Watch & Pray for our Military Leadership

Kudos to President Biden! The U.S. should maintain America’s military support for Taiwan but reject the “one China” framework. President Biden has not repudiated the “one China” policy. But he has indicated strong support for Taiwan’s national security.

For more than 40 years, the Doctrine of Ambiguity and a “one China” policy have created confusion regarding U.S. commitments to Taiwan.

The Biden Administration gets kudos for stepping up to the plate—if they are prepared to do what it takes. Ambiguity & the “one China” policy has invited chaos while China has made it’s intentions clear and unambiguous.

But will average Americans possess the resolve to risk nuclear war on behalf of Taiwan—a nation that the U.S. has not recognized since Carter was President?

Is the U.S. military prepared to fight a war in the South China Sea? China has been focused on preparing for the coming confrontation. U.S. leadership has enabled China and allowed our nation to be sold to the highest bidders. Any war with China will also include fighting to win the hearts and minds of an American people who are divided because of our own corrupt media-government complex & massive disinformation that floods the internet.

Patriotic Americans need a strong relationship with local law enforcement. We need churches that are not afraid to speak to the issues of the day. And we should encourage each other to be ready. Have some extra food, talk to your neighbors about how to protect your neighborhoods and be prepared for power failures or other breakdowns that might impact the economy and make basic living conditions difficult.

Home-based prayer groups are also critical to surviving the days that are coming upon the world. You may think that Jesus will return and take you away before the Great Tribulation. But even if you are right, many Christians have endured beheading, imprisonment and famine over the centuries. Stalin’s USSR intentionally starved millions of Ukrainians during the 1930s. Christians in Syria & Iraq endured genocide under the ISIS regime. It is now well documented that the Obama Administration empowered ISIS in an effort to effect regime change in Syria.

These are times marked by deception. Certainly Christians who lived through such events thought they were experiencing tribulation. Will we know when the Great Tribulation has arrived? Watch, pray for our leaders and be ready.

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