Action Training Group Promotes Self-Defense Training

Why did so many people decide that purchasing a gun is the best response to the lock downs? Is it the realization that a pandemic can trigger economic collapse? One thing is for sure. Many of those who broke all previous records by purchasing so many guns and so much ammunition are new gun owners. Even long time gun owners with a great deal of experience should consider regular training in order to prepare for the possibility of using a firearm in self-defense. Despite the perception that showing the predators your handgun will scare them off, many violent criminals are well-trained and are not intimidated by armed citizens.

So is there a low-cost way to train more aggressively and then maintain your skills after you increase your skills with a handgun?

The Action Training Group is a nonprofit association of armed citizens who support each other in organizing opportunities to shoot safely. We draw from the holster and design drills that increase concealed carry confidence and improve shooting skills regardless of your level of proficiency.

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