Terrorism Alert: Federal Way Schools Welcome Angela Davis to Federal Way!

It was 1968 and Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia to crush the “Prague spring”. Angela Davis joined the Communist Party. She was soon fired from UCLA because of her membership in the Communist Party. A First Amendment court battle forced UCLA to rehire her.

In 1970 Davis was implicated in the an armed invasion of a Marin County, California courtroom. Judge Haley, the prosecuting assistant district attorney, and two jurors were removed from the courtroom at gun point. Read more

, however, are the students, instructors and staff with either concealed carry permits or specialized training. Elementary, high school and middle school personnel may need a new kind of training with a special license indicating some advanced tactical training for active-shooter situations. Most of the security guards that do provide a presence at such places are unarmed security guards, however, and the expense of hiring enough armed security is prohibitive. Revenge or anything like vigilante action is the worst possible thing anyone can do and advocating or engaging in retaliation is criminal conduct. True Followers of Christ will not engage in murdering innocent people but many Americans may be carried away with the concept of imprisoning or taking revenge against Islamic people in the same way as Japanese were interned during WW II. The same "liberals" that already want to restrict our gun rights and disarm honest people may be holding the reins of power if and when the country faces the chaos of a WMD, Mumbai-style tactical teams terrorizing our communities or some other disaster. On the other hand, the jihadist believes that in a few generations a Caliphate will force you to submit (that is what Islam means- subjection) to its religious laws. Many of the U.S. authorities are presently so eager to accomodate Islamicists (and are so intimidated by CAIR's threats of legal action) that Christianity is being denigrated while Islam is celebrated in the name of diversity. There are many examples but sufficient to state for now that these are the first steps toward submission. Self-defense and defense of others when attacked is not vigilantiism. Make sure you recognize your school bus drivers and ask your local school district to provide for some staff to become trained and certified to carry weapons. We need to take precautions similar to the Israeli schools and schools in other countries like Thailand where the staff is armed and ready for jihad. Meanwhile get your permit and learn how to shoot. Some of our neighbors in Federal Way are preparing to provide opportunities for teachers and other school professionals to learn to work tactically so that they are trained when the authorization to carry in our local schools finally comes. It does not take an act of the Congess or the legislature. Federal and state lawmakers have left it up to local school boards! '>

Terror at Beslan; Our Schools Are Targeted for Terror Attacks

People need to make the decision to prepare for deadly force now, not when the attack precipitates. By then, it will be too late.”

Read Israel’s answer to school violence. Read more

Attacks in Kenya: Case Study for Armed Citizens

It is becoming painfully apparent that the authorities in Kenya might be withholding the true number of dead hostages. This is because of the embarassment caused by corrupt soldiers who cordoned off the mall and then proceeded to loot merchandise, steal money out of safes and cash registers and get drunk on the alcohol in the restaurants. Read more

Benefits of a Washington Gun Trust or NFA Trust.

All Gun Trusts are not equal. A Gun Trust or NFA Trust should be designed for all of your firearms and will provide Asset Protection and multi generational ownership for your firearms.

While a Professional Gun Trust with an ArmsGuard Protector is the most advanced Gun Trust, there are other options available and all of our Gun Trusts provide the following benefits.

No CLEO Signature Required
The ATF requires that all individuals obtain approval from their Chief Law Enforcement Officer (the “CLEO”) as part of the application process to obtain a Title II firearm from another individual or Class 3 dealer. Many CLEOs around the country are refusing to sign or even acknowledge the ATF Forms. Read more

SAFEST Committee Forming in Federal Way for Armed School Volunteers

The Citizen’s SAFEST (School Alliance For Every Student’s Tomorrow) Committee will meet on Tuesday, February 19th at 7:00 PM. My email address and phone number are at www.firearmslawyer.net. Please contact me if you are interested in being involved with our committee or just wish to attend.

Many of us see the need to protect our schools with more than dialogue and political band aids. Elected officials and others that implement public policy have an instinct to keep themselves safe politically- especially regarding anything that has to do with guns. Read more

Federal Way Discussing Armed Volunteers in Schools


According to the Federal Way Mirror, Federal Way Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu has announced, “There will be no discussion on arming FWPS teachers or administrators.” He lamented, “ To hear the ensuing debate about arming teachers and principals and security guards, I just want to go on the record with the board in saying I think that is one of the most irresponsible positions to take in this gun discussion.”

The Mirror reported that Neu stated during the Jan. 8 school board meeting: Read more

Texas Teachers Ready Tactical Response Team

In July, 2008, I wrote the first Firearms Lawyer column, actually a letter to the Federal Way Mirror, about the need to implement an armed volunteer program in order to protect the children in our public schools.

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I received some good feedback, including a report on this issue from Joe Waldron, a leader in the effort to introduce real common sense into the subject of gun policy: Read more

Carnage & the Culture of Slaughter: Mumbai November, 2008

If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength! Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it.

Proverbs 24:10-12

The terrorist attack on Mumbai, India in November, 2008 lasted 60 hours. The fact that news media focused on the attack for such an extended period of time amplified the emotional impact.

A 2006 train bombing in Mumbai killed more people but the 172 people that were gunned down marked a new level of terror because of the way that ten shooters were able to move through the city without any effective response from India’s law enforcement or military for several hours. Experts studying the operation have concluded that many aspects of the attack demonstrate new tactics that should be expected in future operations. Read more

Will Federal Way Public Schools Take Action Against Gun Violence?

There are many voices urging that the U.S. follow other countries that have restricted the use of firearms. After Australians surrendered 640,381 personal firearms for destruction by the Australian government, homicides increased by 6.2 percent. Assaults are up 9.6 percent and armed robberies are up 44 percent. Implementation of the law enacted to reduce gun violence cost Australian taxpayers more than $500 million dollars!

Chicago prohibited possession of firearms in the home by most citizens. The Second Amendment Foundation recently sued Chicago and the State of Illinois in two separate lawsuits and won recognition that the Second Amendment applies in and out of the home. A federal judge gave the state six months to come up with a law that enables people to carry publicly in Illinois! Read more

The Muslim Brotherhood, Tarantulas & Wasps; Not Just Lara Logan’s War Cry

CBS News and “60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan went on the offensive against the Obama administration for false claims that the Obama administration has succeeded in weakening the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Logan ripped the administration for the way it has handled the war in Afghanistan and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

“I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand that there is a major lie being propagated,” Logan said about the administration touting the weakening of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Read more