The Road to Perpetual Warfare

The United States seems to have embarked on a dangerous road toward perpetual warfare. Many people have recognized that the Iraq War and the promises of opening the Middle East to Democracy were more about opening we the People of the United States to manipulation.  

In a sense it was about oil. But the overarching objective for global corporatists has been to maintain the dollar as the currency in which the IMF requires international banking reserves to be held. International bankers, like the Rockefellers and other family dynasties, have quietly stayed behind the scenes by working through groups like the Council on Foreign Relations and tax, exempt foundations that fund university studies. For example, the Ford Foundation is allegedly the biggest contributor to Black Lives Matter.

Many of the most well-endowed foundations fund climate change activism and the Transgender agenda that has been promoted by our educational institutions and dominating news cycles. Groups funded by George Soros’ Open Society funding even pour money into getting prosecutors elected in many cities. This is nothing new and the manipulation even extends to fomenting wars!  

Many of the people that we perceive as Conservatives are actually Neo-Conservatives who are part of the same invisible governmental networks as the Internationalists who were identified with the Cold War and share the premise that big government is necessary to oppose enemies that threaten to destroy America. The inescapable truth is that the War on Terror, War on Drugs, and the Cold War expanded a global economic system that is tied to multinational corporate interests controlled by a small number of family dynasties with names that rarely appear in the news. Understanding why these corporate and family interests have so much interest in fomenting war goes a long way to understanding how they operate the levers of government.

The short explanation is that after WW II, it became necessary for the growth of the international banking system to peg world banking reserves to the U.S. Dollar. This is because when private bankers met for the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, Europe was bankrupt and the U.S. government held most of the world’s gold. After Nixon announced that the U.S. would no longer provide gold to balance payments between central national banks, the IMF ratified a system of floating currencies pegged to the dollar. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) prevent weak currencies from becoming unstable. Most of the funding and contingent liability if or when the IMF’s floating currency system fails is now backed by the U.S. taxpayer.  

About the time that the so-called Bretton Woods II arrangements came into existence, several nations formed a new coalition of banking interests that competes with the U.S. dollar dominated IMF. The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) access a BRICS banking system that stabilizes certain currencies. That means a bank or banks that loan money to the central banks of member nations. While continuing to remain within the IMF system, these nations have demonstrated a strong interest in a commodities backed currency system.

Such a system threatens the preeminence of the dollar which benefits from a privileged status as the basis for international banking reserves. The system also makes U.S. sanctions against nations like China and Russia less threatening than might have previously been the case. Sanctions, nevertheless, have consequences.  Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and other nations now have reason to seek membership in the BRICS system and have broached the concept of gold and commodity-backed currencies. Even as the strength of the dollar continues to depend on a privileged IMF status, the U.S. government has printed paper currency to pay its debts so recklessly as to bring the future status of the dollar into question.

Will the dollar continue as the preeminent currency for international banking and business transactions?  Global bankers are not controlled by one network or group of nations. Global banking networks compete for global corporate governance modeled upon a Socialist paradigm and dressed in national and ideological rhetoric. The language of this invisible government includes but is not limited to Neo-Marxist doctrine, Fascism, ESG, Industrial Democracy, Capitalism and National Socialism. The language of international arms control was powerful during the Cold War when terms like Mutual Assured Destruction were accepted into the lexicon of the foreign policy establishment. Now the threat of alleged climate change is “existential” and the public policy mavens urge us to perceive carbon footprints.

In the 1930s, corporate interests—like GE in the U.S. and International Telephone & Telegraph in Europe—touted the Corporate State. Mussolini was poster boy for the exciting new partnerships between government & business. These “modern” innovations were viewed as Progressive. Of course, this was before Fascism became unpopular after Hitler’s National Socialism and the Holocaust were exposed.

The die has now been cast. Our money is thoroughly subject to the control of international banks. Banker minions in the corporate-political-media complex will keep Americans divided by engineering all kinds of narratives.

But here we are on the brink of a two- front war. U.S. troops might only be deployed in Ukraine to protect our advisors there. And the trend for certain countries to start conducting international trade in hard commodities or currencies other than the dollar may not diminish the strength of the dollar. At least not in the short run. However, all the above referenced developments ensure that China, Russia, NATO countries and the U.S. will continue to compete for advantage in a life or death bid to gain the superpower status which is the source of the dollars status and the continued purchasing power of U.S. citizens.

Rhetoric & propaganda are manipulated in many ways that sound wonderful—until the inexorable process of warfare merges with the inevitable police state apparatus and turns against the citizens who supposedly are to benefit from the blessings of these systems. But make no mistake about it. International bankers are not engaging in a conspiracy to plunge us into war. They really believe that global governance in the hands of their managerial expertise is the key to world peace. War usually seems imminent, even in the best of times.

You and I need to educate our neighbors regarding the power that we have to prevent the train wreck that will result from economic engineering. The inexorable process of funding social change, conditioning populations via mass media and keeping afloat the IMF’s false weights and measures will inevitably explode into total war that can and probably will engulf ordinary people, not just armed forces.

It has always been the case that prolonged warfare morphs into terrorism against noncombatants. Modern military technology, however, necessitates that warfare must be waged covertly along the lines of terrorism with plausible deniability. Every war is different than the last war. Experts know that cyber-attacks, fake news stories and false flag attacks will result in scenarios where everyone is potentially a target and your neighbor may also be your enemy. We do not warn of these developments to create fear but to prepare and encourage hope. Committed groups worshipping God intimately in homes may be the best preparation for whatever might be on the horizon.

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