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Law Office of Mark Knapp PLLC.

Criminal Defense

Whether you just want to know about your rights and obligations or have criminal charges pending against you, we will answer your questions and represent you aggressively in the court system when necessary. Assault With a Deadly Weapon, Domestic violence, self-defense issues and false accusations of sexual assault are legal issues with which we normally are able to help. If you have a domestic violence or a felony conviction the courts will often restore your right to bear arms and/or vacate the conviction.

Use of Force

Our firm’s mission is to provide clients with legal counsel and educate armed citizens so that you will present appropriate force in an emergency. If you are charged with using a gun or threatening use of force, we will defend your rights in court. We serve the military, police and civilian shooting communities, as well as any other groups or institutions that deal with issues regarding the legal use of armed force.


Our law firm also provides NFA Gun Trusts for residents of Washington state. Many people use NFA gun trusts to lawfully buy “NFA weapons,” including short barreled rifles and sound suppressors (silencers) without having to obtain the consent of their chief of police.

There are many important additional benefits of gun trusts for gun owners – not just for purchasers of NFA weapons. The trust is a totally private arrangement. You can leave your guns to members of your family without the intrusion and publicity of the probate system. No one will know about your collection.

Restoration of Gun Rights

If you have lost the right to possess firearms because of a felony or domestic violence conviction entered in Washington State, you will quite often be eligible to get your rights restored. The only convictions that are not eligible are Class A felonies and sex offenses. We can do an initial assessment in person or by telephone or Zoom a consultation. Please be aware that there is presently no procedure available to restore the right to possess firearms for a federal conviction.

We offer an initial consultation in person or by telephone. Call (509) 237-5464 for a consultation.

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