Armed Citizen Group Forming in Spokane Valley

We started the ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION several years ago. We met for many years in a church in Federal Way. The Federal Way ADTA chapter presently meets in a Senior Community Center. When we start a similar group in Spokane Valley or even North Idaho, it could be a great opportunity for professional trainers who are willing to come in and help us on a volunteer basis. This will give trainers an opportunity to create relationships with potential clients. We should also reach out to churches and other community organizations.

We need 5 or 6 men and women that are committed to attending a meeting to discuss feasibility and create the structure. Participating in action shooting drills is a challenge for any organization because it can be time consuming and costly. We do not take the place of professional shooting schools. Nevertheless, we will have members that have the professional experience and credentials to help all the volunteers work safely and effectively implement training programs!

A church- or even a library- is an ideal location for monthly membership meetings and some occasional classroom education. We need names of potential members and leaders, that might be interested in such a self-defense group.

The ADTA is completely apolitical and simply encourages experienced shooters to help inexperienced shooters. A new Spokane area program modeled on the ADTA concept with similar objectives and protocols would present monthly live-fire events. Most ranges do not permit shoot-on-the-move or even rapid fire from the holster.

We will seek to arrange exclusive use of a range for 2-4 hours in order to set up drills for shooters to engage multiple targets on the move and from cover. The new group will present other educational activities like New Shooter Clinics, Firearms Law seminars, Personal Protection in the Home classes, etc, that can occur on the range and/or in a classroom or larger facility.

What we propose is to start a group in the Spokane Valley and/or North Idaho area that will be similar to the ADTA. We can present events that are similar to IDPA matches. We plan to start out without the competitive aspect of IDPA which often intimidates even experienced shooters. Nothing would prevent us from presenting competitive shooting events in the future, however. If the interest exists and we have a range facility that is practical to host such matches, we will be discussing these and other programs.

The ADTA, with about 100 members, has a new chapter in Mount Lake Terrace and may be close to starting another chapter.

Please also forward this message to friends- especially church members, members of law enforcement and other community oriented organizations that might be interested. I encourage those with questions to call me or send me an email. Contact information is at

Action Shooting for New Shooters: New Mountlake Terrace Chapter of Armed Defense Training Association

The ADTA,which started in Federal Way, Washington presented a New Shooters’ Clinic at a church in Everett over a year ago. The level of interest in a new chapter of the shooting group was high but we were unable to identify shooters with enough time to lead the group. The Armed Defense Training Association’s board of directors is now working with about 35 new members in Mountlake Terrace and the new chapter has already had at least one live fire shoot!

There is a need for an all volunteer chapter of the ADTA in Spokane and surrounding areas.

A New Shooters’ Clinic is held to prepare new shooters who wish to become participants in a live-fire shoot or just for people thinking about buying a pistol for the first time! The recent ADTA live-fire event in Snohomish County must have been at the West Coast Armory near Everett. I was the founding president of the original Federal way group but moved to North Idaho so don’t keep informed of all the new developments. Many people around the state know Jeff Coder who is presently leading the new Mountlake terrace group. We will be getting additional information from him as soon as he gives me a report.

The Live-Fire events are an important part of what the ADTA does on a regular basis. The approach is to remind folks that the most important tool for staying safe is mental preparation. If you think this is something you would like to discuss and learn more about, contact the ADTA or Mark Knapp at

Topics discussed at new Shooter Clinics including hands-on segments:

… The Four Basic Rules of Gun Safety
… Semiautomatic Handguns
… Revolvers
… Shotguns
… Rifles

The West Coast Armory range in Factoria-Bellevue area was the venue for several initial live fire action drill events the ADTA presented for the Federal Way club. The group now regularly presents Live-Fire action drills at an indoor range in Federal Way.

We have discovered that many churches and church members are enthusiastic about what the ADTA has to offer. Many women and new shooters have become very involved in the ADTA. The meetings are open to the public and we present speakers that focus on practical aspects of self defense, not religious or political topics. Church members, including pastors, have gotten involved in our group. We welcome people of every ethnic and political background, provided that you do not advocate unlawful violence.

And we do much more than just basic safety fundamentals. We have hosted seminars on Firearms Law & Use of Force, edged weapons, martial arts and more. Many women are also getting involved in all levels of the ADTA.

Inquiries can be directed to

If you are in Spokane or North Idaho, you can reach me at (253) 202-2081.


I-594: Beware of Wolves in Billionaire’s Clothing

Initiative 594 is a proposed measure that its proponents claim will prevent mentally ill and other prohibited persons from obtaining firearms.

The campaign is being financed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer along with other leftist Billionaires. The anti-gun Bloomberg’s “grassroots” organization Everytown For Gun Safety filings with the Public Disclosure Commission reveal a $50 million action fund to support I-594.

The initiative, sponsored by the Seattle-based Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, is thus being promoted by Bloomberg and other out-of-state interests that seek to destroy the freedom that has made Washington a state where there is less crime than other states.

Unfortunately, we also have people like Bill Gates living in Washington State that fail to respect the many gun owners participating in all kinds of shooting activities who do so very safely and in a law abiding manner.

Initiative 594 contains language that demonstrates an agenda less to do with universal background checks and more to do with creating difficulties for those of us that own and train others in the use of firearms.

The measure will criminalize, with few exceptions, all temporary transfers of firearms that do not involve purchases, such as for safekeeping, hunting, loan, recreational sharing, safety training, coaching, transport, etc.

The Federal Way based Armed Defense Training Association is a good example of how the law may impact local gun owners. Founded in 2010, the non-profit group provides opportunities for education, training and gun safety. Many of the public service presentations involve members teaching gun safety to new gun owners and those who may be thinking of becoming first time gun owners.

The fact that the association’s members volunteer to let folks handle unloaded firearms in very closely supervised settings, often in a church, library or similar setting, raises the issue of whether we could be prosecuted for a crime just by letting someone handle a firearm.

It sounds ridiculous but the I-594 definition of transfer includes temporary handling of firearms. The Armed Defense Training Association is not a political group but many of the members have become concerned about how the law will be applied to our training activities.

But it is not just armed citizens like us that are concerned. The Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs voted to oppose I-594 and support I-591. Initiative 591 is a proposal that prevents government gun confiscation without due process and requires that background checks in Washington comply with a uniform national standard.

If the Legislature were dealing with such issues, I-594 would never even be reported out of committee. Legislators know what happened in Colorado when lawmakers were recalled for infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Voters should be clear and vote for I-591 to keep a clear national standard in place.

On the other hand, I-594 is deceptive and seems to be intentionally confusing. Bad legislation always has unintended consequences. The gun ban lobby wants Washington to believe that the NRA does not represent the large numbers of us that own firearms. The truth is that we should all be offended when Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and others pour millions into the radically deceptive agenda of the gun banners, saying and doing anything to turn the rest of us into helpless sheep.

All Volunteer Armed Defense Training Association in Spokane?

Introduction to the Armed Defense Training Association Spokane and North Idaho: Gun Training Opportunities Firearms Lawyer, Mark Knapp, makes a solid case for introducing a nonprofit volunteer gun-training group to Spokane and North Idaho. Build It & They Will Come The United States is experiencing a historic wave of new shooters. And with that comeContinue reading “All Volunteer Armed Defense Training Association in Spokane?”

Service Clubs of Federal Way Unite!


DENNIS R JARACZESKI started the Federal Way Service Club Network about four years ago with Bob Darrigan of Lions Club, Wayne Triplett of Morning Kiwanis and Dick Meyer. Dennis is a member of the Noon Rotary. His club and Sunrise Rotary- which meets in the morning- recently merged. Byron Hiller of Sunrise Rotary was actually the first person to broach the idea of creating an entity with the objective of getting an indoor range for Federal Way.

The fact that Byron helped to found the ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION- and has also played a huge role in ADTA activities, demonstrates a historical truth that has been demonstrated over and over again. The leaders in the community, like Noon Kiwanis President Gordie Olson and SKFR Deputy Chief Gordie Olson- already so busy with official duties- are also volunteering through churches, schools, clubs, unions and other associations. They commit massive time to make Federal Way a better place to play, work, live and worship.

Dennis told me that the Noon Rotary club has been providing significant funding to the Federal Way School District and the two local community colleges for over 25 years! His club also gives scholarships to Highline and Green River for graduating seniors. The Rotary’s budget has been a minimum $23,000 each year.

The Noon Rotary started supporting Valhalla Elementary when Dennis was President of the club in 2007-2008. The club looked at the poor graduation rate in Federal Way. Research predicted that if enough adult intervention occurs by the time students are in 5th grade, it is possible to predict successful graduation from high school.

The Noon Rotary supported Valhalla Elementary for three years with up to $15,000 each year. The funds went for needs that included purchasing dictionaries for each of the third graders but the funds were for the entire school. This year, they are supporting Enterprise Elementary with the same level of funding. Over 40% of Noon Rotary Club’s annual budget supports education for Federal Way schools.

Getting all of the service clubs in Federal Way together on an informal monthly basis is a powerful concept. The Federal Way Service Club Network, FWSCN, now has created a growing matrix of organizational skill sets in which clubs like Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary are uniting to get to know about each other’s clubs and work together. These and clubs like the Soroptomists, Caregiving Network and Masonic Orders have always attracted and helped to develop community leaders.

Ultimately the Network is involving all of the service clubs in joint projects. There are a number of ideas for one big project like a memorial honoring veterans or a sign that announces the names of these clubs that have made Federal Way and communities all over the United States great. My suggestion is that every club raise awareness of how important educational reform is for the safety and prosperity of our communities.

Supporting programs and projects involving partnership between employers and schools gets my vote for interclub cooperation.

Noon Kiwanis, for example, to which I have belonged off and on for years, is represented at Federal High School games by Kiwanis members selling refreshments. You will also see many of the leaders in our community serving salmon at the Annual Kiwanis Salmon Bake in Steel Lake Park. The funds go for scholarships and other worthy programs.

In fact, many of the local service clubs compete to a certain extent. Thus, there is a huge potential when you get them all working together.

Americans take it somewhat for granted that so many volunteers do so many different things. Nevertheless, folks from other countries are astounded when they see what unpaid volunteers produce! Many foreign observers have commented on how volunteerism, almost unique to the United States, contributes to our strength and greatness.

Federal Way Service Clubs United Against Gun Safety?


Apparently, the Armed Defense Training Association does not qualify as a service club because our focus is only on protecting life and not on feeding the homeless or providing scholarships for education.

A Federal Way Rotary Club member was actually the first person to suggest starting the Armed Defense Training Association in order get an indoor range going in Federal Way.

All these service clubs commit massive time to make Federal Way a better place to play, work, live and worship. A few of the clubs- like Rotary and Kiwanis- have provided me with the privilege of speaking at their meetings about firearms-related subjects, including the reasons that armed citizens are an important component of public safety.

Nevertheless, influential folks from more than one of the well known charity groups in Federal Way have stated unequivocally that their organization is not involved in education about gun safety- and evidently many of these groups presently have no wish to promote gun safety!

One group stated: “From a public relations standpoint, we would not want readers to think our mission in any way involves guns or gun safety!”

So far as I know, none of the service clubs in Federal Way have endorsed gun safety. I was working hard to write a story about what the Federal Way Service Club Network is all about when I was told not to even mention the Armed Defense Training Association in the article because this might imply an endorsement of gun safety.

Does this mean that we should all leave loaded guns where children can harm themselves, point our muzzles in unsafe directions and make sure that we aim at things that we don’t intend to shoot? The only thing more politically correct than gay marriage and consensual sodomy will soon be accidental discharges in crowded places. Here is a sampling:

The Federal Way Community Gardens Foundation is also NOT involved in gun safety, and we agree with Fusion’s comments toward this.

Job’s Daughters is also not involved in education about gun safety.

FUSION is not involved in education about gun safety, so FUSION would not fit into an article on that topic. From a public relations standpoint, FUSION would not want readers to think our mission in any way involves guns or gun safety.

People from other nations are astounded when they see how many unpaid volunteers are active in so many areas of life in these United States. The only thing that may be even more amazing to the rest of the world is our freedom to own as many firearms as we choose.

On the other hand, a great lady who is one of the service club leaders in Federal Way told me:

“I remember a time in my childhood — well, I guess I was about 12 or 13. After being a Campfire Girl, many of us joined Rainbow (similar to Job’s Daughters.) I remember when one of our sponsors, a Sportsman’s Club, helped send us to camp. There we learned how to shoot guns and all about gun safety. The classes were at a camp near Ft. Lewis, as I recall. My, my…how times have changed.”

This wonderful lady who represents the best of the service club ethic continued:

“Many people predict that times may get very hard in the not so distant future — with home invasions, robberies, mobs, panic and chaos commonplace. Desperation brings out the worst in people. People need to be self-reliant and prepared. Protecting oneself and family should be on more people’s minds today. I, for one, think of all the people that would be alive today had they been prepared to protect themselves.”

With so many new gun owners out there, the need for gun safety has never been greater. Most service clubs help the poor and homeless and also help children and adults from middle class families that just need encouragement or assistance. Why is learning to protect our families from violent predators less important than making sure everyone has a square meal?

And why isn’t protecting school children from the threat of massive violence just as important as all the other wonderful contributions that service clubs make to our schools? Political correctness is destroying all of us one little step at a time.

If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength! Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done? -Proverbs 24

Kids, Competition & Guns in Federal Way: Training is Important to Character


A friend sent me an email asking whether he can bring his 10-year-old son to the Armed Defense Training Association event on May 3.

He and his son have been watching “Top Shot” since the show’s second season and have been cheering for Federal Way Police Cmdr. Kyle Sumpter this season.

I told my friend that the ADTA is still discussing ways for youth to get involved in actual shooting events. Meanwhile, we encourage parents to bring kids of all ages to hear our local “Top Shot” contestant talk about his experience on the popular History Channel program.

I expect that some members of the community will object to the idea of even talking to kids about guns. Movies like “The Hunger Games” and “Star Wars” deal with violent conflict.

But there is a difference in the minds of many of us. Maybe the difference is that bow and arrow, swords and light sabers have a certain mythical quality?

On the other hand, firearms are a hard reality on the streets of our cities and even in our schools. The fact that many people only see guns in movies is another factor that might cause many soccer moms to say “I don’t want my kids learning about guns.” Many action movies feature more blood and gore than most combat veterans see during their tours of duty.

As one school principal in Federal Way stated to me, “We don’t want to send the wrong message to our kids”. So why do we want to have our youth listening to a top police officer talk to the community about competing with all kinds of weapons, including military assault weapons and pistols that are designed not for hunting and other sports, but primarily to kill human beings?

I will use Dustin Ellermann as Exhibit A to make my point. Ellermann was the winner last season on “Top Shot.” According to “Top Shot” host Colby Donaldson, “Dustin may be the best shooter we ever had.” Everyone agrees that Dustin’s character made Season 3 very dramatic. The 28-year-old from Zavalla, Texas, probably has contributed a great deal to the show becoming one of the more popular programs on television.

Dustin taught himself to shoot at Camp His Way, a summer Christian kids’ camp where he is the director. He and his wife are foster parents and have three children of their own. The fact that he taught himself to shoot raises the question of how Dustin was so successful competing against the some of the world’s best shooters, including Navy Seals, USPSA champions and some elite law enforcement types. “Shooting is fun to me,” Dustin stated at one point. “I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be on ‘Top Shot’ and to now be able to share my passion for shooting.”

Dustin wasn’t just giving the kind of lip service to God that you often see on Monday Night Football or when Oscars and Emmy Awards are being handed out. Dustin’s demeanor and conversation on television were all about his commitment to the value of faith. Watch Dustin shoot and you will witness the discipline and sheer joy that he now wants to impart by organizing clinics for youth shooters.

The same combination of gentle strength and steady focus is apparent when you watch Kyle Sumpter leading his Red Team through various ordeals and challenges.

As you watch “Top Shot,” it soon becomes apparent that the study of character and group dynamics is a more important reason for the show’s success than flash and bang.

Think about how many movies and television shows feature the flash and bang formula — and how few ever attract a real audience. Yes, “Dancing With the Stars” also displays the character of the contestants.

Soccer, karate and other sports develop character and also put leadership on display. Teaching your son or daughter to handle a gun safely and effectively, however, will create confidence that in many ways is more practical than the alternatives.

If training with guns is not practical and important, why do taxpayers get so upset every time the politicians tell us they are going to cut down on the number of officers patrolling our streets?

The free public meeting was hosted by Jim Petrelli in his classroom at Genesis Real Estate School in Federal Way.

Over 100 of our neighbors attended. See more photos at Ed Streit Images.

Federal Way’s Police Volunteers Make City Safer


Keys to a safer Federal Way

Federal Way Mirror · The Firearms Lawyer
January 6, 2012

Every once in a while, we showcase a Federal Way volunteer that is an example for the rest of us.

I first met Dan Goede at one of the city’s emergency preparedness classes at Federal Way City Hall. Dan is one of many volunteers in our community who is involved in a variety of critical responsibilities, including emergency preparedness and working with the Federal Way Police Department. I have the privilege of working with Dan and getting to know him through the Armed Defense Training Association, where we are both members.

Dan served four years in the Air Force, including a year in Vietnam, where he maintained aircraft. Dan is an informal leader among those of us that have gone through CERT training. Dan and I met for coffee recently, and I asked him whether his military background has anything to with his commitment to emergency preparedness.

Dan told me he kept his AR15 close while repairing aircraft in various remote locations in Vietnam.

The habit of being ready for things that most of us don’t often think about developed from Dan’s experiences in Vietnam. He said the habits developed while working under a chain of command still motivate him to get additional training and work with others who value being prepared, even when it means sacrificing his own time.

Dan completed training with the Federal Way Citizen’s Academy and participates in CERT Advanced Team, a more specialized level of preparedness that comes after classes to become certified with Federal Way’s Community Emergency Response Team. Dan is licensed as a Ham radio technician. Ham radio operation is critical to maintaining communications during any emergency that knocks out electrical and telephone grids.

I have met many of the Federal Way police and CERT volunteers. Many of them have their Concealed Pistol Licenses and have told me that natural emergencies like earthquakes can present threats of violence. Some people who are unprepared for an emergency will often try to take what they need from those who have set aside some extra food and water. There are also opportunists that will use an emergency as an excuse to create chaos.

Dan and 50-75 volunteers know that it makes a difference in how you feel about your city to work with law enforcement officers in making the community safe.

We discussed ways in which Federal Way may be different when we create the proposed “Center for the Shooting Arts.”

We also discussed the ways in which the proposed gun range has the potential to be a “third place” — i.e., one of those places where we can all get to know each other better and interact in order to make Federal Way vibrate with productive friendships and opportunities for growth.

There will be various training groups from in and out of law enforcement working together in collaboration with each other to host events and make the shooting facility a success. Volunteers like Dan Goede are the key to making things work during the tough times when the shortage of funds creates a series of budget emergencies — inside and outside of government. The steps volunteers like Dan take today may also determine how you and I survive in the future.

The next CERT training begins Feb. 9. There is also training for the Neighborhood Emergency Team program scheduled for March 29. For information about these and other emergency training programs, go to or email

Law Classes for Armed Citizens Announced for Federal Way

Saturday, June 25th ADTA Law of Armed Defense Meeting:
Location: Regional Library at 34200 First Way South in Federal Way.

The class is for members, the public and especially for armed citizens interested in knowing more about armed defense of self and others! We will cover Washington laws pertaining to your duty to carry a firearm responsibly and how to deal with the legal decisions ypu will encounter before, during and after an actual defensive encounter in which you are armed with a gun. We will also invite you to join the Armed Defense Training Association at the meeting but we will not pressure anyone. Our nonprofit corporation provides opportunities to participate in shooting activities that develop action shooting and tactical skills.

Since we first raised the issue of a gun range for Federal Way we have had a positive response. Several business leaders are spearheading the newly incorporated Armed Defense Training Association (ADTA). We held our first meeting to answer questions and recruit membership on January 26th, 2011.

Our members pay an annual membership fee that helps provide monthly events at local ranges. The goal is to provide members with opportunities to draw from the holster, shoot on the move from cover and to proceed into more advanced tactical training scenarios. We are negotiating reduced rates for range time and expect to bring in instructors for training in various defense techniques; e.g., weapon retention, pepper spray, knives, etc.

We now have over sixty members, mostly from around Federal Way and encourage people from every background to get involved.

Our goal is to build a range in one of Federal Way’s empty commercial buildings. We raise funds by various events, many of which may be open to the public. These will include hosting seminars with instructors and other speakers. ADTA members will be able to participate in all these events at reduced or no cost.

The number of gun enthusiasts in the Federal Way area includes quite a few active members of service clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis and the Chamber of Commerce. It is not surprising that men and women that volunteer countless hours to their community are also passionate about being ready to “preserve and protect” a community which we are constantly working to improve.


The benefit of having ADTA members that put serious time and effort into training together will make all of us safer in schools, businesses, churches and anywhere we go during our normal routine. We might even stimulate the economy as the ADTA starts to host bigger events!

Check out what we are doing at Proper firearms training creates discipline and respect that will enhance public safety. Additionally, there are many new gun owners with recently obtained Concealed Pistol Licenses in King and Pierce Counties. Many states require testing that includes proficiency with your weapon in order to obtain a Concealed Pistol License.

The State of Washington only requires a background check to obtain a CPL but that does not excuse armed citizens from understanding the laws pertaining to keeping and bearing arms. We also need to be prepared for the possibility of stressful tactical situations. Firearms safety will always be emphasized at every level of training. The tax payers will pay nothing and Federal Way will reap all the benefits.

We have made it clear that we welcome Progressives, liberals, Republicans and Democrats- from every religious and political persuasion or no religious persuasion! We will not tolerate anyone that advocates breaking the law, however. Recent events in Tucson show how dangerous it can get when anarchy, rebellion and lawlessness of any sort is tolerated. Join us for safer and more prosperous communities!

Our club is sponsoring training events that are not typically available to the general public.

We’re eager to meet you, answer your questions and hear your ideas.

What is the Armed Defense Training Association?

1. We promote the safe and ongoing development of responsible self-defense skills.

2. We organize regular events (including live-fire, no-fire, interactive demonstrations, seminars, and social outreach events) to build interest in responsible self-defense and to provide training opportunities for individuals to practice and improve their defensive skills and knowledge.

3. We assemble involved, like-minded individuals, that as a group we can explore developing unique resources and facilities (the Shooting Arts Center)

4. We advocate to all individuals to consider their roles as rational, self-determined, law-abiding adults who may someday be required to immediately act in defense of life, either their own or their loved ones.

5. We participate in our communities of family, friends, neighbors, cities, and region, for their growth and health.

E-mail for more information