The Law Office of Mark Knapp has been in business across the State of Washington from Seattle to Spokane and beyond for over 27 years. Our clients are working people that need to know their rights pertaining to NFA Gun Trusts, employment discrimination, criminal defense and how to deal with various issues involving possession and use of firearms.

We encourage anyone in the State of Washington to call regarding criminal charges or issues of self-defense and Constitutional rights. We are dedicated to identifying legal issues related to the needs of individuals and to provide appropriate legal advice where needed. I am only licensed in the State of Washington so any legal advice will relate to Washington law or federal matters even though there may be information of a more general nature on the site regarding the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

We encourage you to make an appointment via e-mail or by calling (253) 202-2081. Use the blog to get general legal questions answered. If you need an NFA trust we provide high quality trusts and have an experienced team that will help you with every aspect of completing your gun trust and making it remain successful over the years.