Urban Disaster Preparedness Presentation in Federal Way

On September 29, 2010, the City of Federal Way presented an Urban Disaster Preparedness session.

Think about how to store some food and take action immediately. Many people think nothing will happen or that it will happen to someone else, somewhere else and some other time but if you take that attitude you will be standing in line waiting for supplies that may be rather meager. Act within 24 hours by taking some steps or you may never get started.

Have an evacuation plan but store enough food and water to stay at home for the long term. There may be nowhere else to go. Mylar bags and lockable five-gallon buckets are good for storing food. Think about what you will use to cook hot food.

Terrorists are known to be planning to put something in the food or water supply and any interruption in the distribution system will disturb the food and water supplies in other parts of the country.

An event to honor veterans and first responders is planned for November 13 from 1:00-3:00 PM at Todd Beamer High School. Joe Jackson, a distinguished Medal of Honor recipient, will be speaking. We now realize that stateside duty is just as dangerous as going to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Every place is a danger zone! Modern tactical doctrine has evolved to the point where recognizable fronts and uniformed armies have been replaced with committed packs of warriors that randomly circulate in small teams looking for opportunities. Thus, a teacher, a firefighter or a janitor may need to be just as vigilant as a member of our special forces in Afghanistan!

The potential for danger is all around us every day, not just during an obvious catastrophe. This is why churches and pastors may be the most important key to getting ready for future events. The sense of community that already exists in churches requires that pastors, priests and rabbis- even imams and other leaders- train those within our various spiritual communities so that we do not just react to crises.

Every business organization should be discussing these issues and begin creating a plan. Get into CERT training and classes provided by the City, state and federal governments and recognize First Responders that labor among you.

Many of us already have extra food and emergency supplies. None of us are able to take all the steps necessary to prepare for every contingency. We depend on each other. The beginning of good government is when neighbors voluntarily pool resources in order to provide for each other’s well-being and for the common defense.

Historically, public order starts with volunteerism. People have to take the initiative again by making our voices heard and preparing to confront emergencies and/or threats of violence with or without help from the surrounding community. The police and even your neighbors may be overwhelmed during a big disaster.

Every Thanksgiving, I appreciate America’s Biblical roots, the U.S. Constitution and the freedom to talk and write about such things. I also appreciate the professionals that have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and stand guard over the City!

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