Terrorism Alert: Federal Way Schools Welcome Angela Davis to Federal Way!

It was 1968 and Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia to crush the “Prague spring”. Angela Davis joined the Communist Party. She was soon fired from UCLA because of her membership in the Communist Party. A First Amendment court battle forced UCLA to rehire her.

In 1970 Davis was implicated in the an armed invasion of a Marin County, California courtroom. Judge Haley, the prosecuting assistant district attorney, and two jurors were removed from the courtroom at gun point.

Judge Harold Haley’s was blasted in the head with a sawed-off shotgun owned by Davis. She then fled using aliases and had disguised herself when she was arrested two months later in New York City.

At her 1972 trial, Davis acted as her own attorney. Thus, she could not be cross-examined. She presented a number of alibi witnesses, almost all Communist friends, who testified that she had been with them in Los Angeles playing Scrabble at the time of the Marin slaughter. Prosecution witnesses who placed her in Marin were dismissed by Davis and her fellow attorneys as being unable to accurately identify blacks — because they were white.

When Davis was acquitted many of the jurors went to her victory party!

According to DiscovertheNetworks.org, Davis was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize in 1979 (formerly named the International Stalin Peace Prize) by the East German police state. Davis ran for Vice President of the United States in 1980 and 1984, alongside Gus Hall, on the Communist Party ticket.

Davis remained an active member of the Communist Party until 1991, when she was expelled for opposing the coup against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. She then formed the “Committees of Correspondence” to carry on the Communist mission with other Party members, including Bettina Aptheker (also a professor at UC Santa Cruz), Conn Hallinan (Provost at UC Santa Cruz), and Professor Harry Targ (Chair of the “Peace Studies” program at Purdue).

Davis is the leader of her own movement against what she calls the “Prison-Industrial Complex,” claiming that all minorities in jail are actually “political prisoners” and should be released.

Says Davis, “My question is, Why are people so quick to assume that locking away an increasingly large proportion of the U.S. population would help those who live in the free world feel safer and more secure? . . . [H]ow difficult it is to envision a social order that does not rely on the threat of sequestering people in dreadful places designed to separate them from their communities and their families.”

These facts, along with the fact that she recently spoke to our community at the invitation of the Federal Way Public School District, raise the issue of whether she has ever actually changed any of her views regarding violent revolution.

She called for killing those in authority. Jonathan Jackson with whom she lived, acted on her beliefs and entered the Marin courtroom with a sawed-off shotgun which Davis had purchased and admitted giving to him the day before he hijacked the courtroom and shot it out with law enforcement.

Did the Federal Way School District know any of this history before they invited her? Did anyone on the Board object? Has Dr. Davis ever expressed any remorse for the sorrow she brought to so many lives?

Additionally, if proponents of armed revolution are to be invited to speak to our community, why did Beamer High School make an advertiser completely republish a school sports calendar to prevent my Firearms Lawyer URL from being advertised? I paid for the calendar- along with other Federal Way business people. The school prohibited the FirearmsLawyer.net URL or any reference to my firearms law practice.

The publisher refunded my money and had to republish several hundred calendars. I would have spoken at the lecture series with no charge and could have told how I repented of Marxist-Lenist philosophy when I recieved Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

Incidentally, I still have not heard any reports on how much we paid Dr. Davis to come to Federal Way. The District does not seem to be announcing who the future speakers will be in the Intercultural Speakers series? She is a radical feminist, Lesbian and expert on raising conciousness.

Thus, her credentials when it comes to Progressive diversity are unquestionable. She pulled down a hefty salary at the University of California before she retired which proves again, radical left politics is the gift that just keeps paying and paying for its avatars.

Full disclosure: I wrote some articles for the Federal Way Mirror- a few years back- about local educational issues that even earned praise from some of the liberal trolls that usually denounced me at every opportunity.

I subesequently learned that person(s) from the FWPS District told the Mirror not to publish further columns from me related to education. I was told by the paper not to submit any more articles related to education. It seems that the First Amendment freedom to proclaim any philosphy under the sun stops when it comes to urging public schools to slow down their Progressive juggernaut.

History of Seattle Black Panther Party & Display With Intent to Intimidate Law in Washington State

The Seattle Black Panther Party, founded in 1968, was an armed defense group that holds a controversial record in modern American history. The Seattle Black Panthers was the first BPP chapter formed outside California. The Black Panthers based its armed defense for the black community on an understanding of the U.S. Constitution that sometimes led to violent encounters with law enforcement. Nevertheless, the Seattle Panthers avoided the shootouts with police that were often associated with Panthers who also were known for providing lunches to school kids and other worthwhile community service.

On one occasion, several Black Panthers grabbed their guns and drove to Rainier Beach. The Panthers walked into Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School with their weapons and told the principal that he needed to start protecting Black students from being harassed or the Panthers would return. The police arrived but the Panthers left with no further problems.

In 1967, thirty Oakland Black Panthers, concerned that the California state legislature was about to outlaw the public display of guns, had appeared in full paramilitary regalia in front of the capital building- all fully armed! The fact that they were arrested for conspiracy to disturb the peace did not deter the Seattle Panthers.

After the incident at the Rainier Beach High, Seattle Mayor, J.D. Braman pushed to have a gun law passed that would put restrictions upon firearms in the city. In February, 1969, legislators in Olympia were also passing a new law that would make it a gross misdemeanor to exhibit firearms or other weapons in a manner manifesting intent to intimidate others. The Panthers stood on the capitol steps with rifles and shotguns to protest the pending gun legislation. Washington State Patrol officers just told the Panthers to put the guns away. The Panthers complied and no arrests resulted because no laws had been broken.

Some legislators and citizens reacted by proclaiming that the Panthers had demonstrated “open and active anarchy and rebellion.” Governor Evans promoted restraint during the incident and rebuked Lieutenant Governor Cherberg for calling in the state patrol during the Governor’s absence. The Bellevue High School even invited the Panthers to come to a Civics class where the Panthers were able to explain their philosophy of self-defense to the students.

The law enacted at that time by the Washington State Legislature- still in effect- prohibits display of a weapon in “a manner, under circumstances, and at a time and place that either manifests an intent to intimidate another or that warrants alarm for the safety of other persons.”

The legislature apparently included the language pertaining to display that “warrants alarm for the safety of other persons” in order to discourage further displays of armed force at the state capitol. Lawyers have challenged that language for being vague and arbitrary. In the 1994 case of STATE V. SPENCER, the Washington courts upheld a conviction under RCW 9.41.270 when a man with an AK-47 slung over his shoulder and a loaded magazine walked through a residential area just North of Federal Way with his head down avoiding eye contact.

Like the quotation that came out of one famous U.S. Supreme Court obscenity case- the justices knew obscenity when they saw it- the judges in Washington state seemed to know display warranting alarm when they saw it and held that Spencer had unlawfully displayed his weapon. But every time there is a new attempt to ban certain firearms, some gun advocates come openly armed to the Capitol Building in Olympia. The Washington State Patrol still acknowledges the citizens’ First Amendment and Second Amendment rights and refuses to harass armed citizens sitting and standing in the hearing rooms and corridors of our state legislature. Maybe we can thank the Black Panthers for paving the way!

The Founders’ Bible: Honoring Our Forefathers’ Heritage


I am reading the FOUNDERS’ BIBLE. I have already read many of the articles and received fresh motivation to read the Bible because of the articles about the founding of the United States. David Barton- who has an organization called WallBuilders- is a unique historian and he has helped provided article for the Founders’ Bible that put the spot light on the unique way in which the Founders of our nation were very aware of the direct correlation between Scriptural truth and the roots of our American order. Barton believes that history should be told through the lives of great individuals and that men and women catch truth by relating to great historical figures.

The Founders of our nation demonstrate some of the same courage and integrity that we see in Biblical leaders like Samuel and King David. The United States Constitution was inspired by the covenants made with Abraham and Abraham’s descendants; i.e., the Constitution is a covenant between the people of the several states and the federal government. From the time of the earliest colonies in the New World, believers entered into such covenants in order to govern themselves. They took their inspiration from the numerous examples of written covenants in the Old and New Testaments.

In fact the concept of a “testament” itself, as understood by the established usage in the early colonies, was synonymous with the term “Covenant”. Thus, the Calvinistic believers came to the New World in order to establish what they called a New Jerusalem modeled after the Old Covenant Commonwealth of Israel and the early Christian Church in the New Covenant Book of Acts!

The Armed Defense Training Association gave me the beautifully bound and illustrated Founders’ Bible as a gift. Along with the articles from David Barton, the personal messages conveyed with the gift have motivated me to dig deeper into our heritage as a nation based on morality, law and reverence for Scripture.

ADTA President Chad Hiatt’s message in particular was as beautiful as the leather bound gift itself:

“The concept of a “SHOOTING ARTS CENTER” in our home town was outrageous, and it was perfect. You took what you saw as the staus quo and insisted on looking at it from a new angle. That shift, that shared opportunity, formed the core of what we all together built into the Armed Defense Training Association, an organization to which we are now all contributing, and from which we will find creative and community fulfillment.”

I could not be more pleased if the ADTA had given me a 1911 pistol with pearl handles and eagles engraved in gold!

But I want to be careful not to attribute positions to the ADTA that are not consistent with its mission. The ADTA does not have a religious purpose, nor are we political. Nevertheless, neighbors encouraging each other to develop confidence in the use of arms is a tradition of volunteerism reinforcing traditions that go back to Israel. The historical trail leads through the history of England and other European nations, including Rome and Greece.

Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, Montesquieu and other noteworthy philosophers have all written on the subject of arms and self-defense. Montesquieu in THE SPIRIT OF THE LAWS (1748) asks, “Who does not see that self-defense is a duty superior to every precept (of personal freedom).” He severely criticized Venice because the Venetian rulers deemed bearing arms a capital offense; such restrictions on self-defense were, in Montesquieu’s opinion, against the nature of things. Incidentally, Montesquieu was one of the thinkers that articulated the concept of keeping the government out of matters that concern religion.

David Barton is a historian that has been reminding folks of the link between the founding of our nation and the heritage of Scripture, ancient Israel and Christian teaching. Barton is very pro-Second Amendment and it comes across in the Founders’ Bible in articles like the one entitled “HE TRAINS MY HANDS FOR WAR”. I heard him talking once on television about how anti-slavery folks were brutally attacked by pro-slavery people in the South and sometimes had to defend themselves with firearms. And his writings and teachings contain many such examples in U.S. history of armed force deployed by volunteers to defend righteousness and suppress evildoers. The Old Testament is also full of such examples and the New Testament authors held such warriors in high regard. See Hebrews 11.

The articles cover subjects like what the Bible says about church-state relations, slavery, the First Great Awakening and quotes from various public leaders, including many presidents up through recent times that have endorsed the Bible.

After the Revolution, one of the first things the new Congress did was to endorse publication of an English language Bible in America. The Founders agreed that democracy can only work in a nation guided by Judeo-Christian precepts of morality, justice and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord.

Barton’s critics, which are legion, complain that he has misstated the facts concerning the publication of the Aitken translation of the Bible but the WallBuilders website provides a quantity of detail concerning what Congress did and did not do related to the publication of the Bible which was done at Aitken’s expense. See also To Your Tents, O Israel.

David Kopel, a law professor at the University of Colorado, is a well known Second Amendment advocate who has also written some good articles on the subject of how our American forefathers looked to the ancient Commonwealth of Israel for Biblical inspiration before, during and after the Revolutionary War.

Stephen P. Halbrook, also a firearms lawyer, has similarly documented the history of the Second Amendment and how intricately the basic human right of self-defense is bound to the roots of our American order. One of his books entitled The Founders’ Second Amendment (may, 2008) deals with the origins of the Second Amendment.

The U.S. Supreme Court quoted Dr. Halbrook’s work on the legislative history of the Fourteenth Amendment in regards to Black Freedmen’s civil rights and the Second Amendment after the Civil War in the DC V Heller majority opinion. See District of Columbia v. Heller, 128 S. Ct. 2783, 2809–10 (2008) (citing generally STEPHEN P. HALBROOK, FREEDMEN, THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT, & THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, 1866–1876 (Greenwood Publishing Group 1998); reprinted as STEPHEN P. HALBROOK, SECURING CIVIL RIGHTS: FREEDMEN, THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT, AND THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS (Independent Institute 2010).

I was particularly moved by David Barton’s article entitled Where the Journey Began. Barton’s account of how he became the signature historian of the Founders’ Bible relates the story of young King Josiah and how he responded when the workmen discovered the Books of the Law while remodeling the Temple. At that time, most of the priests and teachers had fallen away from Scriptural truth and the Commonwealth of Israel was given over to the worship of idols. The amazing things was that Josiah read the Scriptures on his own and immediately repented and started leading the nation of Israel back to truth.

Many of us are troubled by what we see happening in the land today. The Bible does not just speak to issues about God but to every kind of relationship, personal and economic. Most Bible teachers avoid the subject of what the Scripture says about government, warfare and economics because folks are worn out by cultural warfare. Preachers and Bible teachers don’t want to tear down false idols because that gets into political issues! Nevertheless, ubiquitous mass-shootings, especially in our public schools, are evidence that the Progressive cultural crusade is winning the war.

One of the first things King Josiah did was tear down the altars of the false gods. I am convinced that we will see a bold new generation of Americans when young Americans experience what King Josiah experienced. Young people long for an adventure that calls for real challenges, sacrifice and courage. The Bible is a call to perform bold exploits.

David Barton, Shiloh Road Publishers and the other historians that contributed to the Founders’ Bible have declared God’s mighty works for generations to come and have made the call relevant to modern Americans.

See http://www.firearmslawyer.net.


Israel, Guns, Abortion & the USA on Yom HaShoah

Yom HaZikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah (“Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day”), is being celebrated by Jews all over the world as Yom HaShoah. In the U.S. we call it Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Holocaust Day.

Israel is commemorating the millions of Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust carried out by statist ideologues who worshipped the German state and Adolph Hitler in place of God. Inaugurated by David Ben-Gurion and Israel’s President in 1953, Yom HaShoah was to be celebrated on the 14th of Nisan, the anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising (April 19, 1943).

An armed Jewish rebellion started in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943. It was the largest single revolt by the Jews during World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Jews died of starvation and sickness and many Warsaw ghetto residents went to the Treblinka death camp.

The insurgents had little ammunition; more weapons were supplied throughout the uprising, and some were captured from the Germans. Some weapons were handmade by the resistance; sometimes such weapons worked, other times they jammed repeatedly.

The Polish Resistance and the communist People’s Guard attacked the German’s and smuggled weapons, ammunition, supplies, and instructions into the Ghetto. The Polish resistance could not provide many weapons. Nevertheless, the Jewish Military Union (Żydowski Związek Wojskowy, ŻZW) received arms, including several automatic weapons, from the mainstream Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK).

The Polish Resistance encouraged and assisted the Jews in the ghetto but the armed Jewish resistance was an awakening that fulfilled God’s mandate in the Book of Judges that the generations of Israel coming after Joshua should know warfare!

These are the nations the LORD left to test all those Israelites who had not experienced any of the wars in Canaan (he did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience): the five rulers of the Philistines, all the Canaanites, the Sidonians, and the Hivites living in the Lebanon mountains from Mount Baal Hermon to Lebo Hamath. They were left to test the Israelites to see whether they would obey the LORD’s commands, which he had given their ancestors through Moses.

Judges 3

Today, in the United States, the technology and the ideological underpinnings of Hitler’s statism are on the move again. The racist doctrines of the National Socialist Worker’s Party- foolish religious claims of Aryan-Teutonic racial supremacy- are what we think of first in connection with Germany’s government during the time of the Holocaust. Although we do not see those racial teachings in today’s U.S. government, the seed is present here, in Europe and across the globe. For example, many in our government declare that unborn children do not have rights; i.e., that they are not human beings!

The belief that only certain people should be permitted the means of armed self-defense is another doctrine that is being propagated at the highest levels of government. The underlying premise of such a belief was historically based on a belief on the part of Southern Democrats that Blacks were inherently inferior and violent; such an ideology persists even up through modern times. More importantly, perhaps, there is a more supposedly modern perception that only professionals with specialized training can safeguard life and liberty.

Our nation’s Founders, on the other hand, saw that all the people, as a militia at large, are the best safeguard against statist tyranny in all of its many disguises. Christian thinkers like John Calvin and Francis Schaeffer wrote about the subject of civil disobedience practiced by Christians. In A Christian Manifesto, Francis Schaeffer reviewed the orthodox Christian view regarding civil disobedience. He stated that Christians must obey God rather than human governments when forced to choose between fundamental Christian principles and the dictates of the state:

Then they called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John replied, “Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges! As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

See Acts 4:19.

God’s laws are ultimately supreme over manmade constitutional or statutory laws. Allegiance to God’s law requires that we refuse to bow down when human governmental authorities demand that we commit acts that are against God’s Word; i.e., “there is not only the right, but the duty, to disobey the state.” Note well that the U.S. Constitution recognizes that certain unalienable rights (like self-defense) are not conferred by society but are divinely endowed by virtue of the fact that all human beings are made in the image of our Creator. Y-W-H God is a supreme being who loves justice and also loves each of us at a personal level!

He also breathed some of his sovereignty into you and I when He made us in His image. Thus, tyrants hate the Bible and need to reinterpret the Constitution. Every one of us that adheres to the truth is an enemy of the secular Utopian state envisioned by progressives that seek to improve society by eliminating unwanted members of society. The unborn child is an easy target with which to begin the process of elimination. This is because unborn children are the most helpless human beings; very few interest groups will speak out on behalf of the unborn.

Government must never be substituted for the living God. Most Christians in Germany failed to perform acts of civil disobedience. But Schaeffer also pointed out that none of us has the right to decide on our own when a government is so unjust that armed resistance is justified. We should not philosophize about which conditions would need to exist in order to justify armed rebellion against government. This is because discussing such matters creates a certain political environment that exacerbates and leads to violence. Christians are commanded to obey government and live at peace with every man!

The Bible teaches us to pray for leaders in government and does not suggest that Christians should resist tyranny by revolting against authority. Thus Shaeffer did not advocate for abolishing government to form some ideal government envisioned by the nation’s Founders. Knowledge of Scripture and history teaches a thinking person that we cannot seek some abstract ideal while we live in a fallen world. Schaeffer recognized that if each man and woman does what is right in our eyes, chaos will ensue.

However, the severity our forefathers endured in order to enact the Declaration of Independence requires that force might be necessary to protect our families and neighbors against the intensity of violence that occured in societies like Germany under Hitler. The story of Esther is instructive because she stood for her people when an evil conspiracy took hold in Persia to destroy the people of Israel.

Those who hated the Jews were prepared to attack because of a decree that Ahaseurus had enacted when an advisor deceived him. The decree could not be revoked because of the ancient traditions of the Medes. Thus, in order to neutralize the effect of an illegal decreee issued under color of law, the emperor decreed a temporary edict that was like the Second Amendment. The new decree permitted Israelites and their neighbors to deploy armed force in order to defend against Israel’s enemies.

But any Scriptural analysis must focus first on the love of God which encompasses defense of others and Christians should contemplate armed force against government only under the most extreme circumstances!

Schaeffer, along with other traditional theologians going back to the earliest history of the Church, stated that Christians need to always seek a duly constituted magistrate and align ourselves with legitimate authority. This points us to those officials who are under proper authority; i.e., elected and appointed officials that are faithful to their oaths to uphold the United States Constitution and the constitutions of their respective states.

The first thing that genocidal tyrants of the right and left propose is restricting gun rights. Sheriffs in 15 states have recently vowed to defy new state and federal gun control laws. There are 380 (or more) sheriffs that have publicly committed to nullify un-Constitutional gun laws. Several state legislatures have also taken legislative steps toward making it a crime to assist federal agents to enforce illegal laws; i.e.,un-Constitutional statutes and executive orders.

The fact that the laws of our land remove local law enforcement and other local government agencies from centralized control is one of the strongest safeguards against the kind of tyranny that Germany and other modern nations experienced during the Twentieth Century, a century of collectivism and intense genocide over large areas of the planet.

There is now countering legislation proposed to remove any sheriff that does not further enforcement of the proposed new federal gun restrictions. The first effort emerged in Texas. Dallas Democratic Rep. Yvonne Davis proposed a law that would remove any sheriff or law enforcement officer who refuses to enforce state or federal laws. The law would remove any elected or appointed law enforcement officer for simply signing any document stating that they will not obey federal orders.

We need to support the growing number of sheriffs across the United States who have vowed to protect the right of citizens to keep and bear weapons for lawful defense of self and others.

Such civil disobedience is Scriptural and legal because the 10th Amendment states unequivocally that powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Objections were advanced by some of the Founders that listing certain rights might result in a perception that rights not included in the Bill of Rights might be denied to the people. Thus, the Ninth Amendment retains all rights to the people as individuals:

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Resolutions have been introduced in the legislatures of 27 states that would nullify federal authority over manufacture, commerce and possession of firearms within the state, provided that there is not interstate commerce involved. The legislation passed in Montana and Tennessee in 2009 and in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming the following year. in 2010, the South Carolina legislature was considering a new law that would ignore all gun registration laws within the state. Texas and West Virginia filed similar legislation for the 2011 legislative session.

Idaho, Wyoming and several other states are now also considering laws that constrain their officials to uphold their oath to the Constitution regarding the Second Amendment. The Biblical reference to magistrates is a legal term that refers to public officials, including elected and appointed officials. Many of the appointed officials in our land owe their appointments to the elite political-media complex.

The fact is that even the biggest urban counties, where the power of the elite is the most concentrated, encompass large numbers of voters that live in rural areas. These voters, like the elected Sheriffs, understand that everyone’s freedom is at stake if lawmakers enact proposed restrictions on our ability to defend our families.

Elected Sheriffs therefore have emerged as the strongest advocates for the Constitutional because they do not owe fealty to the financial and political interests that are selling our great nation to the highest bidders.

We should pray for all our officials and remember that there are certain interests attempting to divide the people from our law enforcement officials. The Book of Romans states that the magistrate bears the sword in order to suppress evildoers.

There will be difficult conflicts and controversies ahead for law enforcement and other public officials; every American needs to stand with these men and women. A shadow war- conducted under color of law- against decent public order is underway. No American should be deceived into taking matters into our own hands.

There were others, not just Jews, that died in the Holocaust. The Founders kept our government local and recognized that a well armed population is safer than the alternatives. Each of us is called to stand like Esther for our people in such a time as this.

SOG Weapons & Warfare

The only thing better than reading a good book may often be new friendships. I still have a book that opened my eyes to the fact that even in the age of helicopters and other mechanized warfare there are warriors in our midst that are akin to famous scouts like Kit Carson and Daniel Boone. LOW LEVEL HELL is the true story of a LOACH helicopter pilot, Hugh Mills, Jr., who would fly along enemy trails below the tree line and report back signs of the enemy during the Vietnam War.

The LOACH scouting helicopter gained its nickname from the acronym LOH which stands for OH-6 Light Observation Helicopter. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a former LOACH pilot that lives in Federal Way. I met Ken Snyder at a dinner party and we started talking about how he and his wife like to get out and do some shooting. My ears really perked up as soon as he mentioned his experience as a Loach pilot.

Mills started conducting his missions much more aggressively than the established policy of just observing and reporting signs of the enemy and I asked Ken about what he knew regarding the change in tactics.. To my surprise, Ken had taken over command of the Scout Platoon from Hugh Mills upon completion of Mills’ second tour in 1972.

Ken told me:

“My tour with C/16 Cav was after the Mi Li massacre and the rules of engagement were somewhat restrictive. I know this is going to sound crazy, but the things you do when you’re young! We would aggressively pursue the enemy and expose ourselves deliberately in order to draw their fire. Once they made that mistake, then their a…. was ours! We carried super bombs (2 one pound sticks of C-4 taped to a concussion grenade), the door gunners had an M-60 hanging from a bungee cord in the back as well as a large assortment of grenades (fragmentation, white phosphorus, various colored smoke, cs tear gas) at their disposal and several thousand rounds of ammo. Our 7.62 mm electrically fired mini-guns carried several thousand rounds also; additionally, the pilot carried a CAR-15 and 38 caliber pistol. I’ve observed several LOH pilots fire their pistols at the bad guys while flying with their left hand.”

Ken is now a supervisor in the Seattle Flight Standards District Office. Ken and Judith invited my wife and I to their home for dinner. Like many of the combat vets I have met, he is friendly but not apt to talk too much about his war experiences so the big surprise was when I started looking at the books on the coffee tables in his home- books like SOG: THE SECRET WARS OF AMERICA’S COMMANDOS IN VIETNAM. I asked Ken why he had so many books about the legendary SPECIAL OPERATIONS GROUP (code named STUDIES AND OPERATIONS GROUP to make it seem like a liaison to academia). It turns out that, before he flew helicopters, Ken already had served his country in Vietnam as a “One Zero”, team lead for a SOG Recon Unit. He and two other Americans worked with a group of about five Montagnards, the mountain people of Vietnam that hated the South Vietnamese as much as they hated the North Vietnamese.

Ken, who grew up in Rockport, Washington near Sedro-Woolley, joined the Green Berets and arrived in Vietnam just as Military Assistance Command Vietnam began to take over certain covert programs from the CIA. The mission involved inserting teams like Ken’s into Laos and later Cambodia in such a way as to maintain deniability. Even their cigarettes had to be Asian in order to maintain the legal fiction that they were not operating within the U.S. chain of command.

The NVA were running hundreds of trucks down the Ho Chi Minh trail every month. Much of “trail” which lay just within the border of Laos, was actually a network of well maintained roadways through the jungle. At first, the SOG units inflicted devastating damage on the enemy’s transportation system with few losses. Eventually, however, the NVA caught up and began hunting the SOG units with hundreds of well trained troops and tracking dogs.

SOG units carried any weapons they chose so I asked Ken about the weapons he favored:

“FOB2/CCC worked primarily in Laos around the Tri-border area during my tour (1969) with a few missions into Cambodia. We would equip one Yard with a M-79 grenade launcher. The 1911 in .45 ACP was really the pistol of choice. I carried an old .45 submachine gun a lot of the time (it could really reach out through the bamboo) and the 9mm Swedish K, although it didn’t have the knockdown power the .45 had. The CAR-15 (a shorter version of the M-16) was great simply because it was light weight. The Yards (Montagnards) had the same availability but their equipment was pretty much determined by the One Zero. We all carried at least one Claymore, half a dozen or more frags, several hundred rounds of ammo, one or more bandoleers of M-79 rounds, one or more bricks of C-4 and lengths of Det Cord with time pencils, etc. and rations for 7-10 days. The One Zero was issued a .22 caliber w/silencer used to wound an enemy and then take him back for questioning.”

We have a new generation of warriors now that are returning from combat with similarly legendary reputations. They keep us safer today because of Ken’s experience and the learning curve experienced within groups like SOG- learning now incorporated into the standard doctrine of fighting asymmetrical warfare all over the world.

It took a lot of bloodshed to make it possible for me to sit at home and read about the jungles of Vietnam, write about the Second Amendment and hold forth on sundry other topics. Many are convinced that Vietnam wasn’t worth the cost. The Vietnamese people that experienced the oppression of Communism know otherwise. The next time you are at a barbeque expressing your opinion or just talking about your last vacation, think about all the men and women that fought and even died for our freedom.

“The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty– and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.” — H.L. Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun, Feb. 12, A. D. 1923

Dancing Wuli Masters, Keynesian Warlocks & Reptilian Conspiracies

Some people thrive on conspiracy theories. The very nature of conspiracy theories is such that historically the widespread belief in conspiracies has destabilized societies in ways that can be very well documented.

Conspiracy Theories

For instance, the German High Command promulgated false documents, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, purporting to be a Jewish conspiracy and utilized the documents to create paranoia in Czarist Russia and other countries. Hitler’s beliefs in a Zionist conspiracy helped to bring about the subversion of Germany’s Weimar Republic and in many quarters of Europe and the Middle East, the Protocols are still accepted at face-value as historical fact.

Adam Weishaupt & the Illuminati

Another popular conspiracy theory has to do with the Illuminati. The fact that the group existed as a secret society in Germany is well documented. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of canon law (Catholic Church law), infiltrated various Masonic lodges across Continental Europe with cell groups that operated much like modern counter-intelligence networks.

Ingolstadt University, a Jesuit institution, provided a base of operations and the network recruited by appealing to a variety of beliefs, including Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, necromancy, social reform and various occultist practices that were attracting freethinkers in Europe. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were familiar with the Illuminati and its methods. Additonally, Frederick the Great, an accomplished Freemason and master of intelligence and counter-intelligence, was quite adept at using the networks of secret societies that infested Europe in the 1700s as strategic tools to further Prussian geo-political interests.

The relevance of the Illuminati to modern political discourse owes to the allegation that the followers of Professor Weishaupt subsequently went into the publishing business, thus, promoting socialism and revolution in France and other countries. The story continues that the various factions of radicalism and occultist secret societies were ready to be knit together by an ideology that would transcend all the various threads of occult speculation, utopianism, anarchism and social reform.

In 1848, Karl Marx made his announcement that the “spectre of International Socialism” was already haunting Europe and striking fear into the hearts of Europe’s kings and aristocracy. “Das Kapital” itself is a hugely successful conspiracy theory.

Engels,the scion of a wealthy industrialist with a vast fortune, financed Marx’s research- research that provided a rationale that tied many conflicting social forces into a system of worldwide terror. It is a tribute to a brilliant mind thatMarx succeeded in paving the way for Lenin and Stalin to create a monolithic machine out of the assortment of strange and conflicting beliefs that constituted the earlier Internationales.

Reptilian Conspiracies & Illuminati Subversion

But there is a modern New Age twist that seems to position the 200 year old Illuminati boogeyman to appear as a social phenomenon that is just beginning to be recognized at this time. Please do not just turn me off because you are sick of hearing about conspiracies of the left and the right. The emerging New Age doctrine makes the Illuminati 10,000 years old. To make things stranger, the teaching purports to have a basis in the Biblical account of Genesis before the flood:

“Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

Genesis 6: 1-4

According to the New Age interpretation of the Bible, however, the Illuminati were extra-terrestrial Nephilim that eventually inhabited ancient Babylon- and the creatures are still interbreeding, thus producing offspring- including the family of President Bush! They are allegedly manipulating politics and preparing our world for a new Babylonian tyranny, operated on an intergalactic scale and with headquarters in underground fortresses beneath major American cities. If you think this is far-fetched, just start surfing the internet- it gets more far-fetched!

There are apparently good reptilians and bad ones, with some extra-terrestrials exhorting humanity to eschew weapons of mass destruction and to learn to get along, while others are ready to turn earth into a giant slave farm in order to feed the master reptile race during its travels across space.

Such deceptions often contain an Anti-Semitic tendency that is also hostile to orthodox Christianity!

Spiritualism, Haunted Houses & England’s Fabians

Fabian Socialism attracted some of the most notable social thinkers of England in the early 1900s, and conducted much of the early research pertaining to Progressive economics, trade unionism, feminism and social reformation. Eventually H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw, Sydney Webb and other influential intellectuals were drawn into the movement.

The social framework these individuals envisioned shaped England and the rest of the modern world. It is surprising to discover that the whole intellectual edifice of Fabianism initially developed as a result of working people gathering together for spiritualist séances in a house that was supposedly haunted. They eventually began receiving messages about economics and other matters that attracted the cadre of celebrated thinkers that transformed much of England and the rest of the world.

John Maynard Keynes & the Federal Reserve

America has now become riddled with schemes presented as economic stimuli and “progressive” changes in the laws; i.e., just a small change here and a small change there. Keynesian economics- expanding the money supply to increase the government’s share of financial resources and deplete the value of money- has now created massive deficits that were unimaginable for Americans. Keynes advocated that every nation should centralize its banking and allow currencies to float with no value other than the emotional value people invest via their confidence in government economic policy.

John Maynard Keynes, known as a proponent of free markets and capitalism, realized that centralizing banking functions and manipulating the value of national currencies would accelerate economic growth- at least for the short term.

As the Western world embraced Keynesian economics, governmental power grew, currencies were subjected to the vagaries of international financial interests and the private sector became dependent on government programs. Thus, corporations grew into feudal cultures of their own, attracting a new breed of people that have sacrificed many of the old loyalties, traditions and beliefs in order to find security in the bureaucratic matrix of the brave new corporate state.

Modern Statism is an ideology flying under many colors. Nevertheless, various forms of socialism provide the underpinnings for most modern states and corporations prosper because it takes a corporate bureaucracy to navigate the governmental regulatory apparatus.

Impact of England’s Fabian Socialism

Fabian program (gradually transforming society by instituting small changes in the laws of a nation and moving towards global government in increments) has become so familiar that we just shrug our shoulders and pass it off as more liberal-progressivism.

Fabian was a Roman general that used tactical deception in order to keep his enemies unaware that they were being enveloped.

Incidentally, during the Twenties & Thirties, many so-called progressives were as enthusiastic about Hitler and Mussolini’s experiments with socialism as they were about the International brand of socialism pioneered by Marx & Engels. Statist solutions on display in Russia, Italy and Germany presented a promising future especially during the Great Depression. Some people asked whether the newly inaugurated monopoly of investment bankers known as the Federal Reserve contributed to the financial chaos during the 1930s. The rationale for a federal reserve was to control the expansion of the money supply and prevent cycles in the economy.

Theosophy & Madame Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky was a Russian aristocrat living in Paris in the 1800s and her Theosophical Society was an eclectic combination of Hinduism wrapped around an arguably potent political agenda; i.e., “hidden masters” were moving through human society and inculcating the planet with higher wisdom by means of clairvoyant and direct communication via selected individuals. Theosophists still claim that these “Masters” are in touch with Devas, angelic extra-terrestrials that guide human institutions and culture by telepathy and other hidden influences.

Southern California and parts of Arizona (the whole Left-coast) have long been riddled with such cults that look to extra-terrestrial “hidden masters” for inspiration and guidance.

Aldous Huxley & CIA Acid Dreams

Aldous Huxley, another intellectual from a family of England’s most notable intellectuals, used his novels as platforms to propagate “brave new worlds” where children would be cared for by the tribe rather than by nuclear families and legal systems would meld into a unified primitivism where government could be much less defined (and supposedly more nurturing and organic) because populations would be pacified (enlightened) by drug induced euphoria and Eastern mystical experiences.

In the Fifties and Sixties, Huxley and the CIA were experimenting with LSD. Aldous’ brother, Julian Huxley, was busy promulgating a social agenda that sounded vaguely like the utopian, mushroom-eating societies favored by his nephew, Aldous.

UNESCO & the Brave New Humanistic World Religion

Julian Huxley’s counter-intelligence propaganda apparatus was headquartered at UNESCO, where he was head of the UN religious mission. he was also the first director of UNESCO. In “Religion Without Revelation”, Julian Huxley identified the sense of the numinous (feelings of awe and religiosity) and announced that a universal world religion needed to incorporate profound feelings of spirituality by making numinosity available to everyone without the need to look to higher authority; i.e., Biblical revelation.

So is there something subversive about trying to conjure up religion that has roots in the Vedic system that is thousands of years old? Why shouldn’t people go to Sedona and experience shamanism while drawing power from ancient vortexes or pay thousands of dollars for spiritual and financial advice from Ramtha, an ancient warrior-demon channeled by a former housewife in Yelm, Washington? After all, she advises thousands of people, including Hollywood types, that pay thousands of dollars for seminars on relationships, finance, careers and economics.

Witchcraft (which has always been connected with the use of pharmaceuticals) and New Age religion have their roots in the same soil. The drugs, rebellion and lawlessness of the Sixties are the fruit of a secular-humanist agenda that was blue-printed by intellectuals like Julian Huxley under the auspices of the United Nations. In fact there is a well documented history as to Henry Luce and his wife at the Time-Life empire embracing the psychedelic experience in the 1950s. They both took psychedelic drugs in the 1950s, promoted LSD in their magazines and invited CIA people to their elite parties at which LSD was distributed, in many cases without any knowledge on the part of their guests who must have some interesting recollections of such social gatherings. The guests included celebrities from the highest levels of the political, academic, media, financial and entertainment worlds

Aldous Huxley, along with Timothy Leary and other products of CIA research programs, were the Pied Pipers that lead a whole generation into a quagmire of left-wing paranoia and New Age confusion (see the book “Acid Dreams” for a psychedelicized history of how the U.S. conducted covert operations that fomented much of the craziness of the Sixties). Many people refuse to treat such issues seriously because, quite frankly, it sounds loony to discuss allegations of reptilian inter-breeding and secret societies that have their roots in Eighteenth Century Europe.

David Icke is a man with a substantial following (Google reptilians if you think I am exaggerating) and arguably poses a threat to our nation’s national security if enough people believe his audacious fables. And his New Age followers have money.

Are such conspiracy theories a threat to society?

The only threat I see at this point is that Icke fosters the appearance that Christians subscribe to views that are hostile to virtually every legitimate social and religious institution. This is how counter-intelligence agents operate to subvert the opposition. Many sincere Christians are becoming involved with speculations about the Nephilim and the Illuminati. Some of the organizations that David Icke and others allege to be Illuminati agencies include, but are not limited to, the U.S. government (especially the CIA, of course), Billy Graham’s organization and the Catholic, Baptist and Mormon Churches- all Illuminati operations, according to Icke).

In the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul instructs Christians to be good citizens and to honor governmental power and authority.

Although we have not received any information that indicates that a significant number of New Age adherents are preparing to use armed force, there is a subtle anti-Semitic influence to Icke’s theology that deserves close inspection. Any doctrine that dehumanizes other people by allegations about their genetic strain already has a strong predisposition toward racism which history shows can morph into anti-Semitism almost by default! The fact that Mr. Icke allegedly worked for the BBC may explain his tendency to vilify Israel and the Jews- but he may be a professional provocateur.

The Bible shows witchcraft and sedition, heresy and murder, deception all traveling in flocks like birds that move together. Where you find one, you will find every foul thing

Cold Dead Hands and the Civil Rights Movement

What do Charlton Heston and Rev. Martin Luther King have in common? Along with the fact that both men pursued callings in which they portrayed the Biblical role of Moses descending from the mountain top, both men were committed to the struggle for civil rights. In fact, Heston marched with Rev. King in the South and often stated that his commitment to Second Amendment issues was a natural corollary to the struggle for racial equality. The history of that struggle reveals that Heston was not engaging in mere NRA rhetoric.

The NRA was the first national organization to become integrated when it was founded in 1871. No other association existed in the U.S. in which integration was the rule. Quite possibly this was because General Ambrose Burnside, one of the NRA’s founding members, was a leader of Black Union troops during the Civil War. Even by the time of the Korean War (1950-1953), most white officers were reluctant to lead Black troops because of the perception that this would ruin an officer’s prospects for promotion.

President Truman was the first President to begin desegregating the United States Army. In fact, the United States government still practiced rigid segregation in the civil service during and after Woodrow Wilson’s administration.

Modern gun control started with post-Civil War laws enacted in the former Confederate states restricting the right to keep and bear arms to whites only. Newly freed black citizens returning from military service on the sides of both the North and the South were forced to submit to weapons searches in their homes.

Resistance to such gun control measures would often lead to lynching. In 1921, a whole section of Tulsa, Oklahoma was destroyed and as many as 300 may have died (most of them blacks) after some black men, many of them returned WW I veterans, attempted an armed defense of their neighborhood against a violent white mob.

Tulsa’s black section was a shining example to the world of what black professionals and business people had accomplished in the United States. Its destruction by angry white mobs raises the issue of whether a member of a racial, ethnic or religious minority should trust exclusively in government for safety.

Mahatma Gandhi, the architect of nonviolent resistance, lamented that one of the greatest injustices was the colonial restriction on the right of the Indian people to possess firearms.

Gandhi recognized that nonviolent resistance, the strategy adopted by Rev. King, was not an end in itself, but that nonviolence was the only way to gather the moral force to persuade England to give in to the demands of justice.

Would Northern liberals have supported the civil rights movement if pictures of armed black men had appeared on the evening news?

One important group within the civil rights movement, the “Deacons for the Defense”, showed up at marches and demonstrations all over the South with shotguns, rifles and pistols. These were armed churchmen like Condoleezza Rice’s father, a theologian and preacher. According to Ms. Rice, they guarded each other’s homes and families from night riders when the lives of civil rights protesters were at risk in Birmingham, Alabama.

Cities like Chicago and Washington, DC (two of the most segregated cities in the U.S.) still favor gun control. The Founding Fathers anticipated that democracy would be a bumpy road.

Texas Rangers Were Once Volunteer Minutemen

Robert M. Utley is a historian that appreciates the part that firearms technology had in transforming the Old West into what we know today. It is hard to imagine a more appropriate arena in which to study the impact of innovation on a society than Texas in the Eighteen Hundreds. The story of innovation in the design of pistols and rifles contributes a great deal to the story of how Texas acquired its renowned character as a state.

Until 1874, Mr. Utley tells us, Texas Rangers were true citizen soldiers that armed and equipped themselves, fighting Indian, Mexican and outlaw alike with little or no pay. Some of these Rangers were men that just enjoyed a fight enough to go looking for it and many had little discipline beyond natural outdoor skills, superb horsemanship and the ability to fight with any weapons available. After 1874, the Frontier Battalion was established as a permanent fixture of law enforcement in Texas, the primary purpose of which was to fight outlaws.

Mexican authorities granted Stephen Austin civil and military power over Anglo-Texans, mostly Southerners, that colonized Texas under contract with Mexico in 1825. The Mexican rationale was to create a buffer between Mexico and Indian raiding parties from the North.

The governor authorized ten paid volunteers to serve as militia. The Ranger concept had roots in the colonial militias that ranged the frontiers even before England’s war with France in the New World. The bands of fighters would give up “ranging” at harvest time but, as the Anglo society in Texas grew, so did the number of citizens with experience in patrolling the frontier and the concept of permanent units was proposed; thus, the Texas Ranger tradition was gradually conceived in Texas.

John Coffee Hays probably arrived in Texas early in 1838. Jack and his brother, William, came from Mississippi and introduced themselves to Sam Houston as surveyors. To survey the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio was to make oneself a target for Comanche raiders. Fighting Indians and surveying toughened Hays and developed the young man’s leadership skills. In 1839, the people of San Antonio made Hays the captain of a band of “Minutemen” ready to answer the alarm when the Comanches struck. Units were formed on an ad hoc temporary basis (as the need arose) but by 1844 there were many veterans that had served quite a few enlistments under Hays.

The Rangers, as they gradually came to be known, wore their own frontier clothing, carried two or three pistols, preferred a short rifle and a bowie knife. A Mexican blanket, salt, ammunition, tobacco and dried corn were among the few provisions carried by each Ranger. They borrowed from Mexican vaqueros, employing heavy Mexican bits (the better to manage weapons) and the hair rope called a cabrista, rawhide riata (lariat) along with Mexican saddles.

They constantly practiced horsemanship, imitating the Comanches by tricks like hiding on one side of a horse and shooting from under the horse’s neck with a pistol while galloping full-speed. The rangers could run their horse full-speed, hit a marked post with a rifle and then, switching to pistol, hit the mark on another post 40 yards away without slowing down. Before you all decide to go out and manage your gunfights like that you need to need know that when the lead started flying, the Ranger normally got off his horse. Dismounted is the best way to get good results with a rifle or a pistol unless you are in Hollywood!

Their early rifles were mostly flintlock Kentucky long rifles and shorter, heavier Tennessee rifles, in 1843 converted to percussion cap in 1843. The calibers were often .55 caliber and some barrels were forty-two inches long. Handling a flintlock pistol or rifle on horseback is no easy feat and the caps provided by the government were unreliable. In combat most of the actual fighting was done by Rangers that had dismounted and the men fired in volleys. Comanche could repeatedly shoot arrows in less time than it took to separately ram a ball and patch down a tight fitting barrel.

In 1844, Hays obtained 130 Paterson Colts, the .36 caliber Colts that became available when the President of Texas, Sam Houston, disbanded the Texas Navy. Incidentally, the author does a good job of describing the difficulties of reloading the five-shot Paterson Colts on horseback. The test for the new equipment came at Walker Creek, June 8, 1844. Hays, his lieutenant and fourteen men went looking for Indian sign and found ten Comanches following the Rangers’ trail. The Comanches acted as decoys but unable to draw Hays into an ambush, about seventy warriors attacked.

Hays, outnumbered five to one, led his men into a ravine out of view of the enemy, raced three hundred yards down the ravine and then made a flanking charge, emptying rifles and then deploying Samuel Colt’s revolving pistols. Hays pursued the Indians for a distance but, sensing that the chief was about to turn the tables on his men, ordered anyone with a round remaining to shoot the chief. A careful dismounted shot from Ad Gillespie’s rifle dropped the chief and resulted in the Comanches fleeing from the battlefield, leaving twenty-three dead Comanche and at least that many wounded. Hays’ unit lost one with very few wounded. At Walker Creek, the Colt revolver and the Texas Rangers both began down the road toward legend.

Lieutenant Sam Walker was one of those legendary Rangers that routed the Comanche warriors at Walker Creek. In 1846, after outstanding service in the Mexican-American War, Walker became a captain in the regular U.S. Army. Samuel Colt, approaching the captain in order to promote Colt’s revolving pistols within the ordinance department, heard the story of Walker Creek. At that time Captain Walker proclaimed, “With improvements, I think they (Paterson pistols) can be rendered the most perfect weapons in the World for light mounted troops.”

Despite the usual bureaucratic opposition from the ordinance department, Walker proceeded to assist Colt in obtaining a contract and worked with Colt to develop the first six-shooter.

Named the Walker Colt and weighing four and one-half pounds, it had a nine inch barrel and fired heavy .44 caliber rounds. It was easier to load than the Paterson and packed the power of an army rifle at 100 yards.

In 1847, one month after the fall of Mexico City, Jack Hays reached Vera Cruz with five companies of Texas Rangers. Their task was to deal with guerilla warfare and Hays’ men had Model 1847 Walker Colts, 394 of them, to be exact, and a number of the five-shot Patersons. The Walkers were supposed to go to Captain Walker’s regular mounted units but the ordinance department sent Walker single-shot pistols instead. Walker died at the Battle of Huamantla shortly after the ordinance department punished him by diverting the pistols that were named after Walker to Hays’ Rangers.

Hays’ regiment of Rangers was assigned to anti-guerilla operations in Puebla in November, 1847. Thirty men of Hays’ Rangers under Ranger Captain Jacob Roberts were attacked by two hundred of Santa Ana’s lancers but put the Walker Colts to such good use that a Mexican retreat ensued. Next confronted by five hundred lancers, Ranger firepower prevailed once again. They were a motley, independent bunch, but the Rangers’ reputation was that every insult would be returned with a slug from a Walker Colt. In fact, the episode at Walker Creek was repeated over and again many times, with Colt revolvers overcoming impossible odds in the hands of irregular Texan militiamen.

John B. Jones, like Jack Hays, wasn’t a big man. He dressed impeccably and was religious, abstaining from tobacco and alcohol. The governor named the former Confederate officer as commander of the Frontier Battalion in 1874. Jones transformed the Battalion by discipline, including diligent attention to administrative matters that had previously received casual treatment.

Rangers spent their own money on rifles and pistols but the State of Texas was insisting on mostly .50 caliber Sharps carbines. Compared to the .44 caliber repeating Winchesters, however, the single-shot Sharps, was better for buffalo hunting than Ranger duty.

It was easy to see why a 12 shot lever action carbine in .44 caliber with center-fire cartridges might come in handy and the Winchester ’73 and Colt “Peacemaker” became the Ranger weapons of choice.

During Jones’ leadership, the Rangers focused more on law enforcement. The characteristics of Texan culture seemed to dictate violent feuds that lead to violent death and protracted warfare that stemmed from ethnic, family and political rivalry. Feuds like the Sutton-Taylor feud gave rise to men like John Wesley Hardin. He may have gunned down as many as fifty men, including Deputy Sheriff Charles Webb. Hardin left Texas for the Florida panhandle. After the murder of Webb, the Texas legislature had voted a $4,000.00 reward for Hardin.

A Dallas police officer with a reputation as an investigator was recruited as a Ranger and proceeded to “work up” some detective strategies that led to Hardin’s capture as he disembarked from a train in Alabama. Hardin was extradited from Alabama, stood trial and was convicted. Sentenced to twenty-five years in Huntsville Penitentiary, Wes Hardin went from being one of the most violent prisoners to the study of law and theology and even wrote his own autobiography (well worth the read). In 1894, Hardin was pardoned and set up a law practice in El Paso. Hardin was gunned down (three slugs from a .45 revolver) in a saloon by a constable, John Selman, himself a vicious outlaw, according to Mr. Utley. In violent times, El Paso was a violent town in a violence prone state.

Incidentally, El Paso is now one of the most crime-free cities in the U.S.. Right across the Rio Grande, Juarez is awash in blood and police officer’s severed heads are showing up in unexpected places. Gun control is so strict in Mexico that the police often have to leave their service weapons behind when they go off duty even though many of them have a price on their head! Meanwhile, the drug dealers in Mexico have state of the art guns and the Mexican government blames the U.S. for not curtailing the flow of weapons into Mexico. When the violence starts flowing across the border, history may repeat itself when the Texans start showing the world that a well-armed citizenry is still something to be reckoned with. Remember the Alamo?

Thus, we have see in Utley’s lovely little prose-poem how the not so graceful equation of pre-Civil War “triggernometry” created the formula for the modern state we call Texas. In a sense, this is the history of every “civil” society. Men carve law and order from chaos. Those of us that ride on the shoulders of men like Hays and Walker and Jones can easily forget that, but for such men, less civilized warriors like Wes Hardin and Santa Ana and Comanche raiders would be butchering, raping and looting everything we have worked for.

It can be objected that many of the Rangers were not far removed from their opponents when it came to “racial profiling” and dispensing a slug at the slightest provocation but ultimately they were led by men like John B. Jones and placed under institutional control. Hopefully, warriors with the right combination of independence and respect for legitimate social institutions will always be ready to range the borders wherever disorder tempts lawless and violent predators to cross legitimate boundaries.

Protecting Human Life vs Genocide: All About Values


Click on the link above and you can see the site from which we obtain all the great posters. There is much more. The Second Amendment is the original Pro-Life Amendment and expresses a fundamental human right that is bestowed by God (thus, it is inalienable, according to the Founding Fathers). Armed self-defense has proven much more effective than the United Nations in preventing genocide. Just read Samantha Power’s article on the UN’s record in Rwanda for fighting genocide. It could be argued that the UN enabled those that would engage in ethnic cleansing. And there seems to be a pattern where the United Nations is concerned.

Modern times have created a venue in which the age-old contest between pantheistic human values (i.e., groveling in the face of governmental brutality) diametrically oppose theistic values (the dignity of human life founded in our Creator.

Some will try to mix the pagan ethos of social unity with vague notions of “spirituality” while embracing whatever current lie is propagated to extend big government control into more areas of American life.


Before long the thugs will be at your door. The time to say enough is enough is now! If you compromise, your children and grandchildren will live under new forms of oppression to which the ancient tyrants never had access. Until now, the technology did not exist to pervade every aspect of our economic and private lives. In the last four decades governmental power and principalities have moved from abortion on demand toward eugenics, a perennial quest of people like Margaret Sanger, a racist and founder of Planned Parenthood, and Adolph Hitler, a progressive socialist who touted many of the same national policies that have now returned to popularity in Washington, DC.

Constitutional lawyers know that many state legislatures enacted laws requiring forced sterilization for people that were disabled and/or on welfare. In Buck v. Bell, the U.S. Supreme Court rules (8-1) that laws mandating the sterilization of the mentally handicapped do not violate the Constitution. Writing for the majority, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes makes an explicitly eugenic argument:

“It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.”

“Though primarily associated with Nazi Germany, North Korea, and other oppressive regimes, U.S. forced sterilization laws fit in perfectly with the eugenic culture of early 20th-century Americana.”

In 1936 the National German Worker’s Party cited U.S. laws and Sanger’s eugenic movement to justify proposed policies for racial purification in Germany. After World War II, the atrocities committed by the Nazi government changed U.S. attitudes toward such technocratic innovation.

In Skinner v. Oklahoma (1942), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that an Oklahoma law targeting some felons for sterilization violated equal protection under the U.S. Constitution.

In 1970, the Nixon administration dramatically increased Medicaid-funded sterilization of low-income Americans, primarily Americans of color. While these sterilizations were theoretically voluntary, evidence later suggested that patients were often misinformed, or left uninformed, regarding the nature of the procedures to which they had “agreed”.

Chipyongni; Lessons in Combat from the Korean War


On May 27, 2010 the Korean People’s Army issued a statement declaring that it “will not be bound” by the 1953 armistice that halted hostilities in the Korean War:

Over the last few years, I have read at least five books dealing with the Korean War. David Halberstam completed THE COLDEST WINTER right before he was killed in a car accident on April 27, 2007. Halberstam, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his Vietnam reporting, is known for using personal history and techniques favored by novelists to write serious journalism. Although many of the assumptions and conclusions are what you would expect from a book by one of its own acclaimed by the New York Times as “a grand gesture of reclamation and remembrance”, THE COLDEST Winter is the clearest picture I have found of America’s “forgotten war”.

According to Halberstam, Chipyongni was the turning point at which China began to realize that troops could hold UN positions while exacting a terrible toll on Chinese troops. Prior to Chipyongni, there was little reason to be optimistic about the outcome of the conflict.

The Korean War began when the In Min Gun (North Korean Peoples’ Army) began moving into place above South Korea on June 15th, 1950. North Korea removed residents from homes near the Yalu River so that there were would not be reports of the troop build up on the North Korean side. China augmented North Korean with troops that, although allegedly North Korean, had fought as Chinese regiments during WW II. Thus, the In Mun Gun troops were battle-hardened and could travel over the mountainous landscape of the Korean peninsula with very little logistical support other than small packs containing meager amounts of food and ammunition.

The massive Chinese assaults usually came as a complete surprise to UN troops. Engagements like the Chinese assault at Unsan in 1950 usually resulted in American battalions becoming enveloped and then totally overrun by hordes of enemy troops that would suddenly appear with the sound of bugles, a form of psychological warfare that helped to confuse the American troops. The results were usually brutal and devastating for American troops, invariably grouped close to the roads and depending on heavy transport in order to accomplish almost anything, including a retreat.

Americans soon had many wounded men on their hands and suffered from shortages of ammunition. The urgent question quickly became how to evacuate the area without greater loss of life. When the U.S. Eighth Regiment’s First Battalion fought the Chinese in a brief firefight on October 31, 1950, the members of Dog Company (a heavy infantry company) thought they were in a routine firefight with North Korean troops. The Chinese commanded the high ground and even massive U.S. firepower was ineffective when the Chinese struck with full force. The Chinese troops used their bugles as a primitive communication system in order to change the direction of attack. However, the terrifying surprise of masses of Chinese that kept coming like fields of wheat provided the main tactical advantage.

Previously during the war, when UN troops (mostly Americans) broke out of the Pusan perimeter, crossed the 38th parallel and traveled to the Yalu, whole Chinese armies that had not even been identified as potential players in the conflict, were quietly enveloping our troops. Intelligence reports identifying the potential for Chinese involvement were systematically downplayed for a number of reasons, most of them political. Such politics subjected American soldiers to horrifying slaughter that has been swallowed up by the collective consciousness of most of our U.S. talking classes.

The Marines provided invaluable lessons in how to hold up under fire at Chosin Reservoir but the devastation meted out to the Chinese at Chipyongni solved the puzzle of how to wage war against vastly superior numbers of troops. First the Chinese threatened to maim UN forces at the battle of Twin Tunnels, the beginning of a contest for control of transportation routes leading south. Three miles east of Chipyongni, Twin Tunnels was looked upon by both Gen. Peng and the U.S. command as essential to control of Wonju, a transportation center for the central corridor that was considered more strategic than Chipyongni. The Americans had no idea where the Chinese were, other than a few scattered reports that Chinese were in the area.

Reconnaissance troops in the Twin Tunnels area were very much separated from the main U.S. force. Four officers and fifty-six enlisted men carried eight BARs, two heavy and four light machine guns, a rocket launcher, a 60 mm mortar and 57 and 75 recoilless rifles. A spotter unit was overhead looking for Chinese units. Almost as soon as the liaison plane spotted Chinese, communications with the base were lost and everything started to go wrong. Very quickly the recon patrol was under fire and the men were in danger of being overwhelmed.

Engines stalled, Chinese machine gun fire commenced, coolant began draining out of radiators and the troops began racing to a nearby hill, leaving most of the heavy armament behind. The men took two BARs (full-auto 30.06 Browning rifles) and one rocket launcher, a light machine gun and two twenty-pound cans of ammunition up the hill and into heavy snow. Many of the men were fresh recruits with no battle experience and never heard the order to climb the hill. Men picked up weapons when others fell and resumed the barrage for as long as the ammunition held out. Every shot counted as the Chinese appeared from behind cover.

Relief was on its way but only twelve of the sixty returned without being killed or wounded. Thirteen were dead. Ned Almond wanted to clear out the Chinese and sent the Twenty-third regiment back to the area. Almond had already earned a reputation at Chosin for failing to respect Chinese military tactics. He had a “reputation as a martinet who often commanded by instilling fear in subordinates”. In fact, his only claim to command seemed to be that he served MacArthur with unquestioning loyalty.

The U.S. Army now provided a startling venue for demonstrating the age old process of going from green recruit to grizzled combat soldier. Almond’s hubris forced dubious men with better sense than he to head towards Chipyongni in order to do something, anything aggressive, even though Almond’s orders had no tactical rationale other than to create a grave risk to his men.

Battle-tested French troops, veterans of the Indochina war, fought a preliminary battle alongside Americans in an area about four miles from Chipyongni. Led by General Ralph Monclar, the French wanted to warm up at some little fires and an argument ensued between the respective commanders on the way to Chipyongni. Nevertheless, Col. Paul Freeman and Monclars’s troops had time to position themselves, adjust their fields of fire and mortar emplacements were established. Twin Tunnels and Chipyongni were too far apart to support each other and vulnerable to being isolated by the Chinese. Almond wanted units to move into both areas at full speed and already mistakenly had decided that Freeman was too timid.

Almond’s order to fire on some huts at Chipyongni signaled to the Chinese that UN troops were now returning to the Twin Tunnels and Chipyongni areas. At 0430 the Chinese bugles sounded through the chilling fog and snow. The Chinese were reacting to the rapid American move into the area and had not prepared themselves with ammunition. Nevertheless, the ensuing battle was bitter. The French and Americans repulsed constant Chinese attacks and were soon low on ammunition themselves. The Chinese were prepared to suffer huge losses, however.

All available firepower was focused on the hill where the French took the brunt of the Chinese attack and had ample opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency with bayonets (apparently the French were not just bragging when they insisted that they loved to wield bayonets against Chinese).

Meanwhile, U.S. cannons mounted on two tanks along with mortars and twin 40 cannons (antiaircraft guns left over from WW II) “vacuum cleaned” the massed Chinese troops on the ridge. Ammunition was airlifted to the UN troops after Marine pilots delivered surgically placed air support- five hundred pound daisy-cutters followed by 50-caliber machine gun fire and rockets. Now the UN troops advanced to Chipyongni.

Rather than take the highest hills in the area and spread his forces thinly across a twelve mile perimeter, Freeman took the unusual measure of consolidating his firepower on a few smaller hills that were close together creating a perimeter only about two miles long by one mile deep. By doing so he made it possible for the heavy guns to support each other and for reserve units to come to assist when positions came under threat. Because the Chinese lacked long range heavy artillery, the higher ground would not provide a great advantage to the enemy and the Chinese machine guns would have little effect.

The UN forces had ten days to prepare their positions, from February 3 through February 13, 1950. The men’s lives depended on how well they could dig in. Fox holes were prepared and fields of fire for artillery and mortars were marked off precisely; barbed wire was copiously strung and every available mine was laid.

Ten miles southeast, ROK, American and Dutch troops collapsed around Wonju, putting Chipyongni at risk and demanding all available airpower. By February 12, all evidence was that Freeman was also about to be overwhelmed by Chinese. Troops sent to reinforce him had been hit badly and the little salient at Chipyongni was “sticking out like a sore thumb”! Freeman asked permission to execute a tactical retreat but Ridgway wanted Freeman to stay put. All other UN units were pulling back and it was soon too late as the swarms of Chinese in the area made the roads potential gauntlets with roadblocks designed to choke UN transport with murderous machine gun fire.

Nevertheless, a last minute decision was made and Almond issued orders to retreat to Yoju, fifteen miles away. As the men of the Twenty-third prepared to fire off ammunition in order to lighten their loads, the orders were changed again. Ridgway promised to provide whatever support it took to hold even if the whole Eighth Army had to come to their rescue.

With at least four Chinese divisions surrounding them, Freeman instructed every commander to inspect fox holes and check fields of fire once again. Fifty-four hundred men were depending on their ability to hold the line together under Freeman’s command. This is where the respect of his men became critical.

On the other hand, Gen. Almond was known to be racially prejudiced, dismissive towards his own commanders and dismissive of the enemy. Only his close relationship to Gen. MacArthur seems to have recommended him as a leader. His prejudice toward black troops was only matched by his inability to make intelligent assessments of the Chinese “laundrymen” who would have eaten his lunch at Chosin had it not been for the Marines- Marines led by a command that subsequently refused to serve under Almond.

Almond’s strategy of using ROK troops as cannon manure in Wonju also evidenced his disregard for Asians and increased the pressure on Paul Freeman’s troop at Chipyongni. The “police action” in the central corridor was going badly just a short distance from the little hills on which Freeman had dug in. One regiment alone had lost 438 men in “Massacre Valley”.

As Wonju collapsed, a spotter plane flew lower when an observer saw a moving line of trees near a river bank. The camouflaged Chinese, so confident that they had never even stopped when they heard the plane fly over, were caught in the open in front of artillery tubes that were perfectly prepared to deliver massive fire. Even under such a withering barrage, the Chinese waves kept coming. When the ammunition was running low and the big guns began to melt, Stewart ordered, “Keep firing until every last shell is used!” More ammo was ordered from Japan and Stewart, the hero of the battle, according to Halberstam, ordered that the guns be fired “until the barrels melt”. Five thousand Chinese were killed but more hard fighting was to come.

Freeman suffered a minor wound and Almond, who was waiting for his opportunity to remove Freeman from command, now issued orders removing Freeman from the battle. Freeman managed to miss his plane and retained command long enough to get his men through the battle, becoming one of the preeminent leaders of the Korean War, mostly as a result of his actions at Chipyongni.

The command sent Marcel Crombez on a controversial rescue mission in which he inadvisedly placed troops on top of the tanks. Foreseeably, when the turrets rotated the men were swept off the tanks during firefights with the Chinese and were left along the way to be killed and captured or captured and killed, in many cases.

The second night at Chipyongni, the Chinese found a route that focused many Chinese troops on one particular sector of the UN perimeter. A friendly fire incident exposed U.S. troops to some terrible losses as Chinese crawled forward again and again with sticks of dynamite lashed to a pole. Wave after wave of Chinese attacked one machine gun position covering a spur on a hill needed by the Chinese to access the position in front of George Company.

The machine gunner, Corp. Eugene Ottesen, knew he was a dead man but fired short bursts that continued to hold the position until he was knocked out by a hand grenade. Others tried to stand in the gap left by Ottesen but ammunition was running low and almost every U.S. soldier was wounded, dying or dead. Crates of ammo were dropped but much of it was damaged and jammed BARs had to be cleared again and again with pocket knives.

Some men turned to the smaller M1 carbine for the close range fighting, but the cold froze the carbines’ actions and made operation difficult. Each fox hole taken by the Chinese now became a position from which Chinese troops could suppress UN fire and make a way for more determined Chinese to come up the hill. By the time the Chinese took McGee Hill there were eight hundred dead Chinese in front of the one position! A combination of endless artillery fire and napalm, however, devastated the seemingly inexorable wave of Chinese manpower.

The Chinese were positioned to exploit their new vantage point but lack of ability to take initiative, lack of communications and Chinese inability to resupply its troops provided enough time for Crombez to arrive with tanks and troops. Notwithstanding the unnecessary loss of troops along the way, Crombez was a savior to some and a bastard to others, including one Captain that threatened to kill him right in front of the bewildered and dazed survivors of the men of the Twenty-third, who thought they had suffered utter defeat. Additionally, the men of the Twenty-third now believed they were watching an insane man accost Crombez!

This was the battle Matt Ridgeway had been looking for and Freeman’s tactics were studied at the Command and General Staff School at Leavenworth for years to come because this is when the U.S. finally learned to fight the Chinese! The massed troops of Chinese could be handled!

The lesson was that if the fighting men held the right positions with the right fields of fire and had the right leadership, the burden of battle would be on the less heavily armed but numerically superior Chinese. As many as five thousand Chinese are estimated to have died at Chipyongni. Thus, according to Halberstam, the Chinese had also learned a lesson about U.S. firepower by the time Chipyongni was over. And another important lesson was that you should always take a good BAR man along for the fight.

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