Restoring Your Right to Keep & Bear Arms

You can petition the court to restore your right to own firearms by representing yourself or obtaining an attorney. We can provide some links that will help you to obtain the forms but there are some pitfalls. For instance, at the present time, the federal government (BATF & NICS) will not recognize rights restored by the Washington Courts if the underlying conviction was for domestic violence.

There are many exceptions and technical issues that need to be examined but there is a great deal of safety in relying on the advice of an experienced attorney. Your attorney needs to practice in the area of firearms rights in order to understand the complexities and conflicts between the various laws and jurisdictions.

Note Very Well: The federal government is now recognizing restoration of the right to possess firearms in non-felony domestic violence cases. Up until recently there were problems with such cases in Washington State that have now been resolved. Many felony convictions in Washington are also eligible for restoration of rights. If your conviction is in another state, however, you should contact a lawyer in the state where the conviction was entered.

We cannot help with federal convictions. There is a federal law providing for the BATFE to handle petitions for restoration of gun rights after federal convictions but Congress never funded the BATFE for expunging convictions and the agency refuses to handle any petitions to expunge and/or restore rights.

Call us to discuss at (253) 202-2081.

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