Action Training Group, Inc. Promotes Self-Defense Training

Training While Having Fun. Seasoned competitors shoot “on the edge” balancing speed and accuracy at all times. Whether you are coming in as a competitor experienced in action shooting disciplines or a novice, the instant gratification of hearing a target ring adds to the joy of shooting and the training is excellent.

Training While Having Fun. We have been holding events on most Fridays since the time the weather improved. A number of you have come out and joined us. We can also arrange to shoot on other days of the week and after work now that the days are getting longer.

Develop Speed & Have Fun. The repetitive nature of the drills we practice instills speed and accuracy. Your skill will soon amaze you. If you want to shoot from low ready, you don’t need a holster. Expect to shoot about 150 rounds per pistol or carbine. We expect to start with a few Steel target strings, mixed with the USPSA paper silhouette targets. We want to see who is interested and need feedback regarding the dates and times that might work for you. We may also include shot guns at some events. We need ten people to renew their ATG memberships and indicate an interest in these events. The first ten people to join or renew your membership will only pay $15.00 to join the ATG and shoot at no charge for at least one of the events that you choose to attend.

The ATG purchased six new steel targets and will need five shot-timers to run these events. Most of us can download an application on our smart phones. However, these are not as dependable as professional shot timers. If a few of you will let us use your shot timers or donate one, it will help us a great deal.

Please send an email reply and let us know if you are interested. We only need one small squad of committed competitors to make this work. You have to RSVP and show interest and some commitment. Either way, I will be out there shooting on most Fridays and maybe a few other days of the week. I always learn something from friends like Dennis Moore that show up. Dennis is an IDPA competitor and certified as an instructor in rifle, pistol and shotgun. He and I both want to help new shooters develop safety, skill and better concealed carry techniques. We will also work with church safety teams to tailor events that meet your church safety needs. Please reply via email and consider renewing you membership or making a donation to make this happen.

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