The Time to Stop the Carnage is Now; Enforcing Washington State’s Firearms Preemption Law

Firearms Preemption laws are under discussion. State, municipal, and private institutions are deciding whether to change their policies. There is increasing recognition that armed citizens can help stop random violence. Throughout these institutions there is also a tendency not to discuss the issue publicly. Some will not discuss the issue at all. We all need…

The Road to Perpetual Warfare

The overarching objective for global corporatists has been to maintain the dollar as the currency in which the IMF requires international banking reserves to be held. International bankers, like the Rockefellers and other family dynasties, have quietly stayed behind the scenes by working through groups like the Council on Foreign Relations and tax, exempt foundations…


Ironwork is rigging heavy loads and erecting steel structures. I was in the trade for ten years and went through formal Apprenticeship training with classes for three years.

Julian Huxley, Second Amendment & UN Suzerainty

Suzerain- Main Entry: su·zer·ain Pronunciation: ˈsü-zə-rən, -ˌrân; ˈsüz-rən Function: noun 1 : a superior feudal lord to whom fealty is due: overlord; 2 : a dominant state controlling the foreign relations of a vassal state but allowing it sovereign authority in its internal affairs. Jeremy Rabkin, a professor of law at George Mason University School…


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