Ahmed Ressam’s Trial in Seattle & the International War on Israel

Israel presently faces an indictment in the court of world opinion because of the allegation that the IDF deployed unjustified lethal force against “peace activists” when it boarded the MAVI MARMARA. Nine activists were killed including a U.S. citizen with dual Turkish citizenship. Would Tea Party activists armed with steel poles and grenades, knives and possibly guns be identified as peace activists?

Egypt and Israel’s blockade against Gaza prevents Iranian missiles and other weapons from entering Gaza. Egypt and Israel have waged war with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas (the terrorist group that rules Gaza) for longer than most nations even recognized the existence of Islamic terrorism. Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are the same organization with different names.

It is clear that approximately forty Turkish activists on board the MAVI MARMARA attacked IDF personnel. The IDF boarding was clearly within well-recognized rules of international maritime law and the IHH attack was clearly premeditated.

I am going to be a martyr. I dreamed about it,” a Turkish activist reportedly told his family before leaving to join the flotilla.

Forty people on board the MAVI MARMARA armed with slingshots, knives, stun grenades and steel poles attacked IDF personnel forcing the IDF boarding party to deploy weapons. Despite the grave threat to the IDF, the international media and the world community are ready to convict Israel of massacring peaceful demonstrators.

Some key people that are ideologically close to President Obama are involved in IHH- Van Jones and Bill Ayers are two such individuals and so is Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink.

The FREE GAZA MOVEMENT denies the allegation of an extremist presence on the Turkish ship. “Every person on that boat was a civilian. The terrorists on board those boats belonged to Israel,” a spokeswoman exclaimed.

Despite the spokeswoman’s indignant protest, however, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, a French counterterrorism magistrate who testified at the Ahmed Ressam trial in Seattle, states otherwise. IHH played an “important role” in the Millenium bomb plot- an Al Qaeda affiliated operation.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Bruguiere testified at trial that Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups were previously linked to IHH in financing and other assistance to jihadists headed to Bosnia, Chechnya, and Afghanistan. The Turkish government unearthed weapons, explosives, and bomb making instructions in a 1997 raid.

Is IHH still linked to Al Qaeda? Whatever the answer turns out to be, the symbiotic relationship between Islamic extremism and the radical left has been longstanding.

Bruguiere is renowned for tracking down Carlos the Jackal, a professional Communist assassin known to have worked for radical Palestinian groups.

Thus, Mssr. Bruguiere would have had opportunity to closely observe how the radical left coalesced with radical Palestinian movements during the Seventies when modern Islamic terrorism was barely recognized by the news media. Bruguiere now coordinates tracking of terrorist financing for a joint European/American program.

Since 1948, Israel has been surrounded by predatory neighbors just waiting for the first signs of weakness.

The war against “Zionist aggression” will continue to be aided and abetted by an international media-government complex that has willingly lent itself to leftist manipulation for many years.

Meanwhile, the ship RACHEL CORRIE, named after the Evergreen College student killed by a bulldozer in Israel in 2003, is awaiting instructions. Would the news media have called Ms. Corrie an anti-Semitic racist if she had also been standing in front of the Congressional bulldozer called Healthcare Reform?

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