First Aid for Emergency Personnel & Armed Citizens in Federal Way

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I recently enjoyed the privilege of attending a National Tactical Officers Association convention in Seattle. My friend David Howlett from Next Level Training invited me to come over and see what the SWAT operators were checking out at the Washington State Convention Center. There were mobile fortresses that insert law enforcement onto buildings and all kinds of electronics, robots, First Aid systems, weapons and other equipment that most of us only get to see in movies!

Next Level Training, for example, makes the SIRT training pistol. Their core product is a laser pistol that has the same pull as a Glock pistol. The trigger is exactly like a Glock trigger and provides great dry fire training for LEOs and anyone else. This trigger time develops that smooth trigger pull that makes for success on the range. Continue reading “First Aid for Emergency Personnel & Armed Citizens in Federal Way”

The Muslim Brotherhood, Tarantulas & Wasps; Not Just Lara Logan’s War Cry

CBS News and “60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan went on the offensive against the Obama administration for false claims that the Obama administration has succeeded in weakening the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Logan ripped the administration for the way it has handled the war in Afghanistan and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

“I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand that there is a major lie being propagated,” Logan said about the administration touting the weakening of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Continue reading “The Muslim Brotherhood, Tarantulas & Wasps; Not Just Lara Logan’s War Cry”

Indoor Gun Range Opens in Federal Way

The whole United States is experiencing a historic wave of new shooters. Federal Way is now positioning itself to enjoy some of the money generaated by the firearms industry. Bellevue, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada are two examples of cities that have attracted successful gun related businesses. Potlatch, Idaho, a former timber town alongside the Clearwater National Forest, is one of a number of cities that areaggressively recruiting gun manufacturers and other gun related businesses. In fact, the whole state of idaho- and other states like Montana- have recognized the economic opportunity represented by America’s legacy of firearms freedom linked to the spirit of enterprise! Continue reading “Indoor Gun Range Opens in Federal Way”

SOG Weapons & Warfare

The only thing better than reading a good book may often be new friendships. I still have a book that opened my eyes to the fact that even in the age of helicopters and other mechanized warfare there are warriors in our midst that are akin to famous scouts like Kit Carson and Daniel Boone. LOW LEVEL HELL is the true story of a LOACH helicopter pilot, Hugh Mills, Jr., who would fly along enemy trails below the tree line and report back signs of the enemy during the Vietnam War. Continue reading “SOG Weapons & Warfare”

Service Clubs of Federal Way Unite!


DENNIS R JARACZESKI started the Federal Way Service Club Network about four years ago with Bob Darrigan of Lions Club, Wayne Triplett of Morning Kiwanis and Dick Meyer. Dennis is a member of the Noon Rotary. His club and Sunrise Rotary- which meets in the morning- recently merged. Byron Hiller of Sunrise Rotary was actually the first person to broach the idea of creating an entity with the objective of getting an indoor range for Federal Way.

The fact that Byron helped to found the ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION– and has also played a huge role in ADTA activities, demonstrates a historical truth that has been demonstrated over and over again. The leaders in the community, like Noon Kiwanis President Gordie Olson and SKFR Deputy Chief Gordie Olson- already so busy with official duties- are also volunteering through churches, schools, clubs, unions and other associations. They commit massive time to make Federal Way a better place to play, work, live and worship. Continue reading “Service Clubs of Federal Way Unite!”

Federal Way Service Clubs United Against Gun Safety?

Federal Way Mirror

Apparently, the Armed Defense Training Association does not qualify as a service club because our focus is only on protecting life and not on feeding the homeless or providing scholarships for education.

A Federal Way Rotary Club member was actually the first person to suggest starting the Armed Defense Training Association in order get an indoor range going in Federal Way.

All these service clubs commit massive time to make Federal Way a better place to play, work, live and worship. A few of the clubs- like Rotary and Kiwanis- have provided me with the privilege of speaking at their meetings about firearms-related subjects, including the reasons that armed citizens are an important component of public safety.

Nevertheless, influential folks from more than one of the well known charity groups in Federal Way have stated unequivocally that their organization is not involved in education about gun safety- and evidently many of these groups presently have no wish to promote gun safety! Continue reading “Federal Way Service Clubs United Against Gun Safety?”

Under Attack: Self-Defense for Sikhs, Christians, Jews & Muslims


First Aurora, Colorado shocked the nation and now a shooting at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin is creating an international furor over U.S. gun laws. An active shooter in suburban Milwaukee murdered six people and three others were critically wounded, including Oak Creek Police Officer Lt. Brian Murphy.

Lt. Brian Murphy ran to the scene of the shooting at the Sikh temple and was helping a victim when the gunman shot him. Another police officer engaged the killer and stopped further loss of life by ending the life of Wade Michael Page. Continue reading “Under Attack: Self-Defense for Sikhs, Christians, Jews & Muslims”

Federal Way Looking at Partnership With Corporate Vocational Programs

Time Magazine just published an article dealing with vocational education on a Navajo reservation in Kayenta, Ariz. A $2.4 million agricultural and technical-sciences building may be the best thing that ever happened for students seeking jobs that pay good wages. Vocational programs also create spectacular academic results. “Nearly every one of these kids passed the state comprehensive test we give to 17-year-olds in Arizona,” a superintendant told Joe Klein. “Less than about 40% of my non-vocational-education students passed.” Continue reading “Federal Way Looking at Partnership With Corporate Vocational Programs”

Kids, Competition & Guns in Federal Way: Training is Important to Character


A friend sent me an email asking whether he can bring his 10-year-old son to the Armed Defense Training Association event on May 3.

He and his son have been watching “Top Shot” since the show’s second season and have been cheering for Federal Way Police Cmdr. Kyle Sumpter this season.

I told my friend that the ADTA is still discussing ways for youth to get involved in actual shooting events. Meanwhile, we encourage parents to bring kids of all ages to hear our local “Top Shot” contestant talk about his experience on the popular History Channel program. Continue reading “Kids, Competition & Guns in Federal Way: Training is Important to Character”

Federal Way Women Buying Guns

Republished from the Firearms Lawyer/Federal Way Mirror

This year, the day after Thanksgiving saw Americans finally getting back to the business Americans love: Shopping!

FBI statistics show that a new record was set during that one Friday for background check requests from gun buyers. There were 129,166 requests to the NICS. That was a third more than the previous all-time record of 97,848 on Black Friday 2008. On Black Friday last year, there were 87,061 requests.

Some of the buyers believe that stockpiling guns is a better way to prepare for hard times than gold. Nevertheless, many of those shopping for guns at several gun stores in the Federal Way area were almost certainly women purchasing guns for their own protection. Continue reading “Federal Way Women Buying Guns”