NFA Trusts Available for Washington Gun Owners

Many gun owners are interested in holding certain items that are restricted under the National Firearms Act. There are several advantages in using revocable trusts to hold weapons and other components that come under the purview of Title II of the NFA.

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You will need a Class III license to own a Title II weapon and the BATF will not permit ownership of weapons that violate Washington State and other states’ firearms laws. Thus, you need to know the laws in more than one jurisdiction if you are interested in obtaining suppressors, automatic weapons and any other weapons that are restricted under federal and state laws. As time goes on, we will start posting more articles on such subjects.

Generally a Firearms trust only works for the weapons or class 3 items that are legal in the state where they will be stored unless the state laws permit businesses and trusts to own but not individuals. In Washington, a trust would not allow an individual to purchase a machine gun, but it would permit them to purchase an AOW (a separate category of restricted weapons) without the permission of the CLEO (a specific local/state law enforcement officer required under federal law to approve possession of certain items) and give the additional protections that a trust can offer.

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