Federal Way Armed Defense Classes

We presented our third class in Federal Way on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at Federal Way City Hall. We had 16 participants most of whom are volunteers with our local police department and/or volunteer emergency personnel. The May class focused on Washington law and the use of lethal force to protect your home and family.

We are available to meet with your neighborhood group, church or business and present a seminar specially tailored to your needs.

We will customize a presentation for your group or business organization anywhere in Washington State. We can help you develop a threat response plan for your church and will provide legal training for your family members or volunteers. We recently presented the class at Holmes harbor Rod & Gun Club on Whidbey Island in February and almost thirty people attended.

Our motto is think like a man of action and act like a man of thought. Speak cautiously and politely and only use deadly force after you have thought through everything carefully. Apply cautious reasoning powers to each situation but start doing so now, not when you are faced with a decision in which you may have seconds to save your own life or the lives of your loved ones!

We have a message and a curriculum that relates to overcoming threats of violence by a combination of intelligence, moral persuasion, physical courage and deadly force if necessary.

The cost for the class is $49.00 but still only $79.00 for a couple.

Magna Charta

We emphasize development of good legal and tactical reasoning- reasoning that will allow you to understand your situation more accurately if you are ever faced with the necessity of confronting lethal force.

Remember, every principle must be applied by means of thoughtfully contemplating the moral, legal and tactical issues engendered by the subject matter. There are no answers that are always right in every situation.

Marty Hayes, the founder of Firearms Academy of Seattle was our guest speaker for February. Marty discussed the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, FAS and how training protects us legally from accusations that we are acting without knowledge of the legal rules pertaining to use of lethal force. Marty stayed for the three hour class and participated in our discussions, including almost an hour of informal discussion after class was dismissed. Marty has many years experience as an LEO, police instructor and as an instructor of armed citizens. Everyone, including me, learned a great deal from the time spent together.

Classes include but are not limited to:

1. Who should carry;

2. Concealed carry and open carry options, including Washington State case law pertaining to unlawful display of a weapon;

3. How to carry your weapon;

4. Deploying deadly force;

5. When and where to go with your weapon;

6. How to interact with law enforcement before, during and after an incident;

7. Threat response planning for home & business;

8. Stress psychology;

9. Preparing for the aftermath of a justified self-defense scenario.

We expect everyone to take notes! Keep your class notes and materials. Your firearms training materials may someday become necessary to document a life or death decision to use deadly force if you need to defend yourself in court. The stakes will be high- before, during and after a violent confrontation. After the gunfight, however, the thugs may be wearing suits and carrying brief cases!

Keep your class notes sealed in your gun safe or some other secure location so that you have documentation in court for every decision you make during a violent encounter.

Learning is facilitated by asking the right questions and participating in lively and informative discussions. Most of the issues that arise do not have clear answers but in the event that you are confronted with a threat of death or grave bodily harm, the choices become fairly simple. Only use deadly force when you are confronted with deadly force that is an imminent threat to you or an innocent person that is in your immediate presence.

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