Kyle Odom’s Story

Odom link to Reptilian Conspiracy theorists?

An article in the Boise Weekly recently stated that, “Despite the tragedy in Coeur d’Alene and the controversies surrounding Icke, the reptilian conspiracy theory is more mainstream than might be expected. According to a 2013 survey of conspiracy theories by Public Policy Polling, 12.4 million Americans (about 4 percent), believe reptilians or “lizard people” control politics.”

On March 7, 2016, we attended a prayer vigil for Pastor Tim Remington, The vigil at Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho ended with a literal candlelight ceremony just outside the front entrance of the church facing Hwy 95. The police identified Kyle Odom, as the shooter.

But the most important thing about the gathering of people from throughout the Body of Christ is Jesus Christ and how Tim Remington embodies the Spirit of Christ. Several probation officers from Kootenai County told us how Pastor Remington advocated in an amazing manner regarding faith-based drug rehabilitation. Some of the officers who worked with Tim were skeptical at first. But there was real change in the people seeking help.

The officers gave wonderful testimonials regarding how their personal supervision of people on probation who were getting help from Good Samaritan Rehabilitation. Probation Officers look at Facebook accounts, check with employers and watch every aspect of where people go. One PO described how hardened he got after years of seeing people in programs that did not bear the fruit that he saw over a period of time while assigned to Good Samaritan’s program.

Pastors and Probation Officers, and even family members of the Pastor prayed for the grace of Christ in Kyle Odom’s life. Odom allegedly shot six rounds into the Pastor right in the church parking lot at almost point blank range. The base of the skull, pelvis, shoulder and lung all took hits that will take time to heal. The shoulder was all but obliterated but there is no brain damage or paralysis. Just some nerve damage.

Mr. Odom was caught in Washington D.C. throwing things over the White House fence that included a manuscript about Martians and alleging that Pastor Remington, members of Congress and political leaders in Israel were from an alien race.

As we prayed for Pastor Tim and Kyle Odom, I started to see Kyle as a human being and not a monster. Both men have families that are in shock. Both have families that are praying for them. Satan can so deceive a man that he will suddenly act violently and the man will sincerely believe that he is serving God, In some cases, such acts may even be planned in a cold calculated manner. Mr. Odom’s manuscript revealed that he got into intense states of meditation and experienced so-called out-of-body sensations during intense study for a degree in Biochemistry at the University of Idaho.

Tim Remington, on the other hand, started working in street ministry in Southern California many years ago. He was willing to go to great extremes of personal sacrifice to disciple people in need. He and his wife would take street people into their homes- as many as 300 over the years! He also prayed with Ted Cruz the day before he was shot.

There is a great deal of interest in alien races which is connected to Satanism and the occult. Kyle Odom may not have even realized that he was being drawn into a netherworld- not a world controlled by Reptilian Martians- but by people like David Icke. Icke is a self-professed New Age, White Majick Warlock with Anti-Semitic doctrines. It is hard to know what motivates such teachings but Icke obtains revenue from his speaking engagements.

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