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Critical Thinking, Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky in 2016
03/21/15 @ 01:03:21 am, Categories: Announcements [A], 942 words   English (US)

We surveyed several high school girls in Federal Way with a few simple historical questions like which came first- the Civil War or WW II.

See video of Texas Tech Survey.

One girl in our unscientific survey knew the Civil War came before WW II but had to think about it- a lot. She remembered Harriet Tubman from Black Studies and that jogged her recollection. The video linked above exemplifies the same kind of results we discovered in Federal Way

Most of the HS students in Federal Way get taught much about critical thinking and diversity- both very big with modern educators; history is just for senior year, or so the Federal Way high school students claim. Supposedly knowing the difference between an ad hominem argument and a priori reasoning is more important than knowing any facts.

The trouble with such sophistry is that you can use critical thinking to convince someone of anything. Or just persuade them into nihilism if you are working with a blank slate in the first place. Biases like honoring your parents, loving your country and rejecting the evils that were rejected as evil by your forefathers are safeguards against intellectual chaos and know-nothingism.

When kids have some experience and know some facts they can actually exercise the “critical thinking” process to assess shortcomings in what they receive from traditional wisdom. Critical thinking would be relatively harmless if it were not for the fact that many of the teachers have been so radicalized by diversity training, Black studies, Chicano studies, neo-Marxist analysis and other anti-American biases.

It is amazing that more kids are not going on shooting rampages. Taking God and the Bible out of schools doesn’t really help either.

There is a whole branch of feminism that is also Marxist. None of these “studies” come labeled as Marxist or radical but they all employ the critical thinking process to deconstruct everything we try to teach kids at home.

Since most of us were also educated into the new “Progressive” agenda, we need to use critical thinking to see through the agenda. Critical thinking can be good or bad; i.e., it is only a process and can be used to reach almost any conclusion. Especially when you eliminate any facts that are deemed to be biased just because they are traditional. On the other hand, innovative social ideas are deemed to be inherently progressive, modern and imminently worth entertaining with a dialogue that usually engenders more Progressive foolishness.

Most of the present diatribe is just an overwrought version of the truth my mom tried to teach me when I was in the process of chasing after radical ideologies and hanging out with radicals. I met all kinds of hippies and radicals around Old Town in Chicago. Now I am convinced my mom should go back and teach people like Hillary Clinton what my mom (who grew up in Park Ridge and went to Maine East where she met my dad who was from Des Plaines) taught me!

There really are people trying to steal what we received from our forefathers and we are starting to see the tragic results. They aren’t people like Khrushchev or some commissars in Red China. People like the Clintons, the Obama True Believers and even some Republicans are just as subversive as Chairman Mao ever was.

Many people now tell me our President is Islamic. I disagree and still think he is Communist or Socialist with a soft spot for all kinds of terrorists. To me, Communist and Socialist are academic distinctions. The way the Obama administration has encouraged the racial strife in Ferguson, MO and other places along with the Obama Administration’s anti-police rhetoric is a harbinger of violence to come.

The only possible distinction between Communism and Socialism is that Communists profess to believe in violent revolution. But they also resort to disguising their beliefs and will even profess to be Socialists, Progressives, Democrats or even Republicans if it suits their purposes.

Do you know who Saul Alinsky is?

A very famous Chicago Communist, Alinsky died many years ago. Nevertheless, Saul Alinsky is still somewhat famous because President Obama learned community organizing under some of the organizations that followed Alinsky’s strategies outlined in the book, Rules for Radicals.

Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis about him and actually worked in Alinsky’s operations before she took off for law school at Yale!

Mrs. Clinton was recruited into Alinsky’s operations in her Methodist Church right in Park Ridge where I went to high school. She graduated the year I started so we were not at Maine South at the same time.

I read her senior thesis written while she was at Wellesley College. It is about Saul Alinsky’s life and community organizing srategies. Very interesting! It makes my case better than I could explain it in 20,000 words or more. See the link to the thesis above.

We now have leaders who have values that are as chaotic and dangerous as the values I rejected. I repudiated all of my leftwing and hippy beliefs after I received Christ as my Lord and Savior. It would be a good thing for our nation if some of our leaders would also repent!

But what of our children? The so-called critical thinking that has replaced traditional educational values rooted in traditional American heritage have left our students poorly prepared to question the premises of their teachers who teach that the United States is a nation of genocide and greed. No wonder things are coming apart and our leaders seem more like adolescent children having a food fight when so many important issues confront the nation.

The DaVinci Code: Calling Card of New World Order Deception
03/10/15 @ 01:36:26 pm, Categories: Announcements [A], 660 words   English (US)

Anyone that has read The DaVinci Code has already been introduced to the teachings of several secret societies that go by various names and coverings.

The Merovingian Bloodline is an esoteric doctrine and network of secret societies that have a pedigree relating back to a time before Charlemagne, during the time when King Dagobert II and his descendants were attempting to perpetuate the succession of the royal bloodline to the Frankish throne by claiming a genetic connection to Christ via Mary Magdalene.

Much of the supposed factual basis for these claims comes from material constituting various branches of Satanism, UFO “studies” and New Age religious teaching. There may still be powerful political and ancient family interests in Europe that are preparing to lay the groundwork for similar claims in order to reinforce and augment the claims of some future European strongman.

It seems unlikely that a European Union leader would directly make a claim to be descended from Christ. Insinuating a connection to an extra-terrestrial race is not that different than the European monarchies’ historical tradition of claiming quasi-divine status.

Whatever developments may occur in Continental Europe,“The DaVinci Code” and the so-called history book “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” from which Dan Brown obtained his blasphemous ideas have already created a predisposition in the popular imagination toward deception. The Bible teaches that God himself will send strong deception on those who are willfully ignorant of the things of God.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail is based on a pseudo-historical hoax. Written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, the supposed facts actually mine a wide vein of deceptions pertaining to the “Priory of Sion” in France that have allegedly been part and parcel of the European darkside for centuries. The exact origin of many of these fables is hard to determine because of the long time prevalence of secret societies in Europe that promulgate all kinds of disinformation!

Many New Age followers believe that a Messianic Avatar will soon make his/her appearance to initiate the Age of Aquarius and set up a government along the same Utopian principles articulated in Aldous Huxley’s novels. This Messianic-figure, sometimes referred to as “Matreiya” is already being promoted under the auspices of a UN-sponsored world religion that is a synthesis of world religious traditions emphasising humanity and human values at the expense of traditional orthodoxy.

The emphasis of such teaching is on feelings and occasionally supernatural manifestations of the “spiritual” that may lead to Spiritualist practices in our churches.

It is fair to conclude that the unwritten subscript of upcoming elections is really about whether we will continue to be governed by traditional concepts of rights and duties, checks and balances and the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution. Or will we embrace the New World Order managed by a coming Messianic leader that will perform miracles and legitimize unprecedented authority over the governments of the world by claiming ties to divine power originating from a humanistic supernatural vision of human destiny.

Once you understand the underlying spiritual issues, all the weirdness starts to make sense. And if it all seems harmless, remember that the Third Reich was ushered in during just such a time as this.

Margaret Sanger was an influential thinker who successfully advocated for laws that forced poor blacks and other groups of “defectives” to become sterlized against their will; Sanger was a forerunner to the racial theorists of the Third Reich- in fact, the Nazis quoted Sanger profusely.

Planned Parenthood has its roots in Sanger’s theories and that is why even crushing the head of a baby during birth (partial-birth abortion) is a procedure for which Pro-Death activists will fight vigorously.

We should shun anything that has to do with such deceptions and be very careful about subscribing to conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, the Scripture instructs us to expose the works of darkness and to be vigilant because the devil is constantly seeking to deceive the very elect.

The Merovingian Bloodline
03/10/15 @ 01:33:52 pm, Categories: Announcements [B], 902 words   English (US)

The “Merovingian Bloodline” is an esoteric doctrine and network of secret societies that have a pedigree purporting to relate back to a time before Charlemagne. King Dagobert II and his descendants used such fables to perpetuate the succession of their royal bloodline. They insinuated that the dynasty’s claim to the Frankish throne was bolstered by a genetic connection to Christ via Mary Magdalene.

There are powerful political and ancient family interests in Europe that are preparing to lay a similar groundwork. Expect to soon hear rumors and suggestions, perhaps with signs or miracles, that certain leaders have a connection to extra-terrestrial civilzations. Such claims are essential for the European Union to acheive its dream of embracing a future European strongman.

It seems unlikely that a European Union leader would directly make a claim to be descended from Christ. Insinuating a connection to an extra-terrestrial race is not that different than the European monarchies’ historical tradition of claiming quasi-divine status. The so called history book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, has already created a predisposition in the popular imagination toward the idea that there are old families in Europe that are descended from Christ himself.

The authors of the book even suggest that those descendants might be intentionally creating clues to their own existence after remaining secret for many years. The claim is that the past secrecy is due to the Catholic Church persecution of the Priory of Sion and the divine Merovingian bloodline for disclosing the alleged fact that Christ did not die on the cross!

Holy Blood, Holy Grail” is a based on a pseudo-historical hoax. Written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, the supposed facts actually mine a wide vein of deceptions pertaining to the “Priory of Sion” in France that have allegedly been part and parcel of the European darkside for centuries. The exact origin of many of these fables is hard to determine because of the long time prevalence of secret societies in Europe that promulgate all kinds of disinformation!

The mark of deceptive religion is often not denying Christ but an emphasis on feelings and Spiritualist practices. I have not seen any Evangelical churches that try to communicate with the dead but an emphasis on inner peace often compromises the call for believers to actively contend with evil forces in the world around us. The Book of Proverbs states:

Those who forsake the law praise the wicked; those who uphold the law contend with them!

Churches that refuse to speak to the life and death issues of the day, like abortion, often also avoid taking strong positions on Bible doctrine. Germany was full of Christians who acquiesced as the racial theories of the German National Socialist Worker’s Party became part of the German National Church, a Lutheran organization that traditionally had legal ties to the German government.

At first glance, churches in the United States are not entangled with the government. Neverthless, the threat of losing tax exemptions and other pressures and influences are compromising the call for our churches to take a prophetic stand regarding the issues of our day.

Traditional concepts of rights and duties, checks and balances and the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution protect our ability to spread the Gospel. The American Church has reached across the globe to bring the Gospel message of deliverance in most places. Are we now to acquiesce in a New World Order managed by false prophets and leaders that promise to perform miracles? Any suggestions that a leader has ties to divinity or a superior race lead us back to the time when aristocrats claimed a Divine Rights of Kings. With reinforcement from the Church in Rome, Charlemagne, Dagobert and their offspring claimed a Holy Roman Empire which was neither holy nor Roman!

Our forefathers staked their lives, their fortunes and honor on the premise that ordinary men and women could govern themselves if we would just remain submitted to Biblical morality and eschew any religion not revealed in the Scripture.

Now the history books are being rewritten. But the ancient landmarks cannot be removed because many Americans are presently in the same state of mind that existed in the 13 colonies right before the American Revolutionary War. British soldiers attempted to dragoon the colonials into giving up American arms stored in local armories around cities like Boston. But the new breed of colonists had decided that their ancient rights trumped the claims of kings, those with aristocratic pedigrees and even Acts of Parliament!

Racism goes hand in hand with claims of aristocratic genealogy because genetics is always close to the heart of elitists. Even in America we are starting to see families like the Bush family and the Clintons achieving influence that could become the basis for a new aristocracy.

The U.S. Progressive, Margaret Sanger, founded Planned Parenthood, and advocated improvement of the human race by genetic engineering called Eugenics. She was an influential thinker who successfully advocated forced sterilization for poor blacks and other groups of “defectives“); Sanger was a forerunner to the racial theorists of the Third Reich- in fact, the Nazis quoted Sanger profusely.

We should shun anything that has to do with such deceptions and be very careful about subscribing to conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, the Scripture instructs us to expose the works of darkness and to be vigilant because the devil is constantly seeking to deceive the very elect.

02/20/15 @ 04:11:37 pm, Categories: b2evolution, 8 words   English (US)

Employment discrimination, NFA gun trusts & Second Amendment.

02/20/15 @ 04:04:38 pm, Categories: b2evolution, 7 words   English (US)

Aggressive representation with a passion for justice.

02/20/15 @ 03:57:44 pm, Categories: b2evolution, 22 words   English (US)

Law Office of Mark Knapp PLLC combines criminal defense with a passion for civil rights and principles of justice under Constitutional law.

Laws of Armed Defense Class in Spokane Valley
01/16/15 @ 12:19:05 pm, Categories: Announcements [A], 191 words   English (US)

The Law Office of Mark Knapp PLLC will present the Laws of Armed Defense in the Spokane area on Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 6:00 PM. The class at CenterPlace Regional Event Center in Spokane Valley will cover legal aspects that you need to know if you are preparing to own a gun for self-defense and is geared toward protection of yourself and other members of your family.

• What to consider if you plan to wear a pistol
for self defense;

• Legal training: before, during and after
confronting deadly force;

• When and how to deploy deadly force to
defend yourself or loved ones;

• Interacting with law enforcement when
carrying a weapon;

• Understand the psychology of stress under fire;

• Aftermath of the self-defense encounter.

Class taught by
Mark Knapp

Washington State
Firearms Lawyer

CenterPlace Regional Event Center
2426 N. Discovery Place • Spokane Valley, WA 99216
February 5, 2015

6:00-8:00 PM.

$49/person or $79/two people signed up together.

Contact by phone or email with questions or to sign up in advance.

All preregistration and checks must be received by Feb. 1; any payments received after Feb. 1 shall be paid at the door with an additional walk-in fee of $10.00.

Email: mark@firearmslawyer.net • 253-202-2081 •

Philippine President Supports Pinoy Guns
01/11/15 @ 01:01:09 am, Categories: Announcements [B], 979 words   English (US)

A few years back, the Philippine National Police decided not to ban Filipino citizens from carrying pistols in public. The PNP issued and enforced a six-month ban during the last presidential election with a proposal to make the ban permanent. President Benigno Aquino took office on June 30, 2010 and very diplomatically pointed out why the ban was not an answer to crime in the Philippines. The previous president, an anti-gun advocate, was severely discredited when the Ampatuans, her political machine in the Maguindanoa area of Mindanoa, allegedly committed a massacre against the Ampatuan dynasty’s political opponents. The trial commenced September 8, 2010 and is till gearing up for some trials in 2015! Many of the victims were journalists.

President Aquino, the Supreme Court chief justice and other influential figures have been frequent visitors to gun shows in recent years, according to Philippine gun rights activists. Experts at the gun shows lecture on legal aspects of gun ownership, sports shooting and how to maintain a firearm.

In the Philippines, any citizen that can afford the relatively expemsive fees can get a license to own a conventional gun, subject to a police clearance and other security checks. The law allows people to carry guns outside their homes if they can prove to police they may need to use it in self-defence. Lawyers, judges, businessmen and even journalists walk the streets with guns.

There are about 1.3 million licensed firearms in the Philippines, with 600,000 in the hands of private citizens and the rest held by the military, police and other law-enforcement agencies, according to police estimates.

There is roughly one firearm in circulation for every 40 Filipinos when you count all the weapons for which there are no permits.

Every time there is an election a ban gets imposed but after the last election the PNP proposed a permanent ban- at least on “Away From Home” permits.

Noynoy” said that he was not in favor of a total gun ban in the Philippines because it might not be the answer to the crime situation.

Away From Home” permits are so expensive that only the rich can afford them and permits to keep firearms in the home are renewed annually for about $100.00 for each weapon! “Away From Home” permits are much like concealed carry licenses in the U.S. but cost about $200.00 per year on top of the annual fees required just to own each firearm! Keeping a gun in your home requires a psychological examination and enough red tape to choke a caribow- the Philippine water buffalo that still accomplishes much of the work done by tractors in more industrialized nations.

There are also limits on how many weapons of different calibers Pinoys can own. One small caliber pistol- e.g. .22 caliber- one small caliber rifle and one high power pistol and one high power rifle. If you don’t have an Away From Home permit, you have to make arrangements with the police in advance just to transport your unloaded weapons to the range!

Almost every time there is an election the national police and/or the President (by executive order) temporarily bans weapons outside the home and roadblocks go up with inspections to enforce the bans. Sometimes the ban is short lived and other times the temporary ban goes on indefinitely! If you have friends in high places, however, it probably just isn’t a big deal!

The country only has 250,000 security forces to protect some 100 million Filipinos, according to Aquino. In Southern Mindanao, Islamic rebels have recently invaded villages and taken local people hostage during battles with the AFP. Additionally, Communist NPA rebels are still active in the mountains and many provincial and rural areas. Given this situation, Aquino said the response time would be much slower.

He said that if laws are rigidly enforced, good police work can solve crimes committed by outlaws. Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel, on the other hand, advocated banning guns on the streets “to ensure peace”.

The NPA assassins, or “Sparrows“, reportedly deploy 1911 style .45 pistols with grip safeties taped down. The Sparrow team approaches a vehicle that is stopped in traffic. The weapon is worn inside the wasteband under the belly. One hand inside the pants pocket pushes the weapon upward into the other hand and the executions occur with a well-practiced outward snap of the arms in traffic at busy times of the day.

Some local governments support citizen paramilitary forces such as the Civilian Home Defense Force and its successor, the Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Units.

Extra-judicial killings promote rumors that government forces paticipate in terrorist attacks. Accusations are also rampant that the leftists attack their own sympathizers and then blame attacks on government troops!

The Peaceful, Responsible (pro-gun) Owners of Guns thought the proposals were “impractical and unrealistic”. But Malacañang (the counterpart to our White House) directed PNP Director Gen. Jesus Versoza to make sure that all sides were heard and all opinions weighed.

Certain lawyers’ and judges’ groups pressed Gen. Versoza to lift the total gun ban.

Executive Secretary Leandro Mendoza said. “In my experience, the issue is really equally divided on both sides. The decision is not easy to make.” He claimed to see merit in the argument of legal gun owners that a total ban would only benefit criminals who do not care about regulations.

Do the police actually make the laws in the Philippines? Some Filipinos threatened to file suit against the PNP if it insisted on a gun ban extending beyond June 9, 2010.

We are not only fighting to allow us to carry our firearms but to protect our lives,” said lawyer Banjo Navarro III, A2S5 Coalition interim spokesman. Indeed, Philippine journalists have been assassinated in numbers that compare with countries like Iraq and Russia. On Nov. 23, 2009, 31 journalists were killed at one time in the above referenced massacre in Mindanao. Sadly, political assassination will remain a way of life in the Philippines.

Seattle Area Schools Should Prepare for Beslan-style Terror Attacks
12/10/14 @ 01:37:06 pm, Categories: Announcements [A], 457 words   English (US)

Terror at Beslan by John Giduck discusses the terrorist attack on Russian school children. The author is a security professional with extensive law enforcement background and the book contains law enforcement related analysis related to the difficulties of handling a hostage situation (or multiple coordinated situations) where the hostage-takers have already determined that they want to cause maximum harm to children.

One very important point that is easy to overlook is how volunteers, many of whom were armed Russian civilians, made the job in Beslan more difficult for the professionals. One role that armed citizens like our local Armed Defense Training Association members can provide- in the event that terrorists ever get hold of a school- is to encourage parents and others at the scene to cooperate with the police. We should also be prepared to conduct surveillance of the environment outside the areas of police control.

The vicinity around the school, including the parents and media people that gather near the school, will almost certainly contain observers working with the terrorists inside the school. Additionally secondary attacks are often planned against first responders. The police will have their own surveillance detection in the area but they can’t see everything.

A few years ago, I attended a class on surveillance detection that was provided jointly by state, local and federal governments at Federal Way City Hall. Just being alert, calm and cooperative with the police helps a great deal. The anxiety and clamor from the public at large can add to the chaos of such a tragedy during rapidly changing situations!

Hopefully, if anything ever happens here, our local ADTA members will have enough credibility with law enforcement and the whole community that we can play a role by just telling anxious parents and other Federal Way residents why we all need to be cooperative, calm and vigilant.

Getting to know your local police so that they know you understand the dynamics of such a situation is important. The professionals need to understand that we are part of the solution and not potential problems like some of the volunteers at Beslan that kept shooting into the school from behind the police lines inadvertently killing some first responders!

I am convinced the U.S. will experience the kind of attacks experienced in Mumbai and Beslan.

Initially, the armed citizen may be the best chance of throwing the plans of the terrorists out of whack. One armed citizen stands little chance of surviving or even stopping the initial attack but, like the author says, there are worst fates than dying violently.

We need training based on realistic scenarios in order to train like we will fight if we knew our kids were going to be tortured and killed!

12/04/14 @ 01:24:38 pm, Categories: Announcements [A], 492 words   English (US)

I heard a story on NPR about a NYC cop sent to a psych ward for blowing the whistle on the police administration in New York City. He had called attention to the City’s manipulation of crime data. The story is very well documented regarding NYC law enforcement’s policy of under-reporting serious crimes!

What do folks that live around Chicago think about the high rate of violent crime, including but not limited to gun violence, that still exists there? It seems like Chicagoans have just become numb. But most the rest of the nation is saying, “This is why we are not going along with Chicago-style gun control!

Shameless manipulation of statistics in Rahm Emanuel’s blood-soaked Windy City?

Chicago Mayor Emanuel is bragging because the first three months of 2013 saw the Chicago murder rate go down to 70. Michelle Malkin points out that in 2012, Chicago racked up the nation’s deadliest death toll, with 506 of its residents murdered. The murder rate has simply returned to business as usual in 2013. Here are the first-quarter death toll breakdowns for 2009-2013:

2013: 70

2012: 120

2011: 75

2010: 75

2009: 70

Last year, there were at least 17 new laws enacted since Sandy Hook- all granting state residents more firearms freedom and demonstrating that most states continue to become less restrictive regarding firearms because crime rates go down when the people are enpowered to defend ourselves and our communities.

Only a few states are going in the direction of more restrictions. Does anyone really believe that if honest Americans disarm, cities like New York and Chicago will be safer? A good title for a movie would be, “WINDY CITY WITH THE BLOODY TATTOO”.

According to the Wall Street Journal on April 4, 2013: Arkansas eliminated prohibitions on carrying firearms in churches and on college campuses. South Dakota authorized school boards to arm teachers. Tennessee passed a law allowing workers to bring guns to work and store them in their vehicles, even if their employer objects. Kentucky shortened the process for obtaining licenses to carry a concealed gun.

Expanded gun rights in recent years have accelerated since Mr. Obama pledged to use the “full force” of his office to tighten limits after 20 children and six adult staffers were killed at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

On the other hand, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Washington, the people enacted I-594, which requires a background check for any transfer of a firearm, even if temporary. Law enforcement groups opposed it and now everyone is scrambling to figure out how to comply.

The initiative was drafted by liberal ideologues and has so many conflicting provisions that it seems unlikely that it is even enforceable. It would never have passed if politicians had to stake their careers on the outcome. Now they may have to try to save it by revamping major sections of the law before the courts rule that it is void for vagueness and un-Constitutional.

Woe to him that builds a town with blood, and establishes a city by iniquity! -Habakkuk 2:12


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