Will Federal Way Public Schools Take Action Against Gun Violence?

There are many voices urging that the U.S. follow other countries that have restricted the use of firearms. After Australians surrendered 640,381 personal firearms for destruction by the Australian government, homicides increased by 6.2 percent. Assaults are up 9.6 percent and armed robberies are up 44 percent. Implementation of the law enacted to reduce gun violence cost Australian taxpayers more than $500 million dollars!

Chicago prohibited possession of firearms in the home by most citizens. The Second Amendment Foundation recently sued Chicago and the State of Illinois in two separate lawsuits and won recognition that the Second Amendment applies in and out of the home. A federal judge gave the state six months to come up with a law that enables people to carry publicly in Illinois!

Chicago has seen children shot in its schools on a regular basis and regularly has 10-40 shootings over a single weekend. The rate of violent crime was going down in Australia before it’s government confiscated guns from its citizens. Will violent crime go down in Chicago now that honest people will be able confront armed predators with deadly force?

While many politicians and media people are renewing their cry for more restrictions on certain kinds of firearms, many Americans are responding to the slaughter in Sandy Hook Elementary by going to gun stores and purchasing weapons. Meanwhile, a man in China injured 22 children and one adult outside a primary school in central China. Apparently, mentally ill people in China attack schools on a regular basis. One string of knife attacks against school children in 2010 killed nearly 20 and wounded more than 50.

But despite the media focus on renewing the previous ban on so-called assault rifles and high capacity magazines, some analysts are looking at the role that psychotropic prescription drugs like Prosac have played in many U.S. school shootings. Others are focusing on violent video games. But whatever the cause, the failure of Chicago’s gun laws and the inability of the Clinton assault weapon ban to stop the carnage in our schools demands that we look for ways to fight fire with fire.

Armed security guards in schools may not save every child’s life but will significantly deter attacks on schools and reduce the number of fatalities. Armed pilots and Air Marshals have deterred terrorism. Security guards still guard many banks and armored truck drivers are armed. Our children are far more precious than the money in the banks; armed volunteers, including some motivated school staff, trained and supervised under the oversight of law enforcement professionals, are far less expensive to place in our schools than armed security guards.

The idea of training volunteers to protect our children will never make sense to people that are in denial regarding the potential for sudden eruptions of violence in a chaotic world.

Even countries like Germany that are virtual “gun-free zones” by virtue of strict gun laws have experienced massive school shootings.

One country whose children have been targeted by mass murderers for many years is Israel. After Israel armed many of its teachers and trained them to fight back, terrorists have avoided Israeli schools. Contrast Israel with Mexico, another “gun-free zone”.

While Mexico continues to blame private gun sales in the U.S. for its carnage, the evidence is that most guns manufactured in the U.S. that have turned up in recent slayings South of the border were trafficked into Mexico by the Obama Administration.

There is a concerted effort to justify renewing the Clinton-era ban on high capacity magazines and to prohibit military-style semi-automatic rifles and get a U.N. treaty in place that will mandate government control of firearms. Soledad O’Brien should ask Tutsis in Rwanda what they think about the U.N. mandated surrender of the means to defend themselves and how the U.N. solutions resulted in the Hutus slaughtering helpless Tutsi families. U.N. troops and the world community, including President Clinton, just looked on.

Hitler disarmed the Jewish people in Germany before the Holocaust. Not long before that, Stalin introduced Soviet Russia to gun control and proceeded to murder Ukrainians and other ethnic minorities. Chicago has gun control and children are murdering each other at rates that are almost genocidal. We don’t know whether gun ownership will reduce the gun violence in Chicago but Chicagoland is about to find out as a result of recent court decisions that include the right to carry.

But “liberals” could never see how the deaths of 800,000 Tutsi victims by hacking (or genocide against Jews and other minority groups) has anything to do with the creation of “gun free” zones. All the mainstream media like CNN really care about is conveying the message about guns that the America’s talking class understands; i.e., getting new gun laws enacted.

Federal Way deserves better from its leaders. Let’s find ways to make sure what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary never happens here and not wait for the federal government to make the whole United States a “gun-free zone” in order to protect Federal Way’s children at school

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