Mount Si, Issaquah Alps & Terrorist Hit Lists

Federal Way Mirror; The Firearms Lawyer
Aug 20 2010, 12:40 PM · UPDATED

My wife and I regularly walk the BPA Trail in Federal Way, or even take a few power laps around the inside of The Commons Mall on a rainy winter day. We once tried to slog our way to Camp Muir, right below the glacier on Mount Rainier. We were forced to turn around when we were engulfed by a whiteout at 8,000 feet.

The challenge to gain the freedom of the hills eventually calls, however. Some nearby climbs that I recommend are Mailbox Peak, which is too arduous for all but the highly motivated, and Granite Peak, which offers some great views. But Mount Si is probably our favorite. Four miles of uphill effort climax in a landscape that is rugged with a “Haystack” on the top that invites the adventurous walker to scramble up a precipitous rock face.

The reward is a view of the surrounding countryside that is startling. Your fellow hikers will be mostly congenial, but you may want to discover the old Mount Si Trail because the main trail gets crowded during nice weather. The old Mount Si trail is not marked, nor is it maintained.

A few years ago, I hiked it in about two hours. The old trail is shorter than the other trail, but also steeper. We had the trail to ourselves much of the time. Light mist turned into cold, wet wind at the top. Make sure to have rain gear, extra clothing and appropriate shoes. Carry your ten essentials. In recent times, many hikers have added self-defense equipment to their list of things to pack.

Two-legged varmints and not grizzlies are a realistic concern on King County trails. A warning alongside the trail notifies hikers that an attacker recently assaulted a female trail worker with a stun gun on Tiger Mountain. The woman repulsed the attacker. A mother and daughter hiking on the Pinnacle Lake Trail near Granite Falls were both shot in the head four years ago on July 11, 2006.

Whoever killed the 56-year-old mother and her 27-year-old daughter are still at large. Random violence is unusual in Washington state. Nevertheless, the potential for violence lurks alongside our nation’s trails. A debate about guns has been raging within the forums of outdoor enthusiasts. Federal law now permits carrying in Mount Rainier National Park, provided that you follow Washington state law. But don’t wear your gun into a visitor center or other park buildings inside the park.

Many will choose a light 9-mm like the Walther P99 that I carried on our Mount Si adventure. Make sure your belt, holster and hardware are comfortable with your pack and other gear by taking some shorter hikes near home before you tackle Mount Si.

I am still not sure how to travel comfortably in grizzly country. Stay tuned! I recently bought a .44 magnum hand cannon at the gun show in Puyallup. I’ll have my Original Dirty Harry Holster soon, but it may be more comfortable with a three-piece suit than with a backpack.

As I anticipated, one of our congenial local liberals logged onto the online Mirror and commented as follows:

Mark Knapp represents the clearest (and most present) danger to residents of Federal Way. This man is a walking, talking argument for strong gun control.

I expected the reaction above because someone previously made an online comment referencing my having delusins “of being Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and George Karl Rove Bush”! When I asked how much gun control is needed, I received the following reply:

Handguns should be outlawed, and hunting rifles strictly regulated (i.e., you shouldn’t be able to pick one up at Big 5).

I wonder where we would buy our hunting rifles- from the government? I have observed after following these comments over a period of months that “liberals” never express any compassion for the victims of violent crimes and terrorist threats.

Somehow- no matter how original and independent I try to be- I always end up expressing the same racist opinions that constitute “Fox News talking points“, according to more than one of these critics!

Mark Knapp lives in his little Glenn Beck fantasy world and dreams up new bogeymen with such regularity it is almost comical. His tough guy “bring it on” swagger is the sign of a narcissistic troll that has delusions of being Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and George Karl Rove Bush. He promotes racial and religious tensions with his weekly fantasies. And yes, I would not be suprised if he manufactured his own terrorist hit list to advance his right wing fear and smear campaign. Every village has to have an idiot and I think it is pretty clear who that is in Federal Way.

I do appreciate the avid following, however. At least someone reads my articles in the Federal Way Mirror. I have to love the liberals inspite of my Neanderthal and bigoted outlook! Nevertheless, I am disappointed that I have not appeared on a terrorist hit list yet.

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