Criminal Defense Lawyers Discuss Use of Force

ATG Membership Meeting. Our monthly Membership Meeting will be at Cabela’s this Friday, Oct. 20th, with the main program starting at 6:00 PM.  Cabela’s meeting room is back by the Deli.  The Deli has good food and will will stay open until 6:00 PM so plan to have dinner with us at Cabela’s.  The networking hour will start at 5:00 PM; the Deli closes at 6:00.  I just learned that Criminal Defense Lawyer David Stevens will be there at 5:00 PM and he has agreed to provide us with some observations related to the Gerlach manslaughter trial. The trial is the subject for three of our speakers.  Defense Lawyer Richard Lee, will talk to us about the trial and media related issues. David Stevens and Mr. Lee were co-counsel for Mr. Gerlach’s criminal defense in the Spokane self-defense shooting trial several years back.

Bob Smith testified as an expert witness for the defense team at the trial. Bob testimony at trial dealt with the use of force and furtive gesture.  Expect all the speakers to discuss questions about media issues during the aftermath of a self-defense shooting. Chuck Delgado will also speak to our group,  Chuck is one of our members who is writing a book on the subject of an officer involved shooting in which he was the Spokane County Deputy involved.  He told us the complete story at a meeting last Spring and has now offered to  discuss some specific news media issues that he experienced during the aftermath of the shooting in which he killed an attacker in the Spokane area.  There will be time for questions.

Note well: We will try not to go past 8:30 PM. Cabela’s is open until 9:00 PM- until after the holiday season.  Plan to shop and eat while you are there. Please bring your friends and family. As usual, this is a no cost event and open to the public.  Tell folks it is convenient to donate or join the ATG on our website at

Action Shoot. Our monthly action shoot is 4:00 PM this Thursday, October 19th; we will set up at 2:00 PM on Bays 6 & 7 right next to the rifle range. at  FERNAN ROD & GUN CLUB.  We will start at 4:00 PM but set up at 2:00 PM if you wish to help set-up.


Radio Communication. We now have both CB/FM radios that we will be monitoring to let people in through the gate. We prefer that folks arrive at 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Thursday, August 17.but recognize that special arrangements may need to be made in some cases. Those who arrive early and help set up usually get an opportunity to get in some additional trigger time with rifles and pistols.

The fact that we do not have cell service at the range makes it necessary to use CB & FM radio for those arriving at different times.

According to the information provided to us, CB Radios, do not use Channels 9, 21 and 19. We should stay under Channel 23, because some may not have 40 channel CBs.

Please use CB Channel 11.

With GMRS radios, use FRS 8-14  or GMRS use 1-7   Our recommendation is to use FRS 11.  We recently started using radio communications. We are working out the details.  If you have access to the radio communications discussed above, this is a perfect time to start coordinating with each other by means of radio.

Reality Based Training Drills. We are in discussions with David Howlett who has been the Chief Sales Representative for Next Level Training & NLT training Instructor.

Stay tuned as we will soon be making a more detailed announcement related to a powerful Reality Based Training event featuring David’s real time, real place, force on force Active Shooter Protocols and other reality based drills in which we will deploy SIRT training pistols.

We encourage you to forward this message to friends and family. Stay tuned and stay vigilant!


A few committed people can accomplish great things.


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