Expungement of Convictions, Gun Rights & Criminal Defense in Spokane, Washington

Restoration of Gun Rights.

As a Spokane Criminal Defense attorney, Mark Knapp often gets calls regarding restoration of gun rights, expungement and the right to possess firearms under Washington state law. In Washington state, expungement does not restore the right to possess firearms. A Petition to Restore the Right to Possess Firearms is the procedure that is required pursuant to RCW 9.41.040.

Since 1993, the Law Firm of Mark Knapp PLLC has specialized in NFA Gun Trusts and working with courts to restore clients’ right to possess firearms in Washington.

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Washington State Firearms Attorney.

We have been focused on gun rights for the last fifteen years. With 32 years of practicing law, we know how to navigate the many pitfalls and potential problems that arise in the process of restoring gun rights. Although some situations seem simple, it is best to have an attorney handling your case that focuses on firearms issues and restoration of gun rights.

For example, you may have a restraining order included in an old divorce decree. If there is a finding that you threatened or actually committed a violent act, the Restraining Order must be removed in order for your gun rights to be restored. The same advice applies if the order restrains you from violence or threats of violence. Thus, we may need to review copies of your Decree of Divorce, Findings of Fact or other documents related to any restraining orders in order to determine what needs to be done in order to restore your right to possess firearms.

The Law Office of Mark Knapp, PLLC focuses on restoration of gun rights, firearms and criminal defense. We have represented clients for 28 years in cases involving allegations of assault, weapons charges and even DUI charges. We continue to handle cases in Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane areas, as well as most other counties in the State of Washington.

Self-defense. We have assisted clients in cases involving alleged unlawful possession of weapons, display of a weapon, domestic violence charges and federal issues involving the National Firearms Act which restricts possession of certain kinds of firearms like machine guns, silencers and short-barreled rifles and shotguns. Self-defense issues are at the heart of much of what we do. Mr. Knapp has presented seminars for many years that deal with the laws of armed defense in Washington.

We have presented the information to armed citizens, lawyers and in conjunction with NRA classes like Personal Protection Outside the Home (and Personal Protection Inside the Home).

Immediate Action Plan. If you are in a situation where you have acted in self-defense or have displayed a weapon to stop unlawful conduct, call 911 Immediately. Situations where a vehicular assault occurs during a road range incident can be particularly difficult because law enforcement and prosecutors responding to a 911 call often presume that the party who made the 911 call is innocent.

Display of Weapon. Thus, anytime you experience an altercation involving use of force or display of a weapon, you should immediately call 911 even before you contact a lawyer. Don’t provide a great deal of information to the 911 dispatcher or the officers who will be investigating the incident. Simply state that your life was in immediate danger and point out any physical evidence or witnesses that can help corroborate that you were threatened. Do not answer questions that require detailed explanations of why, where and how things happened until you have had a chance to consult with a lawyer who is experienced in self-defense issues.

Road rage. In road rage and other incidents that occur in public, it will often be one person’s word against another. The witnesses will often be gone by the time the police arrive. You might say something that will be misunderstood by the officer or contradict other facts of which you are not aware.

Mantle of Innocence. It is important not to do anything that can be perceived as provoking violence. It is easy to get angry when we are out driving around. Refrain from gestures or words that will incite a potentially violent confrontation. Cooperate with officers and be polite when the police arrive. They will be watching your hands and it is advised to keep your hands out of your pockets where they can be seen. Hands behind your back or in your pockets will set off red flags for law enforcement officers, especially when they are responding to a report of a gun.

Armed Citizens Groups. Mr. Knapp started the Armed Defense Training Association with other armed citizens in Federal Way and Action Training Group, Inc. in the Spokane-North Idaho area. The ATG is developing programs for church safety teams and is geared toward the legal, practical and tactical aspects of defending yourself, your family and churches in our communities.

Law Office of Mark Knapp, PLLC. Mark S. Knapp is a good choice for a Spokane area criminal defense attorney- especially when your gun rights are threatened by domestic violence charges, previous convictions or felony charges. Call us if you are being questioned by the police or if you have an upcoming felony or misdemeanor court appearance. Many folks call just to get advice regarding various aspects of carrying a gun. We can meet you and answer all your questions or even arrange a class to meet the needs of your church or neighborhood group.

Telephone consultations also available.

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