Seattle Area Cop Competes on Top Shot


Range time on TV: Root for local ‘Top Shot’ contestant | Firearms Lawyer


Republished with permission from the Federal Way Mirror
The Firearms Lawyer
February 3, 2012

Television programs that feature weapons and shooting technology are becoming very popular.

One of my favorites is “Wednesday Night at the Range” on the Outdoor Channel — actually several different programs about self defense, competition shooting and the history of firearms.

Then on Tuesday evenings at 10:00 PM Pacific Time on the History Channel there is Top Shot. The program has matches in which top military, law enforcement and competitive shooters compete with everything from antique pistols to .50-caliber sniper rifles and machine guns. Read more

American Jihad and the Seattle Times

The following information is summarized from the STRATFOR GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE REPORT. Entitled “FANNING THE FLAMES OF JIHAD” by Scott Stewart, the report discusses al Qaeda’s attempt to galvanize lone wolf terrorism or leaderless resistance by reaching out to English speaking individuals already located within the U.S. and other English speaking countries.

Information that is presented in an article such as this one always seems to be about New York City or somewhere other than Seattle. Everything discussed herein is happening right now in Seattle. You will not read about it until arrests take place or terrorists kill innocent people because of the legal and political repurcussions that occur when the media starts naming people or identifying radical mosques. The threat is more than just the threats that CAIR or some other “civil liberties” group will take legal action, however. Read more

Ahmed Ressam’s Trial in Seattle & the International War on Israel

Israel presently faces an indictment in the court of world opinion because of the allegation that the IDF deployed unjustified lethal force against “peace activists” when it boarded the MAVI MARMARA. Nine activists were killed including a U.S. citizen with dual Turkish citizenship. Would Tea Party activists armed with steel poles and grenades, knives and possibly guns be identified as peace activists? Read more

Seattle Officer Who Killed Clemmons Didn’t Leave His Most Important Weapon Behind!

The day after we proposed a community event honoring First Responders, a Seattle police officer demonstrated a degree of vigilance and preparation that exemplifies the qualities exemplified by many in law enforcement and other professions. Benjamin L. Kelly, 39, has over four years experience with the SPD and is a military veteran. Officer Kelly showed alert presence of mind during a situation that started out very routinely. Read more

Seattle Fights Back Against Chicago-Style Gun Control

Nickels Missing; Seattle Finds Smoking Gun Dec 17, ’08 1:14 AM

by Mark S. Knapp, Federal Way

Subsequent to publishing the following article, Nickels issued his edict. He is now out of office and his successor and the City of Seattle are battling at least two legal actions that the City cannot expect to win:

Mayor Nickels wrote to the Speaker of our State House of Representatives, Hon. Frank Chopp, on May 4, 2006. Greg Nickels stated:

“State law preempts any and all local regulations related to firearms. Our hands are tied at the local level and we are unable to adopt any local laws to protect our residents from gun crime.”

-Mayor Greg Nickels, May 4, 2006.

For several months after the Mayor Nickel held public hearings on his plans to ban guns on City property, he seemed to know that the legal action ready to be filed by the Second Amendment Foundation in Bellevue, Washington can seriously hurt the City. Then in March, 2009, the Mayor’s office indicated that the edict will go into effect on a yet to be announced date. See Workman. Read more

Cartel Violence Coming to Seattle Area?

In February, 2008, the Dallas Morning News reported that CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico and Nuevo Laredo were competing for the tiltle of bloodiest border city.

In the first two months of 2008, Juárez had 72 murders – most of them tied to the drug cartels. They are the result of a bloody fight for control of drug distribution routes to U.S. cities, including several cities in the State of Washington. Read more

Seattle Jihad

A Pakistani terrorist, Mir Aimal Kasi, attacked CIA personnel outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, killing two CIA employees and wounding three in 1993. Read more

Terrorist Trial in NYC Exposes Climate of Jihad in Seattle

On July 20, 2002, the Seattle PI informed readers that James Ujaama and his brother, Mustafa Ujaama, “…were prepared to challenge criminal charges- if any are ever brought against them- that suggest they associated with terrorists.”

“My brother and I are not terrorists, and we should not have been charged in the media and harassed,” Mr. Ujaama told the PI. He alleged that the FBI was unfairly destroying his reputation along with the legitimate business activities in which he was engaged.

All this, according to Mr. Ujaama was a result of his previous involvement with a Central District mosque, Dar-us-Salaam. Read more

Seattle a Sanctuary for Undocumented Criminals

Seattle is not exactly a cowboy town but a little like a rodeo.

Whether its marching in a “PRIDE” parade with your weapon in plain view or riding your Harley to Sturgis with the rest of the Iron Pigs, we all have our point of view.

Rebecca Griego also had a point of view. She wanted to be safe from a man that was stalking her. She obtained a Domestic Violence Protection Order. Nevertheless, she was murdered by a man that was known to be stalking her for a long time in Seattle: Read more