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Reprinted from King County Bar Association Bar Bulletin (September, 2011).

I read KCBA President Joe Bringman’s message in the Bar Bulletin (August, 2011 President’s Page). Many lawyers have the impression that the KCBA is taking political positions that conflict with the conservative principles which animate more than a few lawyers. The President’s comments related to state preemption of local gun control efforts might be commendable as an opinion piece or an expression of his personal opinion. Nevertheless, the fact that he was writing as President to KCBA members raises the issue of whether the President’s Page is an appropriate venue from which to advocate taking a questionable position regarding RCW 9.41.290. Continue reading “King County Lawyers Discuss Washington State Gun Law”

Fast & Furious; Jihad in Seattle, Mexican Border & Federal Government

Al Qaeda has successfully recruited Americans and American born Al Qaeda members are calling on recruits who were also born in the U.S. to attack their fellow Americans with automatic weapons. The successful attacks that killed 164 residents of Mumbai and wounded 300 with AK-47s and hand grenades have become a model for future jihad. One terrorist, Adam Gadahn, released an Al Qaeda video in which he stated that automatic weapons can be easily obtained at gun shows.

This misconception- the widespread belief that gun shows offer highly restricted full auto firearms for sale (illegal for most people to even possess)- has been repeated many times in the news media. I am a member of the Washington Arms Collectors and will attest that there are no machine guns for sale at WAC gun shows. WAC regulates its gun shows much more strictly than the BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, FIREARMS & EXPLOSIVES regulates its operations. Continue reading “Fast & Furious; Jihad in Seattle, Mexican Border & Federal Government”

Hoplophobia & the Road to Tyranny

Terms like homophobia have come to be the accepted nomenclature to describe anyone that opposes a political agenda that is advocated by the mavens of our American media-political complex. Control of the language ensures cultural dominance. For example, opposing government entitlement programs translates into hate for minorities. And many Americans are now convinced that actually enforcing immigration laws indicates fear of people that don’t speak English.

According to my sources, the Yiddish term “maven” became common in political parlance during the 1980s when William Safire, the Conservative mantelpiece at the New York Times, began describing himself as “the language maven“. A maven is someone who has a disproportionate influence on other members of his or her network. Continue reading “Hoplophobia & the Road to Tyranny”

Contoms Tactical Training for EMTs & Firefighters

Republished from Federal Way Mirror

Federal Way residents are encouraged to get Community Emergency Response Training, also known as CERT.

When I attended a few years back, I was surprised to learn that South King Fire and Rescue has a policy of not responding to emergencies where there is an imminent threat of violence. That makes sense because most firefighters and EMTs are not trained to deal with violence. Continue reading “Contoms Tactical Training for EMTs & Firefighters”

Open Carry, Latte Shots & Anti-Gun Agitators; The Day the Brady Bunch Came to Starbucks


Most of our readers recognize that the Federal Way Firearms Lawyer does not merely rant about guns. In fact most of our readership recognizes the column as a source of thought provoking insight into life’s weightier questions. The fact that this column is often a Socratic dialogue that transcends mundane commercial pursuits raises the question, “How can such an inquiry be relevant to the market place in which the need to make a buck is preeminent?”

Understanding the premises of the Firearms Lawyer blog requires unabashed bumper sticker logic starting with the following three precepts: Continue reading “Open Carry, Latte Shots & Anti-Gun Agitators; The Day the Brady Bunch Came to Starbucks”

Use of Silencers Soon to be Legal in Washington State

Christine Gregoire gave the legislature an additional thirty days- starting April 22nd- to produce a two-year state budget and it looks like the law makers finally have a budget after a special session that looked like it was about to go into another overtime. Gov. Gregoire signed three gun bills into law passed by lawmakers during the regular session. HB 1016 allows use of suppressors. Known as silencers, suppressors are common in many other states. Federal law requires some red tape with the BATFE, however. European gun enthusiasts have used silencers for years because it eliminates many of the complaints about noise that plague gun ranges. Continue reading “Use of Silencers Soon to be Legal in Washington State”

Law Classes for Armed Citizens Announced for Federal Way

Saturday, June 25th ADTA Law of Armed Defense Meeting:
Location: Regional Library at 34200 First Way South in Federal Way.

The class is for members, the public and especially for armed citizens interested in knowing more about armed defense of self and others! We will cover Washington laws pertaining to your duty to carry a firearm responsibly and how to deal with the legal decisions ypu will encounter before, during and after an actual defensive encounter in which you are armed with a gun. We will also invite you to join the Armed Defense Training Association at the meeting but we will not pressure anyone. Our nonprofit corporation provides opportunities to participate in shooting activities that develop action shooting and tactical skills. Continue reading “Law Classes for Armed Citizens Announced for Federal Way”

Congressman Adam Smith is a Red Diaper Doper Baby like Jim McDermott

Congressman Adam Smith really understands deficit spending well. He is making the rounds with pie charts, polls and statistics explaining how reducing the deficit needs a “constituency”, kind of like big oil, lower taxes or gay rights, for example. The last time there was supposedly a constituency for deficit reduction (according to Smith) was when Ross Perot was on the campaign trail! Continue reading “Congressman Adam Smith is a Red Diaper Doper Baby like Jim McDermott”

LEOSA Certification: From Federal Way to Federal Law Enforcement

Amended LEOSA Empowers Retired Law Enforcement

LEOSA has been around for about seven years now; most officers across many states aren’t very familiar with the law. Despite the 2010 amendments, understanding the LEOSA and related laws seems to be subject to some interpretation but we have received some help from a federal law enforcement officer who is also a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and NRA instructor. He keeps himself very well versed in Washington State and federal laws that relate to LEOSA.

Active and retired LEOs should fully educate themselves on the firearm laws of any jurisdiction in which they are traveling and strive to always be in compliance with the various laws because their knowledge is what will ultimately protect them. We choose to carry concealed firearms for one purpose- to preserve life. The moment when the off-duty officer or retiree has to present that firearm and pull the trigger is critical because whether he was fully justified or not, those moments may land him in court explaining his actions. Things will be far more complicated if the court finds that the officer or retiree was in illegal possession of that firearm when he made the decision to deploy deadly force. Continue reading “LEOSA Certification: From Federal Way to Federal Law Enforcement”

Deadly Force Training

The purpose of the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS’ SAFETY ACT OF 2004 (18 U.S.C. Sec. 926B and 926C) is to supplement active law enforcement personnel in order to deter crime and prevent terrorist activity. The federal law accomplishes this by anticipating that additional armed law enforcement personnel that have already been trained will be present within each jurisdiction as officers travel from one jurisdiction to another while on business, vacationing or for any other reason.

The Act authorizes retired officers and active police officers from any jurisdiction within the United States to carry a concealed firearm within any jurisdiction of the United States; thus, increasing the likelihood that an armed officer will be present if circumstances warrant appropriate use of armed force. The retired officer must qualify annually per the standards that officers are required to meet for firearms proficiency within the agency from which he or she retired. For a retired officer to carry a weapon in all fifty states, the federal statute requires: Continue reading “Deadly Force Training”