorado stopped a man that had already killed four other people, including two sisters right outside the church. She took aim and fired while many others, including armed security, froze when they saw the killer coming into the church armed with a rifle and pistol. Uniformed officers are often the first people shot by someone twisted enough to carry out such an atrocity.

Federal Way Looking at Partnership With Corporate Vocational Programs

Time Magazine just published an article dealing with vocational education on a Navajo reservation in Kayenta, Ariz. A $2.4 million agricultural and technical-sciences building may be the best thing that ever happened for students seeking jobs that pay good wages. Vocational programs also create spectacular academic results. “Nearly every one of these kids passed the state comprehensive test we give to 17-year-olds in Arizona,” a superintendant told Joe Klein. “Less than about 40% of my non-vocational-education students passed.”

Vocational education was once viewed as a waste of time and money because students were not trained for specific jobs. Even though many mechanical jobs are much more technical and now require a good amount of math and science, many educators cling to the politically correct notion that going to college is best and that technical training cheats some kids out of opportunities to achieve their full potential.

The fear of keeping minorities from obtaining college educations creates a knee-jerk response for many of us that have been raised amid the hope and the controversies surrounding civil rights for African Americans and Hispanics stuck in the achievement gap. Meanwhile, minority ( and non-minority)high school students in Federal Way and across the nation are as likely to drop out of high school as they are to graduate and much more likely to drop out of college if they ever start. The chances of getting a job with or without a college degree are much better for workers that are skilled in a craft.

We have minimal vocational programs in Federal Way. Do the programs lead to jobs? The jury may also still be out on whether we have real partnerships with local businesses. The Federal Way School District says that we do. But some educational leaders in Federal Way also claim that real partnership with a company like Boeing would be too great a risk because Boeing could go out of business someday! We can plan in such a way, however, that it is not too expensive to revamp the facilities when the demand for workers shifts and a reconfiguration of training programs becomes necessary.

We can just hope that standards-based education will deliver as promised and that the achievement gap will cease to exist. As Federal Way area residents prepare to vote on another high school construction levy in November, we should urge our leaders to give serious thought to the construction plans for Federal Way High School. We need innovative programs and facilities for technical and vocational training along with new classrooms for academic studies.

If we plan now for career and technical education (CTE) and decide later that we need more traditional classrooms, it is not expensive to convert a vocational shop into an academic classroom. The Federal Way Public Academy is an example of an industrial building that has been converted into a wonderful architectural space.

But it is expensive and impractical to convert a classroom into a shop facility. Shop classes need high ceilings and structures that support equipment for lifting heavy objects. For example, a diesel repair classroom requires equipment to hoist an engine out of a semi-truck and also takes a garage door that is high and wide to get certain projects through the doors.

In the article entitled “LEARNING THAT WORKS”, Klein tells about how Phoenix auto dealers, in dire need of mechanics, provided 40 cars and modern diagnostic equipment. Students can make over $100,000 a year as an auto mechanic. That may be why even academic achievers are opting for technical training!

One educator in Tucson explained that hands on training may actually help students engage with the educational process. Many students do not respond well to the abstract thinking required by traditional academic study.

If your son or daughter graduates from high school as a welder, for example, she is not only likely to find a job but may very well do better in college if she ever decides on a college course of study. Technical training costs more than traditional course work which only requires books and desks. Thus, bias based on budgetary constraints causes some school officials to react very negatively to proposals for expanded CTE programs.

Partnering with industry provides a way for all of us to benefit. No child should ever be denied opportunities to prepare for a liberal arts education. Nor does anyone in Federal Way want corporations like Boeing to be invited into our schools to dictate the educational process. But educators should be open to working closely with employers to ensure that all parties- including minority students- are getting value out of the bargain.

The City of Federal Way has invested in incubators for developing new technology and other business opportunities. Imagine a fully stocked medical laboratory with a few million from the medical equipment industry to run a program for technicians and instructors paid by the medical equipment industry to teach the classes. Can we get the School Board to invest in the students that should be filling the jobs we are incubating?

Klein points out that people with skilled jobs tend to be better citizens than those without them. If training to manufacture medical equipment is not practical, we can explore training for firefighters, EMTs or law enforcement. The list of employers with whom FWPS can partner is almost endless.

Federal Way Women Buying Guns

Republished from the Firearms Lawyer/Federal Way Mirror

This year, the day after Thanksgiving saw Americans finally getting back to the business Americans love: Shopping!

FBI statistics show that a new record was set during that one Friday for background check requests from gun buyers. There were 129,166 requests to the NICS. That was a third more than the previous all-time record of 97,848 on Black Friday 2008. On Black Friday last year, there were 87,061 requests.

Some of the buyers believe that stockpiling guns is a better way to prepare for hard times than gold. Nevertheless, many of those shopping for guns at several gun stores in the Federal Way area were almost certainly women purchasing guns for their own protection.

Federal Way’s local Armed Defense Training Association has been in contact with an instructor named Jennie at Rivendell Sales and Consulting in Kent. Jennie teaches women how to shoot. She owns and operates a store that markets to women who shoot.

I asked her what ladies need to know when they first decide to buy a gun. The first consideration, she stated, is not to let someone at a gun shop — or a well-meaning significant other — sell you a small gun that “you shoot once, it hurts and you put it away.”

Jennie said a woman needs her own gun that fits. “I have seen too many ladies with a gun that does not fit their hand, one that is too large a caliber for a beginner, or they are told at some gun shop that the itty-bitty gun is just the one for them. The gun that does not fit you right just goes unused and sits on a shelf.”

Jennie encourages her students to consciously make the decision to defend their own life. “If you are killed or severely injured, how will your family function without you?”

Of course, hardly anyone ever actually states that his or her own life is not worth defending. But, despite all the philosophical and political arguments, take the steps to get trained and actually get a gun into your hands. This demonstrates that you are prepared to fight back.

Jennie demystifies the “danger” of guns. She told me, “I have seen many ladies not even sure they want to touch a gun. Her students learn quickly that a gun does not go off by itself. Once a woman realizes that she can effectively and safely operate the efficient little safety device, fear goes away and smiles start to appear.”

However, too many women take a beginner class and think that they are ready to go out on the street and deal with all the legal, physical and emotional things that go with armed self-defense.

“In order to carry for self-defense, you have to make the commitment to train and practice,” Jennie explains. “Training generally teaches you a skill and how to practice that skill; practice needs to continue on a regular basis.” Jennie recommends competition to test skills, keep skills sharp and make training interesting and fun.

“The holster that fits a slim man will usually not work for a curvy lady.” Men behind the gun counter, who have absolutely no idea what a lady needs for shooting gear, are the reason why Jennie became an instructor and opened her gun shop. Apparently, in the world of women’s self-defense, most of the old wives’ tales are perpetuated by men.

Self-Defense Shootings Around Federal Way, Seattle & Tacoma Areas…oma-Federal-Way

Last year three armed men followed a woman in her 60s into her garage when she was returning home to her home in Seattle. The robbers stole her jewelry and car keys in broad daylight.

The day before that robbery, a man was harassing other passengers on a Metro bus.He began arguing, pushing and kicking one of the passengers. The victim tried to ignore the assault. Then a woman that was with the assailant began hitting some of the victim’s family members. The victim defended himself and his family. The assailant allegedly stabbed the victim and caused him to endure a short stay in the hospital.

Earlier the same week, an armed contractor with a CPL arrived at a home on the North End of Tacoma and saw a vehicle in the driveway. The contractor arrived shortly after 11 a.m. and saw household goods, including a television and weapons, in the driveway. The contractor was armed and blocked the driveway with his truck. The burglar walked out, saw the pickup truck blocking the driveway and decided that the best way to get away was to ram the truck with his minivan.

After the contractor fired one shot that wounded the suspect, the police apprehended the alleged burglar, 32, and took him to Tacoma General Hospital for treatment and criminal charges. In Tacoma during 2011 Jamarr Johnson, 19, died when he unlawfully entered a home and the homeowner shot Jamarr dead through a door.

The following month, a homeowner shot Anthony Len McDougald, 36, when Anthony and another man broke into a home on South D Street. The homeowner confronted the two inside his garage, they charged and the homeowner shot them. The other assailant was only injured. And within about a month, a Tacoma police officer shot and injured a suspected burglar after a confrontation outside a South Tacoma home where the man had crashed his car.

Most of these armed citizens took the risk of being prosecuted or branded as vigilantes, possibly even as racist, like George Zimmerman in Florida. Contrary to the perception fostered by certain parties, full investigations have been ongoing and only reckless disregard for public safety would cause anyone to go around giving opinions as to what happened in Sanford, Florida between Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman. Nevertheless, many of the so-called facts appear quite different than initial media reports caused many to believe.

When you are confronted by a serious possibility of death or grave bodily harm, the risk is worth taking. All these armed citizens are likely to have experienced some kind of intense trauma, just like the syndrome normally experienced by police officers in similar situations. Such individuals are not going to be applauded; nor will they be held in high regard by their neighbors.

And the Spring and Summer of 2012 seem to promise another year in which citizens are overcoming chaos. One intruder was shot dead during a home invasion in Puyallup involving three men and a woman .

The police determined that the homeowner, a retired police officer, was threatened with deadly force in his home. One of the attackers was brandishing a crowbar. The homeowner was justified in using deadly force, the police said, when he suddenly found himself confronting two men in his hallway after he heard pounding on his door.

Two of the suspects are in custody and the homeowner probably wounded another member of the gang, Joshua Baker, who escaped and is still at large.

It seems worth noting that, had the homeowner been subject to a duty to retreat, he might have been in some kind of legal jeopardy (and vulnerable to being brained from behind with the crowbar) for “standing his ground”. Florida used to be a state that required a victim to retreat if possible, before deploying deadly force. Stand Your Ground laws have been a hot topic in the news lately.

Another recent justified shooting occurred in North Bend. The King County Sheriff’s Office reported that a 30 year old North Bend man was shot and killed after he broke into a couple’s home:

A couple had been sleeping when they woke up to the sound of glass breaking. The suspect had broken the rear sliding glass door, entered the house and then started “trashing the house.” The couple, a 46 year old man and his girlfriend, hid in a bedroom as they talked to the 911 operator.

The suspect was yelling, “Where are you? I’m going to kill you!” The man living at the home retrieved a handgun from his nightstand and yelled numerous times, “I have a pistol. Get out of my house!” The couple locked themselves in a bedroom as they continued to hear the suspect ransack the house and yell that he was coming after them.

After the suspect kicked down the couple’s bedroom door, the homeowner shot him and deputies found the suspect, who was not known by the couple, dead outside of the bedroom.

Almost the same day, Bonney Lake and Gig Harbor saw two attempted home invasions involving armed citizens protecting themselves from home invasions. In Bonney Lake, a homeowner heard someone kicking the door, grabbed a shotgun and confronted the intruder. The suspect took off in a pickup truck.

In the other attempted home invasion in Gig Harbor, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said two teenagers tried to get in through a doggie door. The woman, at home alone, grabbed a gun and showed it to the teens. The kids took off.

Dave Workman reports that:

A check with the Department of Licensing Thursday revealed that a new record number of Concealed Pistol Licenses are now active in Washington. As of Thursday morning, 357,782 CPLs are now in circulation. March showed a stunning volume of activity, according to a DOL source, with some 12,000 renewals, first-time applications and replacements being processed.

King County saw increased activity with more county residents seeking CPLs after the mass shooting in Colorado.

Don’t forget that the attack on moviegoers was conceived as bait to attract first responders to the active shooter’s apartment that was ready to explode when the police opened the door. The number of threats against police has grown steadily and the gates of Disneyland in Anaheim, California are like an armed war zone with violent demonstrations against police imminent in many other cities. Expect to see more attacks against police officers by lone individuals that share the philosophies of Occupy Wall Street and their allies, the Black Bloc anarchists.

Each one of us has to decide how to deal with the risk of becoming a victim of violence. Many adults of all ages all around the U.S.- including many women- have decided to make a firearm part of their personal protection plan.

Remegio and Norma Fernandez apparently were not so fortunate. The couple was robbed and held at gunpoint in their home for three hours in May, 2012. The two thieves took their wedding rings, other jewelry, electronics and $4,000.00 cash their daughter had saved for a family vacation. The invaders rifled through every drawer, shattered picture frames and cabinet doors. The home was torn apart in the search for money and valuables

“They took everything they wanted,” Mr. Remegio said. “We could only watch.” The 63 year old man tried to run away and call for help but the thieves caught him. One put a gun in his mouth and told him not to try that again.

According to Remegio, the incident started with a knock at the door around 6 p.m. Thursday. A young woman said she was looking for someone named John (who did not live there) and then left and got into a car. At 7 p.m., the home invasion commenced with two robbers crashing through the sliding glass door. The two men were wearing blue bandannas over their faces and one pointed a gun at Remegio.

“They said, ‘All Filipinos keep a lot of money,’ ” Remegio said. The thieves carried radios. They talked to someone over the wire, someone on lookout duty. The voice sounded like a woman. Read more here.

Also in May, officers reported that the suspects kicked in the front door of a home in Northeast Tacoma sometime after 1:30 a.m. while the four adults and three children were sleeping. Two of the suspects had semi-automatic handguns. One wore a mask. Another had the hood of his sweatshirt cinched up tight around his face. The intruders rounded up members of the family – two men, two women, an 11-year-old girl, 8-year-old boy and 9-month-old – and brought them into the living room, according to police. Read more here.

Despite the usual calls to restrict various firearms after the slaughter in Aurora, Colorado, most Americans understand the reality of how guns, including any of the weapons used by the active shooter in Colorado, can make their homes more secure against home invasions.

That is why so many folks are becoming licensed to carry. Applications for concealed pistol permits in Colorado went up 43% in the week after the mass shooting in an Aurora theater and gun sales are soaring there. Some of the worse instances of violence are barely reported by the media but neither are many of the instances where armed homeowners have stopped invaders in their tracks. You mostly hear about innocent victims and not about home invasions that are stopped when armed homeowners chase away two-legged predators.

Many families are choosing to get trained at professional schools for armed citizens. The Armed Defense Training Association is not a school but we are working on bringing quality trainers and armed citizens together in Federal Way and at local ranges. We will soon present a class on the laws of armed self-defense and hold events that include drills using deadly force techniques that can effectively improve your chances of protecting your family and surviving a home invasion.

In order to analyze any threat of violence, you must ask what a reasonably prudent homeowner knew in a given situation- knowing what the armed homeowner knew during a critical situation where a split-second life and death decision became necessary. The question you will have to ask in such a situation is whether there is an imminent threat of death or grave bodily harm. All of the home invasions described above involved imminent threats in which it was reasonable to use deadly force to stop imminent violence.

How Children & Guns Cause Reckless Endangerment in Olympia


Anti-gun groups and politicians regularly exploit accidents involving children and guns. For example, anti-gun state Senator Adam Kline (D-37) and two other state Senators were primed and ready to propose new legislation (SB 6628)immediately following the incident in which a nine-year old boy recently brought a gun to a Bremerton elementary school. The gun accidentally discharged resulting in another student suffering serious gunshot wounds. Saul Alinsky was the Chicago radical that urged his fellow Socialists to exploit every crisis in order to advance the cause of total government control.

Unfortunately, subsequent events have transpired since the tragedy in Bremerton that seem to indicate that parents are leaving guns around where their kids can find them. While people all over the state were still discussing the Bremerton school incident, an off-duty Marysville police Officer parked his van near Stanwood City Hall.

The officer’s son, left alone in the vehicle, found the officer’s gun in the glove compartment and shot his 7-year-old sister. The girl died from her injuries. So much for the idea that law enforcement officers are more trustworthy when it comes to firearms responsibility!

To make things worse, a 3-year-old boy fatally shot himself with a gun he found in the family car while his family stopped for gas in Tacoma. The mom’s boyfriend put a pistol under the seat of the car and got out to pump gas while the mom went into the convenience store, leaving the boy and his baby sister in the car. The boy climbed out of his child seat, fished out the gun from under the seat and shot himself in the head.

Whenever episodes of gun mayhem get play in the media, Sen. Kline usually finds his way into the news. In the past, he has proposed new state laws prohibiting certain kinds of rifles that he thinks are too much like military weapons.

Despite the fact that the Founding Fathers exhorted Americans that preparing Americans to use militarily useful weapons was their objective when drafting the Second Amendment, Adam Kline wants to ban guns that seem scary; i.e., most guns- if the truth be known.

Kline’s newly proposed SB 6628 would now provide new language to the existing RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT statute making it a crime to let a child obtain access to a loaded firearm. The trouble is that prosecutors already utilize Washington State’s RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT statute to prosecute folks that leave guns in places where children are likely to get hold of them. The “new” provision contains no new penalties and is apparently window dressing to make Kline look like he is doing something about a problem that may not even exist.

While fatal firearm accidents are at an all-time low, poisoning, suffocation and choking on small objects cause many more accidental deaths to children than firearms. In fact, about one accidental firearm death of a child each year is typical in our state, according to state health statistics gathered between 2007 and 2010.

The biggest question about the recent spate of gun accidents is why folks obtain concealed pistol licenses and then leave their guns behind when going about in public. That one time that you are outside your vehicle pumping gas could just be the time that you need the weapon.

But even if you never need to protect yourself or your family, the best way to keep a pistol out of reach of children is to have it on your person. Otherwise, it should be unloaded and properly stored.

A Seattle anti-gun advocacy group is placing signs on buses to persuade Seattle residents and commuters that gun ownership is more dangerous to family members or loved ones than it will be to a predatory criminal. The Washington State Supreme Court has consistently championed firearms rights and the right to self-defense is deeply engrained in our state’s laws, including numerous case law precedents. Adam Kline, on the other hand, is reportedly a former radical and still seems to favor governmental solutions over individual responsibility.

I am constantly amazed when I hear the children of the Sixties railing against gun ownership. These are often the very folks that went around U.S. campuses inveighing against capitalism and chanting, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun!” Chairman Mao, the tyrant that cheerfully murdered over 60 million of his fellow Chinese citizens, coined that catchy little dictum.

After he marched across China and took control, the first thing Mao did was ban guns, depriving the people under his control from possessing the means to defend themselves against numerous Maoist purges. But, notwithstanding the fact that all tyrants ban possession of firearms by their own citizens, lock up your guns when you are not using them! And keep firearms out of the hands of unsupervised children.

Is Saul Alinsky Trying to Infiltrate Federal Way Schools?

In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama raised an issue about which I have been passionate for almost 40 years. In his 1992 presidential campaign, President Bill Clinton was also talking a great deal about creating partnerships between private industries and public education.

The idea of training that prepares high school students to obtain apprenticeships in specialized tool making and other crafts really fires my imagination. Maybe it is because I dropped out of high school and then got back on track with an apprenticeship as an Ironworker with Local 377 in San Franciso.

I remember reading an article in 1991 about Clinton’s proposals regarding many U.S. employers that were unable to locate the specialized machinists and precision tool makers that Germany produces and how even then employers could not fill the high paying jobs that required technical mechanical skills.

So I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. After he was elected, there was nothing more said about employer driven training programs. I soon found out that was the price we had to pay to open the door to other priorities that were high on Willie’s ideologically driven wish list.

I have not subsequently heard that kind of discussion about vocational training partnerships for students in the U.S. Not until President Obama proposed the idea for colleges. But why not have such partnerships at the high school level?

Washington state already has the occupational skills centers and vocational training at the community college level. Most of the discussion about high schools seems to emphasize academic programs and getting students into colleges. Many students would develop career interests in high school classes if more opportunities were to become available to work in partnership with employers like Boeing that hire workers skilled in specialized crafts.

Some observers have suggested that vocational education might encourage more young men and women not to drop out. Learning to repair any machinery, like cars and trucks, requires math skills. Math is not so difficult once a student taps into his or her interests.

Bill Stafford, a president of the Trade Development Alliance for 20 years, reminds students and the rest of us that cooks need to read and do math, too. The best vocational programs were once at the high school level.

Maybe many of the folks proposing that schools paretner with private emloyers are actually modern day adherents to John Dewey’s Progressive educational theories that Dewey called “Industrial Democracy”. Dewey advocated dumbing kids down so they could become cogs to be moved around by technocratic social planners.

But according to Mr. Stafford, Edison Technical School was started in 1946 to help World War II vets who wanted to finish high school. Twenty years later, it morphed into Seattle Community College. Vocational education in Seattle is now mostly for students after they are out of high school.

If educators want to begin thinking creatively, they should think about all the occupations that involve precision machining.

Like firearms! It is easy to forget that Boeing is in the weapon system business.

Gun sales have been higher than ever before all over the U.S. and gunsmiths are in extremely short supply. Hillsdale College and 40 other colleges, including Harvard University, Harvard Law, Yale and MIT, just received grants for shooting programs.

One school, Montgomery Community College of Troy, N.C., developed a shooting program and also offers gunsmithing and hunting and shooting sports management programs. The grants came from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms industry.

Gunsmithing is just one example of the kind of partnerships that educators should be discussing. Many educators don’t like talking about guns except in connection with gun-free zones. But who would you rather meet in a dark alley?

A graduate from a gunsmithing program or an armed graduate from one of our state’s largest vocational schools supervised by the Department of Corrections?

Students that get work experience in high school are likely to stay in school, graduate and get a good job. “College for All” is only achieved by one out of three high school students. According to at least one study, “College for All” seems to be the dream of elite educators.

The United States has the highest dropout rate in the industrialized world, according to Harvard Graduate School of Education’s “Pathways to Prosperity.” Many high school students apparently believe high school is not relevant in finding the path to what they seek.

Washington’s achievement gap in education is tragic. Even more tragic is the fact that many educators and school board members are focused almost exclusively on the academic-university educational paradigm. One school board member I know describes proposals for vocational training that partners employers with high schools as Alinskyism!

But the training that would lead directly to high paying jobs right out of high school requires computer programming, math and other serious academic skills. Thus, no one is proposing to deprive students of academic excellence. Most of the machinists I meet are as smart or smarter than your average school teacher or lawyer. They just lack the know-it-all attitude that takes some of us years to acquire.

Thus, the technical jobs that are begging to be filled right now can become an incentive to learn metallurgy, electrical theory and chemistry. And the vocational students will develop the ability to read technical manuals and work with very precise mathematical equations.

Apparently, Alinskyism is a reference to the author of “Rules for Radicals.” In other words, giving kids an option to by-pass college (remember- vast percentages don’t even graduate from high school) is the same as consigning our kids to a Soviet collective factory operating under the lash of the Commissars.

I can’t help but think I might be mistaken for a sugar beet that just fell off a Kulak’s turnip truck when a school board member tells me that I have become aligned with the forces of Alinskyism. The same local school board member asked me how I know that Microsoft will be here in 75 years if we let Bill and Melinda Gates come into our Federal Way public schools and start calling the shots!

I am worried now that I have identified with a cause that I apparently share with the 30th District Democrats, some of whom actually are self described community organizers ala Saul Alinsky. I am from Chicago just like Alinsky. And I used to be a bit of a radical.

Before long I will get my credentials yanked as a card carrying member of the Religious Right. Maybe the Ironworkers will give me back my union card and I can man the barricades when Occupy Wall Street begins its reign of terror this coming summer.

Boeing stated recently that it will have 20,000 retirements in the next 10 years. Would Boeing and some of its vendors be willing to partner with local school districts to create new vocational schools in Washington state?

It could be cheaper than the recently failed $110,000.000.00 levy for Federal Way High School — and more profitable.

The latest update to this story is that the school member who accused me of aligning myself with Alinskyites, former President of the Federal Way School Board, Tony Moore, is now charged with a federal felony. Notwithstanding the fact that he was arrested at SeaTac Airport while heading out on an expedition with others to see how they educate in Europe, I hope he is not convicted.

The taxpayers should arrest the FWPS Superintendant for advocating a Globalist agenda that has costed the taxpayers more than we should have to pay for such progressive horse manure. The irony is that Tony Moore condemned the concept of partnership because they educate like that in Europe. Apparently, according to Tony, I had been promoting European socialism!