How Good Are Federal Way Schools?

The Washington State Board of Education, at the behest of the federal government, has finally released their “Accountability Index” that rates the quality of every public school in this state.

The choice of descriptions leaves something to be desired. The rankings are:

State Board terms with more commonly used letter grades.

Exemplary- A
Very Good- B
Good- C
Fair- D
Struggling- F

You didn’t notice any terms such as. “Failing,” “Inadequate,” “Marginal” in their assessment.

11.3% of the schools are “Struggling.” You might say “Failing.”

48.7% are “Fair.” This might be better categorized as Marginal.

29.4% are “Good” and we might want to call these average.

6.5% are “Very Good” and we might want to agree with this.

4.0% are “Exemplary” and this might also be called best.


Washington State is rated 35th in the nation in high school completion and 6 out of 10 of our state’s schools are Marginal!

Federal Way Secondary Schools have earned the following ratings:

Decatur High School Fair! 3.2
Federal Way High School Fair! 3.95
Thomas Jefferson Good 4.4
Todd Beamer Good 4.7

Federal Way Public Academy Exemplary 5.88

Kilo Middle School Fair 3.62
Illahee Middle School Fair 3.75
Lakota Middle School Good 4.19
Sacajawea Middle School Good 4.25
Saghalie Middle School Fair 3.88
Sequoyah Middle School Fair 3.56
Totem Middle School Fair 3.38
Technology Access Fair 3.64

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