British Benghazi in Afghanistan 1842


Central Asia is a very large stage from which originated the legendary Mongolian armies, the Turks that seized the ancient Byzantine empire and many fabled cities that had rarely been visited by Westerners even in the 1800s. In Washington DC and other modern world capitals, officials wring their hands and discuss Afghanistan’s reputation for breaking formidable occupation forces like the British and Russians. President Obama campaigned with promises to finish the job in Afghanistan. A good promise that may be EXHIBIT “A” in the case we can call “CHARACTER COUNTS VS. INDECISION AND VACILLATION.

In 1840, Sir William Macnaghten, preparing to leave his duties in Afghanistan and begin a new job in Bombay, stated that Afghanistan was quiet from “Dan to Beersheeba”. In Kabul, British officers and their wives and children played cricket, held concerts and enjoyed steeplechases and skating far from the heat of India from where most of them had come. Macnaghten was an experienced political officer but he and the other political were unaware that the combination of coercion and subsidies the British lavished on many tribes could not offset womanizing, drinking and other British pastimes that greatly offended the Islamic mullahs and not a few Afghani husbands. Warnings went out that “their mullahs are preaching against us from one end of the country to the other” but Macnaghten chalked the warnings up to alarmism with potential to needlessly hinder his career.Continue reading “British Benghazi in Afghanistan 1842”

Expungement of Convictions, Gun Rights & Criminal Defense in Spokane, Washington

Restoration of Gun Rights.

As a Spokane Criminal Defense attorney, Mark Knapp often gets calls regarding restoration of gun rights, expungement and the right to possess firearms under Washington state law. In Washington state, expungement does not restore the right to possess firearms. A Petition to Restore the Right to Possess Firearms is the procedure that is required pursuant to RCW 9.41.040.

Washington State Firearms Attorney.

We have been focused on gun rights for the last fifteen years. With 32 years of practicing law, we know how to navigate the many pitfalls and potential problems that arise in the process of restoring gun rights. Although some situations seem simple, it is best to have an attorney handling your case that focuses on firearms issues and restoration of gun rights. Continue reading “Expungement of Convictions, Gun Rights & Criminal Defense in Spokane, Washington”

Gray Men & Patriots

Being a Spokane area Firearms Lawyer who shoots with many folks from law enforcement and military backgrounds, I am acquainted with a few people in law enforcement. As the political and legal environment becomes more hostile to law enforcement officers, it has become apparent to me that cops and armed citizens need to look out for each other.

I told one law enforcement acquaintance that the John Birch Society is a good source of information with which to study the vast influence of the Council on Foreign Relations. CFR members occupy key roles in the corporate, academic and media-political complex. The CFR’s elite members constitute a virtual hiring hall for government, military, the most well endowed tax-exempt foundations and law enforcement at the federal and international levels.

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The Merovingian Bloodline

The “Merovingian Bloodline” is the article most often read by viewers. It’s an unusual subject that has roots in occult belief and esoteric doctrine. The claims for divine royal status go back to a time before Charlemagne. King Dagobert II and his descendants used such fables to perpetuate the succession of their royal bloodline. They insinuated that the dynasty’s claim to the Frankish throne was bolstered by a genetic connection to Christ via Mary Magdalene.

There are powerful political and ancient family interests in Europe prepared to make such claims via networks of secret societies which may have been laying a groundwork for many years. There are rumors and suggestions–perhaps accompanied at some point with signs or concocted miracles–that certain leaders have a connection to extra-terrestrial civilzations. Supernatural claims are essential for the European Union to achieve its dream of embracing a future European strongman.Continue reading “The Merovingian Bloodline”

Why Armed Citizens Are Critical in the Next War

The recent war in which Azerbaijan quickly defeated Armenia is the first war to demonstrate how unmanned weapons and electronic surveillance are now a critical factor in conflicts involving smaller states and/or irregular forces. 

In this recent war, the Turkish-made BAYRAKTAR TB2 Unmanned Air Combat Vehicle (UCAV) and the Israeli-made HAROP Loitering Munition (LM) dominated the fighting and provided Azerbaijan with a war-winning advantage. The following are some lessons from that war that indicate the shape of battlespaces in the future. From Ten Lessons from the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War,
By John Antal. See American Partisan.

Azerbaijan outspent Armenia six-to-one, investing more than $24 billion in the decade before the war to purchase the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), UCAV, and LM technology from Turkey and Israel. One of the primary lessons of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War was to “know yourself and know your enemy.”

Gaining Initiative in Action & Technology. Japan is an example of a low technology nation that created the first successful carrier groups and managed to do this virtually overnight in the years before Pearl Harbor. Buying the best carriers and taking the initiative, however, did not alone guarantee success in war. Training, organization, and leadership are key.

KNOW YOUR ENEMY. The Azerbaijanis researched recent changes in warfare, adopted the latest weapons and looked at how Turkish forces operated in Syria.

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Jihad Swarming & Counter-Terrorist Tactics

The manner in which societies organize for war has always been dependent on a number of interrelated factors. Technology is an important factor but there are many instances where societies that are behind in the technology of warfare or even behind in industrial strength and other economic factors have been able to become better organized than their opponents. Japan, for example, created the first successful carrier groups and managed to do this virtually overnight in the years before Pearl Harbor.

At Pearl Harbor, the Japanese executed tactics gleaned from systematic study of the British attack on Taranto that destroyed a major portion of the Italian Navy.

Just prior to WW II, theorists like Liddell Hart advocated in favor of integrating fast moving armored vehicles with smaller infantry units and air cover. The only authorities in a position to follow Hart’s innovative doctrine who actually listened were members of the German High Command.

The German execution of the lightning-fast tactics that the world came to know as Blitzkrieg overran France’s “state of the art” defenses in a matter of a few days with a loss of German lives that was almost nil!

The ability of the U.S. to mobilize and organize a civilian industrial base in order to convert to the building of carriers and planes and other military armament was one important factor that turned the tables on the Japanese and the Germans.Continue reading “Jihad Swarming & Counter-Terrorist Tactics”

Watch & Pray for our Military Leadership

Kudos to President Biden! The U.S. should maintain America’s military support for Taiwan but reject the “one China” framework. President Biden has not repudiated the “one China” policy. But he has indicated strong support for Taiwan’s national security.

For more than 40 years, the Doctrine of Ambiguity and a “one China” policy have created confusion regarding U.S. commitments to Taiwan.

The Biden Administration gets kudos for stepping up to the plate—if they are prepared to do what it takes. Ambiguity & the “one China” policy has invited chaos while China has made it’s intentions clear and unambiguous.

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The Last Line of Defense

I am reading this article again. It is the first blog I ever posted and most of it is up to date after 15 years. I read a lot about the Korean War, a war that most of us want to forget—if we ever knew much about it in the first place. That study caused me to have an epiphany regarding China’s strategy in 2006.

I started analyzing the strategic thinking of Mao Zedong in order to grasp how China’s leadership was approaching its promise to take control of Taiwan. Such a move will almost certainly involve the Philippines, Japan and American territories in the Pacific.

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Terror at Beslan; Our Schools Are Targeted for Terror Attacks

People need to make the decision to prepare for deadly force now, not when the attack precipitates. By then, it will be too late.”

Read Israel’s answer to school violence.Continue reading “Terror at Beslan; Our Schools Are Targeted for Terror Attacks”