Law Classes for Armed Citizens Announced for Federal Way

Saturday, June 25th ADTA Law of Armed Defense Meeting:
Location: Regional Library at 34200 First Way South in Federal Way.

The class is for members, the public and especially for armed citizens interested in knowing more about armed defense of self and others! We will cover Washington laws pertaining to your duty to carry a firearm responsibly and how to deal with the legal decisions ypu will encounter before, during and after an actual defensive encounter in which you are armed with a gun. We will also invite you to join the Armed Defense Training Association at the meeting but we will not pressure anyone. Our nonprofit corporation provides opportunities to participate in shooting activities that develop action shooting and tactical skills.

Since we first raised the issue of a gun range for Federal Way we have had a positive response. Several business leaders are spearheading the newly incorporated Armed Defense Training Association (ADTA). We held our first meeting to answer questions and recruit membership on January 26th, 2011.

Our members pay an annual membership fee that helps provide monthly events at local ranges. The goal is to provide members with opportunities to draw from the holster, shoot on the move from cover and to proceed into more advanced tactical training scenarios. We are negotiating reduced rates for range time and expect to bring in instructors for training in various defense techniques; e.g., weapon retention, pepper spray, knives, etc.

We now have over sixty members, mostly from around Federal Way and encourage people from every background to get involved.

Our goal is to build a range in one of Federal Way’s empty commercial buildings. We raise funds by various events, many of which may be open to the public. These will include hosting seminars with instructors and other speakers. ADTA members will be able to participate in all these events at reduced or no cost.

The number of gun enthusiasts in the Federal Way area includes quite a few active members of service clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis and the Chamber of Commerce. It is not surprising that men and women that volunteer countless hours to their community are also passionate about being ready to “preserve and protect” a community which we are constantly working to improve.


The benefit of having ADTA members that put serious time and effort into training together will make all of us safer in schools, businesses, churches and anywhere we go during our normal routine. We might even stimulate the economy as the ADTA starts to host bigger events!

Check out what we are doing at Proper firearms training creates discipline and respect that will enhance public safety. Additionally, there are many new gun owners with recently obtained Concealed Pistol Licenses in King and Pierce Counties. Many states require testing that includes proficiency with your weapon in order to obtain a Concealed Pistol License.

The State of Washington only requires a background check to obtain a CPL but that does not excuse armed citizens from understanding the laws pertaining to keeping and bearing arms. We also need to be prepared for the possibility of stressful tactical situations. Firearms safety will always be emphasized at every level of training. The tax payers will pay nothing and Federal Way will reap all the benefits.

We have made it clear that we welcome Progressives, liberals, Republicans and Democrats- from every religious and political persuasion or no religious persuasion! We will not tolerate anyone that advocates breaking the law, however. Recent events in Tucson show how dangerous it can get when anarchy, rebellion and lawlessness of any sort is tolerated. Join us for safer and more prosperous communities!

Our club is sponsoring training events that are not typically available to the general public.

We’re eager to meet you, answer your questions and hear your ideas.

What is the Armed Defense Training Association?

1. We promote the safe and ongoing development of responsible self-defense skills.

2. We organize regular events (including live-fire, no-fire, interactive demonstrations, seminars, and social outreach events) to build interest in responsible self-defense and to provide training opportunities for individuals to practice and improve their defensive skills and knowledge.

3. We assemble involved, like-minded individuals, that as a group we can explore developing unique resources and facilities (the Shooting Arts Center)

4. We advocate to all individuals to consider their roles as rational, self-determined, law-abiding adults who may someday be required to immediately act in defense of life, either their own or their loved ones.

5. We participate in our communities of family, friends, neighbors, cities, and region, for their growth and health.

E-mail for more information

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