The Muslim Brotherhood, Tarantulas & Wasps; Not Just Lara Logan’s War Cry

CBS News and “60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan went on the offensive against the Obama administration for false claims that the Obama administration has succeeded in weakening the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Logan ripped the administration for the way it has handled the war in Afghanistan and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

“I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand that there is a major lie being propagated,” Logan said about the administration touting the weakening of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The fact that our Ambassador was abandoned to the brutality of terrorists raised the issue of whether maintaining appearances took precedence over truth during the run up to the U.S. Presidential election. The Administration’s policies in Libya had to appear to have succeeded in Libya- raising the issue of whether the American people will be abandoned to brutality if things become dangerous here at home.

I collect information about organizations like ACORN and other tax-exempt organizations, many funded by billionaire George Soros. Looking at how extreme left-wing Marxists (like Van Jones) seem to appear, often without Senate confirmation, within the upper levels of the federal government made me think of a book that I read many years ago about the vast array of strategies that wasps have developed for producing larvae within the living bodies of other organisms, including their own kind. Eventually the larvae destroy the organism within which they hatch but a horrifying variety of deceptions occur in order to ensure that the wasp life-cycle is perpetuated.

A certain female wasp seduces a male and then reaches around behind the male with her long tail and injects her eggs into her partner. Thus, the elegant commencement of the male’s slow demise occurs during the sex act while in flight! There are many more scenarios that cover a bewildering variety of wasps existing in every conceivable natural environment upon the earth. I came across the following article at the Jerusalem Post’s website:

REGARDLESS OF their huge size and fearsome appearance, tarantulas are themselves the prey to a specialized and efficient predator, the spider wasp. Sometimes called tarantula hawks, they are solitary wasps belonging to two genera: Pepsis and Hemipepsis. These insects are large and conspicuous. Most species have bright red, yellow or orange wings with iridescent black or blue bodies. They are impossible to miss.

Several times I watched female Israeli spider wasps of the species Hemipepsis brunnea search for and find a tarantula, sting it with their paralyzing venom and then drag it to their lairs where they deposit an egg onto the still living, but paralyzed spider. The wasp then closes the lair and in some cases camouflages it. The egg develops into a larva that feeds on the living spider. The stuff of horror movies.

In a variation of this story, David Ward and Joh Henschel from the University of British Columbia in Canada studied a different spider wasp (Pseudopompilus humboldti) that lives in the Negev. They found that these wasps placed their paralyzed spider at the entrance of the spider’s own nest, exposed to birds and other animals which sometimes ate them. Why would the wasps not do more to protect their developing progeny?

Ward and Henschel hypothesized that temperatures in the Negev were so high that if the wasps didn’t place them thus, their larvae would be unable to develop. Sure enough, when the scientists moved the paralyzed spiders to a deeper, more protected area of the nests, the wasp larvae became too hot and died. It was better to risk some predation than the certainty of their larvae dying from excessive heat.

BUT THE adaptations of these wasps are dwarfed by Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga, another solitary wasp studied by Dr. William Eberhard of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Costa Rica. He found that this wasp actually changes the behavior of the spider for its own benefit. These wasps don’t paralyze the spider, instead they stick their egg on an active spider and the wasp larva feeds on the spider’s juices, much like a tick sucks blood. However, right before the larva is about to build a cocoon so that it can metamorphose into an adult wasp, it injects the spider with a drug. Suddenly instead of building a typical web, the spider builds a tangled structure that is devoid of the sticky threads normally used to catch insects, and is instead perfect to carry the wasp’s cocoon. After doing the wasp’s bidding the spider dies.

So the wasps prey on the spiders, sometimes with extraordinary powers, but what preys on the wasps? It turns out nothing preys on these creatures; they live la dolce vita at the very pinnacle of the food chain.

Even if we had a new administration, the larvae of a new kind of politician has hatched within the body politic- within the bureaucracy itself. The body of the host organism- the American people and our political leadership– has lost the ability to formulate reasoned policy responses in the face of a number of challenges, any one of which threatens our continued existence. The news media lack the will to report many of the threats. Maybe due to anxiety about obtaining stimulus money when the “mainstream” news media’s house of cards crashes.

A case in point is the way in which George Soros and other billionaires have created huge tax exampt foundations. Many foundations lobby for higher taxes, secretly fund candidates via various conduits and move the world toward international governance; i.e., an oligarchy of bankers and their minions- the UN-style bureaucrats at every level of government, media and the academic world- including law schools. This is all done by increasing the number of folks dependent on government entitlements, including corporations that line up at the trough for more subsidies, including but not limited to tax loopholes!

We now have seen the Arab Spring go through it cycle with larva-offspring like the Muslim Brotherhood starting to assume positions of power in along side the United States government.

U.S. personnel working in the Middle East and other countries are now learning how the Obama Administration removed U.S. security personnel from Libya over approximately a six month time period. Despite requests for increased security by U.S. officials closely involved with Libya, the government denials of security allegedly were because the Administration’s policy has been to rely on Libyan security forces- many of which are connnected to the militias that overthrew the previous regime. The calculated “missteps” are a direct result of misunderstanding who can be trusted in the Middle East and apparently resulted in the torture, rape and murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi.

Ambassador Stevens would have been better off injected with eggs and wrapped in a cocoon than to trust in the U.S. government for protection!

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