Police & Seattle Times Identify Lone Wolf Terrorist

This week, Seattle got an up-close opportunity to study a unique breed of terrorist in the person of Christopher John Monfort. Monfort allegedly assassinated a Seattle police officer on Halloween night while the officer conducted on-the-job training with another officer. The officers were sitting in a patrol car discussing a traffic stop that occurred right before the shooting.

A tip from the suspect’s neighbor led the Seattle police to stake-out a vehicle matching the suspect’s Datsun 210. When Monfort came out of his apartment, officers approached Monforth to question him and the suspect fled. Monfort allegedly pointed a pistol at pursuing officers but the pistol failed to fire. With officers still in pursuit, Monfort turned and pointed the pistol at them again and the officers shot him.

Almost immediately, Seattle Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel called Monfort a “domestic terrorist.” According to Pugel as reported in the Seattle Times, a search of Monfort’s apartment produced “bomb-making materials, improvised explosive devices and two rifles, including a “military-style assault rifle” similar to the type of weapon police believe was used to fire at Brenton, 39, and Sweeney, 33. Additional bomb-making materials were found inside a storage shed attached to his patio.”

Additional evidence includes:

Investigators have linked Monfort to a firebombing at a Seattle Police Department maintenance yard Oct. 22. A small American flag was left behind at the South Seattle facility and near Brenton and Sweeney’s police cruiser — an apparent calling card from the suspect, investigators said.

Inside Monfort’s apartment, detectives found news clippings about the maintenance-yard destruction. They also found a manifesto protesting police brutality and the videotaped jail-cell beating of a 15-year-old girl by a King County sheriff’s deputy last year in SeaTac. A one-page note was found at the maintenance yard, lambasting the SeaTac beating and threatening police deaths if the violence didn’t stop.

Monfort, who survived the confrontation with the Seattle PD, works with youth, sought a career in law enforcement and wrote a dissertation on jury nullification- i.e., he advocated educating jury pools to disregard judges’ instructions about the law and acquit defendants in cases where a defendant may be rectifying injustices (like police brutality) in the criminal justice system.

Monfort may be a “lone wolf” terrorist. According to Fred Burton and Scott Stewart, forecasters for Stratfor Global Intelligence, many people “in law enforcement and intelligence circles misuse (the term Lone Wolf) or use it imprecisely.” A lone wolf is a person who acts without a direct connection to a terrorist organization. The lack of a direct connection to a so-called “sleeper cell” or any other organization provides “superior operational security”.

For example, it also apparent over the last week that Islamicist web sites helped to radicalize Major Hasan, the Palestinian-American soldier-psychiatrist that allegedly committed the premeditated murder of 13 fellow soldiers inside Fort Hood.

U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra R-Mich, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN on Monday that U.S. intelligence agencies denied him the information he requested over the weekend pertaining to Major Hasan.

Nevertheless, the media is getting some of the same information denied to the Intelligence Committee! It appears, at any rate, like there is an aspect to the story about which the public is in the dark. Rep. Hoekstra also referenced the internet training sites which provide direction to individuals like Hasan that otherwise have no apparent affiliation with terror operations. So much contradictory information has come out rleated to the Fort Hood shootings that there seem to be aspects of the case that are being covered up.

Websites that provide information on how to conduct terrorist attacks include Al Qaeda affiliated magazines, such as Maaskar al-Battar (Al-Battar Training Camp). Produced by al Qaeda’s Saudi affiliate, the sites provide guidance and training on surveillance, selection of targets — and even how to operate weapons.

Up until lately, few terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by lone-wolf operatives. The usual profile of an “active shooter” is not the politically motivated lone-wolf. Individuals like Hasan- acting out of demonstrated political motivation- are not easy to identify for a number of reasons. According to Burton and Stewart, “a lone wolf is a standalone operative who by his very nature is embedded in the targeted society and is capable of self-activation at any time.” The nature of the “lone wolf terrorist”, by definition, is that he does not receive instructions from others. Thus, when such terrorists conduct operations, the media and political authorities are reluctant to identify such activities as terrorism because of the lack of organizational ties.

Another important manner in which many terrorists have been hidden beneath the radar of public perception, is that the motivating factors for many of the perpetrators of such violence are either in harmony with the public policy goals of the “mainstream” academic, media and political world or recognizing the perpetrators of such crimes as terrorism offends the ongoing elitist diversity agenda. One example is that of the New Black Panthers that stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia.

Sgt. Asan Akbar, a Muslim American soldier with the 326th Engineer Battalion who threw hand grenades and aimed his M-4 automatic rifle into tents filled with sleeping commanding officers at the 101st Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade operations center in Kuwait.

On March 3, 2006 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, an Iranian student named Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, drove a sport utility vehicle into a crowded pedestrian zone. He struck nine people but, fortunately, none were severely injured. Daniel Pipes suggests that the just-graduated student’s post-arrest remarks offer some clues. He even told interviewers that his primary motive for obtaining a degree was to commit an act of jihad and demonstrate to the world that he was not mentally ill and that Muslims can obtain a prestigious education. Nevertheless, his lack of known organizational ties prevented the incident from receiving much attention outside of Chapel Hill and it was not reported as a terrorist event.

There is not enough space or time to cover all the instances of such lone wolf attacks but there was an attack on pedestrians (in which an SUV was also utilized) that ended at a Jewish community center in San Francisco:

-The man called himself a terrorist.

-He is a Muslim.

-The driver struck pedestrians at full speed in a dozen locations.

-The final location, with 2 victims, was a Jewish Community Center.

-Intercepted Jihad documents have stated the intent to kill US pedestrians with SUVs.

-The man had recently been in Afghanistan.

-Consistent with previous jihadi attacks, the driver was reportedly calm with an angry look during the attacks, made eye contact with his victims and was unruffled afterwards.

And in Seattle in 2006, an armed Islamic man attacked the headquarters of the Jewish Federation. He stated that he was upset about Israel’s incursion into Lebanon and he has alleged via his attorneys that he was mentally ill.

In most of the incidents discussed above, the media and governmental authorities either played down the terrorist aspect of the stories, virtually ignored the Islamic connection and/or virtually failed to report the story. Although much of the information reported above is difficult to find, it is nevertheless finally recognized that one cop-killer in Seattle, Monfort, is a domestic terrorist. Why not Major Hasan? The Islamic affiliation is the only discernible difference.

The Seattle Police Department and the local news media have done an excellent job in identifying Monfort for what he is. Such individuals would be wolves that are easy to see if it were not for the liberal forests in which such radicals are found hiding.

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