Client Testimonials

From Okanogan area:

“Just quick note to let you know how good of a job I think you did explaining things to me and to really thank you so much for your time and help. 20 years I’ve been stewing about all this on a daily basis. You can’t overstate how good it feels to have a huge injustice lifted from your shoulders while simultaneously regaining a freedom that should never have been infringed upon in the first place. I also feel extremely lucky to stumble upon an honest lawyer, shocking I know! Thanks a million Mark!!!!!

Gun rights restored after losing them due to a felony conviction (Seattle area).

I would like to begin by saying thank you for helping me to gain back my 2nd amendment rights. I was not able to do it on my own. After contacting Mark Knapp about this issue I had my rights back quite quickly. I now am able to go shooting and hunting with my family again which are activities that we all enjoy. I would (and have) recommend his services to anyone in need of such assistance. He was very professional and knowledgeable about situations such as mine.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Gun Rights Restored in King County Superior Court

“I had domestic violence convictions in two states, Hawaii and Washington. I hired Mark Knapp to try to get my firearm rights reinstated in Washington state. He used his expertise to research ways this could be accomplished. We were stymied by the fact that the Hawaii state probation department wasn’t very cooperative in sharing information on my conviction there.

I am grateful that Mark was able to use his powerful influence to persuade a King County Washington prosecutor to go forward with my case. I now have a court order signed by a King County superior judge that restored my firearm rights. Furthermore, Mark remained diligent in staying in touch with Washington State Patrol, the agency responsible to update the NICS system. I am now able to legally purchase a firearm thanks to the efforts of the Mark Knapp law office.”

Client in King County


Municipal & County Violations of Washington State Firearms Preemption Statute

Mark Knapp was essential in supporting and helping me to prepare to address Yakima City Council, Yakima County Commissioners and Union Gap, Washington when I advocated for removing unlawful ordinances that violated RCW 9.41.290 and bringing them into compliance- all were removed or amended with a unanimous vote.

The noncompliance with Washington State laws ranged from prohibiting firearms possession in city parks & cemeteries, carrying a round in a chamber for handguns or in a vehicle and a Mayor having power to prohibit firearms outside the home when an emergency is declared. When is the greatest need to be armed? In an Emergency!

In the beginning there was resistance to removing the unlawful city and county restrictions but with Mark Knapp’s assistance there were unanimous votes from all members. Mr. Knapp helped me prepare presentations to three different councils; Mark is a great asset to have on your side.

David Poling, Yakima County

Note: We helped another client in Federal Way by writing a letter to the City Attorney’s office which resulted in the City Council removing three restrictions that violated RCW 9.41.290; i.e., prohibitions against carrying in restaurants that serve alcohol, carrying a firearm in a city park and carrying in the council chambers of Federal Way City Hall.

Testimonial from Client in Texas

” I am a Texas businessman, well-known & established in the firearms industry since 1975; owner of Wild Guns Leather Co. I am also the founder of the Lawman Leather Goods brand and the original manufacturer of the Original Dirty Harry holster: the classic holster used by police, military and sportsmen throughout the world for 38 years.

Even though Attorney Knapp is licensed to practice in Washington; his expertise in providing sound advice in the Internet world and, in taking decisive legal Internet action, regarding false accusations made against me and my company on the Internet were successful. Mark Knapp shoots ‘electronic legal bullets’ at the bad guys in cyberspace and hits ’em everytime!”

Thank you, Mark!

Prop. Wild Guns LEATHER Co. Of TEXAS

Washington State Unemployment Benefits Appeal

We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for our lawyer, Mark Knapp. Mr. Knapp is an outstanding, dedicated and dependable lawyer; his insight and determination make him a reliable and competent choice for a lawyer when you need one. Mr. Knapp will work meticulously on your case and will bring his expertise to help in every way he can.

Mr. Knapp recently won a successful outcome for us on our case and we appreciate his professionalism as we worked through this process with him. Mr. Knapp takes a personal interest in each case and is able to add his insight as he researches and prepares to represent you.

We therefore are very pleased to recommend Mr. Mark Knapp as a lawyer we would use again, as the need arises and hope you will too.

David and Bonnie Pattison
Buckley, WA 98321

March 12, 2015

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