Federal Way Communicating Strategically via Twitter

Twitter is useful for emergency preparedness, reacting to rapidly changing events and strategic responses to various threats and opportunities. The following is a copy of my last Tweet @FirearmsLawyer:

MBRs $10 @Bunyan range Mar.23/30- Mar.23rd/30th event http://tinyurl.com/ArmedDefenseOrg
#ArmedDefense #FederalWay #NRA #shootonthemove #SOTM

Please note that the message above is an example of a Tweet that could help us with our problem of telling ADTA MBRs about a change in the upcoming events schedule. Federal Way and surrounding communities can also use it to coordinate emergency response efforts or churches can use it to organize an evangelistic mission. I know the Tweet seems almost like code at first glance (or gibberish) but it has to be 140 characters or less.

The March 17 event will now be at Paul Bunyan (not Bull’s Eye Range as previously indicated) at 5:30 PM on both March 23 And 30th. The communication by means of Twitter will be successful if we can get most of our ADTA members following us on Twitter!

Note that Tweets can contain links to websites. I will post a similar message and tell people to join our organization at our ADTA website linked above if they want to join us for the March 23rd/30th Live Fire Event at 5:30 PM for both dates. Please make particular note of the lists below:

#ArmedDefense #FederalWay #NRA #shootonthemove #SOTM

We can ad #Auburn #Kent #Tacoma, etc. I made most of the lists up extemporaneously; we can instruct MBRs to follow one list for now:


The number of lists is as infinite as our imaginations but we can use these lists to reach other communities (and ADTA Members). Additionally, ADTA MBRs should follow FirearmsLawyer at #ArmedDefense as you are up & running on Twitter. I think we already have an ADTA FACEBOOK account but TWITTER is better for reaching people in real time when we need to reschedule and/or react quickly.

The military uses it and so do various activists, including terrorists (with GPS coordinates included in their Tweets)!

We still need to communicate with each other via e-mail but the Tweets will get messages out fast to many people if all of you are following us vigilantly on TWITTER. We have to be able to make changes in our plans almost immediately- at the last minute- or we will lose MBRs because of confusion about the calendar of events.

We are training to think tactically and Twitter is a good way to reach multiple communities for SOTM events and situations. Remember, we are Federal Way’s newest service club and we have as much or more to contribute as Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.

As you start to follow, you will start to discern the power of TWITTER. Do not make the mistake of thinking TWITTER is some silly new fad! I hardly use FACEBOOK but TWITTER is powerful! If you have trouble finding me on TWITTER let me know. It will be easy to keep our MBRs motivated if we follow each other on TWITTER.

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