When Things Go Well for the Righteous

The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.

Proverbs 21:31
King James Version (KJV)

The ultimate force is love. Everything we do has to be motivated by love. That is why we constructed this site. To express love for our community, our servicemen and law enforcement; to encourage sensible solutions to the threats that seem to be gathering.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2

We can blow the trumpet until we are blue in the face but if it is not motivated by love, we have accomplished nothing.

So why does our site advocate self-defense? Continue reading “When Things Go Well for the Righteous”

Cold Dead Hands and the Civil Rights Movement

What do Charlton Heston and Rev. Martin Luther King have in common? Along with the fact that both men pursued callings in which they portrayed the Biblical role of Moses descending from the mountain top, both men were committed to the struggle for civil rights. In fact, Heston marched with Rev. King in the South and often stated that his commitment to Second Amendment issues was a natural corollary to the struggle for racial equality. The history of that struggle reveals that Heston was not engaging in mere NRA rhetoric. Continue reading “Cold Dead Hands and the Civil Rights Movement”

Federal Way Communicating Strategically via Twitter

Twitter is useful for emergency preparedness, reacting to rapidly changing events and strategic responses to various threats and opportunities. The following is a copy of my last Tweet @FirearmsLawyer:

MBRs $10 @Bunyan range Mar.23/30- Mar.23rd/30th event http://tinyurl.com/ArmedDefenseOrg
#ArmedDefense #FederalWay #NRA #shootonthemove #SOTM

Please note that the message above is an example of a Tweet that could help us with our problem of telling ADTA MBRs about a change in the upcoming events schedule. Federal Way and surrounding communities can also use it to coordinate emergency response efforts or churches can use it to organize an evangelistic mission. I know the Tweet seems almost like code at first glance (or gibberish) but it has to be 140 characters or less. Continue reading “Federal Way Communicating Strategically via Twitter”

Armed Defense Training Association’s Events at Paul Bunyan

We canceled the Law of Armed Defense Class previously scheduled for April 2 but will be announcing the new date and location very soon. Watch the ADTA calendar page for this and other upcoming events.

Members of the Armed Defense Training Association recently participated in two live-fire events at Paul Bunyan Range in Puyallup. Dave Farrow and Bruce Wood, both experienced USPSA competitors and Range Officers, ran the courses of fire for the ADTA. Additionally, Dave is President of Paul Bunyan and Chairman of USPSA activities at Paul Bunyan. Continue reading “Armed Defense Training Association’s Events at Paul Bunyan”

Preemption: Washington Cities Violate State Gun Law

Attorneys for various municipalities around Washington State have issued legal opinions that RCW 9.41.290 “only applies to the regulation of firearms themselves” and “excludes regulations that only secondarily affect firearms… that do not embody a punitive regulation”. The Washington State Attorney General’s Office issued a legal opinion last week that thoroughly rebuts such opinions based on Cherry v Metro and another case that dealt with certain narrow issues applied to a venue for a gun show leased from the City of Sequim, washington. Continue reading “Preemption: Washington Cities Violate State Gun Law”

Texas Rangers Were Once Volunteer Minutemen

Robert M. Utley is a historian that appreciates the part that firearms technology had in transforming the Old West into what we know today. It is hard to imagine a more appropriate arena in which to study the impact of innovation on a society than Texas in the Eighteen Hundreds. The story of innovation in the design of pistols and rifles contributes a great deal to the story of how Texas acquired its renowned character as a state. Continue reading “Texas Rangers Were Once Volunteer Minutemen”

Protecting Human Life vs Genocide: All About Values


Click on the link above and you can see the site from which we obtain all the great posters. There is much more. The Second Amendment is the original Pro-Life Amendment and expresses a fundamental human right that is bestowed by God (thus, it is inalienable, according to the Founding Fathers). Armed self-defense has proven much more effective than the United Nations in preventing genocide. Just read Samantha Power’s article on the UN’s record in Rwanda for fighting genocide. It could be argued that the UN enabled those that would engage in ethnic cleansing. And there seems to be a pattern where the United Nations is concerned. Continue reading “Protecting Human Life vs Genocide: All About Values”

Federal Way Needs a Shooting Range

People ask me whether Front Sight training is as good as advertised; i.e., will it get you shooting better than a SWAT officer? Our skills improved considerably and the instruction is first rate but I don’t think I am close to being ready for SWAT duty!

I was surprised that the four-day handgun class at Front Sight did not include any shooting from cover. There was a great deal of emphasis on clearing jams quickly and extensive drilling with targets until we could draw from concealment and make headshots in about two seconds. By the time we were tested, I was getting worse rather than better. Maybe fatigue, maybe stress or both. I attended a two-day tactical shot gun class at Front Sight last spring and the instructors really made me work then, too. Continue reading “Federal Way Needs a Shooting Range”