Seattle a Sanctuary for Undocumented Criminals

Seattle is not exactly a cowboy town but a little like a rodeo.

Whether its marching in a “PRIDE” parade with your weapon in plain view or riding your Harley to Sturgis with the rest of the Iron Pigs, we all have our point of view.

Rebecca Griego also had a point of view. She wanted to be safe from a man that was stalking her. She obtained a Domestic Violence Protection Order. Nevertheless, she was murdered by a man that was known to be stalking her for a long time in Seattle:

Seattle newspapers reported Thursday morning that gunman Jonathan Rowan had been living in this country illegally for more than ten years. Stopped for drunken driving last June 30 by Seattle police, his residency status could have been determined, were it not for Seattle’s ridiculous policy. Generically called “Sanctuary Laws,” they tie the hands of police and allow foreign nationals a free pass to stay here illegally.

“Rowan was a prime example of why such ordinances (restricting right to carry) should be abolished. It is because of policies like this – that protect people like Rowan – that honest citizens want to arm themselves.”

“The Northwest has a particular problem with violent illegal aliens,” added CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron. “The last three peace officers killed in eastern Washington all died at the hands of illegal aliens.”

See also Months of Stalking.

You see Rebecca was shot by an illegal alien, Jonathan Rowan, who had been in the U.S. illegally for ten years. But Seattle is a Sanctuary City, one of many that refuses to report people to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)- not even people like Rowan that are required to be deported. Cities like Seattle and San Francisco just decide that they are not going to follow certain laws like when Mayor Newsom decided to ban all guns in San Francisco and marry same-sex couples.

It doesn’t matter to Mayors Nickels and Newsom what state and federal law says. It is no different than the pot smoker that thinks that pot is harmless and so it is alright to grow and smoke- except that the consequences get more serious when it is the government practicing “civil disobedience“.

You can ask Mrs. Bologna, the mother whose husband and son were gunned down by a deportable MS-13 member in the Potrero Hill District of San Francisco. Ask this lady that was a mother of four about the consequences of San Francisco’s policy that lead to three previous felony convictions for the MS-13 member, time served but no deportation by the feds because San Francisco refused to turn the alien over to the U.S. Immigration authorities.

See Father of 4 Son; Victims of Road Rage.

MS-13 is all over the country- even small towns and suburbs. They are like an army. Even if you could take away their guns, they actually prefer machetes. It is their trademark. At first, it seemed that Mr. Bologna did not back up his car fast enough and so they called it road rage. Later it turned out that, since Bologna and his sons are Hispanic-looking, their killer may have thought they were rival gang members. I wonder whether this fact makes a difference in his sentencing? As an Anglo-looking person, it makes me feel much more comfortable, especially when I think about the .45 caliber pistol at my side.

But you cannot ask Rebecca. If she were alive she might consider obtaining a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) before obtaining a Protection Order. Some domestic violence advocates will immediately react by protesting, “The statistics show that the stalker would probably use Rebecca’s own pistol against her!

Such objections reflect a preadolescent mode of thinking that is similar to the argument that we should abolish armies because war is bad for the world. Trying to explain that the world is not going to disarm is about as helpful as trying to explain why people can and should get professional training in self defense. Not martial arts- great discipline and karate and judo train the mind-and spirit I am told- but only slightly better than protection orders for stopping bullets!

The trouble is, Rebecca Griego is not alive. She is dead because of yet another grievous “liberal” policy promulgated by the Seattle City Council that permits illegal and often violent aliens to remain in the city.

If you know a woman with a clean record that wants to obtain a CPL and needs protection against violence or threats of violence from a stalker, ex-boyfriend or psychotic husband, we will provide self-defense training for her and make sure that she has legal representation. It is time that we fight back against predators in our streets and fight back against the predators in City Hall!

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