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We want to find out what disaster preparedness officials are doing at all levels of government, police and military. And what are the people doing at the grassroots? What do you think needs to be done? Are we safe under the current arrangements? Should we leave the job of keeping us safe to the government? Then why are the federal, state and local governments spending billions to tell we the people to get ready? Maybe we should start heeding the official advice and practice some local homeland security! All good government starts in the family and with neighbors.


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“Instruct the Israelites to bring you clear oil of beaten olives for lighting, to cause the lamp TO BURN ALWAYS. Aaron and his sons shall set them up in the Tent of Meeting, outside the curtain which is before the Ark of the Pact, to burn from evening to morning before the LORD. It shall be a due from the Israelites FOR ALL TIME, throughout the ages.”

[Exodus (Shemot) 27. 20 - 21 Tanakh, Torah]

The following account of the Maccabean battles is primarily from the “Battles of the Battle”, by Chaim Herzog and Mordechai Gichon. The authors state that the purpose of the book is “to narrate the military history of the Bible in terms of modern military concepts and accepted terminology.” In the present essay we will suggest some examples as to how the Maccabean battles speak to principles of warfare over the centuries with special emphasis on the subject of how volunteer militia units stack up against professional armies.

There are issues of technology, intelligence and tactics but morale is also important. When a people suddenly confronts a foreign occupation force, what are the sources for building the quality of morale that it takes to face a determined and well-trained professional foe?

Herzog, who authored the chapters related to Maccabees, fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War as an officer in the battles for Latrun. He performed intelligence functions during World War II. From 1948 through 1962, Herzog was head of the IDF Military Intelligence Branch. He served as head of the Israeli Defense Forces again from 1959 to 1962 and retired with the rank of Major-General.

When the Revolt commenced in 167 BC, it had been four hundred years since any organized Jewish force had taken up arms. Bible readers will recall that when Israel became apostate by worshipping foreign “gods”, she was divided. The people of Yahweh were divided into two kingdoms- the Northern and Southern kingdoms- and then were separately taken into captivity. Cyrus, the Emperor of the Persians, a pluralistic society, sent the captive Israelites back to rebuild Jersusalem.

By the time of the Maccabean revolt, many centuries after Nehemia and Ezra had restored the Temple in Jerusalem, Alexander and his army had swept across Persia and Mesopotamia wielding Hellenistic culture.

The importance of Israel’s confrontation with Greek culture and philosophy in understanding the history of Israel cannot be overestimated. The Hellenistic mores, world view and policy objectives considerably outlasted Alexander’s lifetime.

Alexander divided his legendary empire among four generals. The Egyptian-based Ptolemies were rivals of the Seleucid Empire, based in Syria. Jerusalem and Judea were under the jurisdiction of the Ptolemies (a dynasty also descending from one of Alexander’s four successors). When Antiochus III wrested Palestine from the Ptolemies, he would have had a Jewish problem on his hands but followed a policy similar to the Romans who came later; i.e., a policy of allowing the Jews limited autonomy and religious tolerance.

Antiochus III reigned in a time when the power of Rome had not risen to the point where the Judeans constituted a threat to the Seleucids. When Antiochus IV came to power in 175 BC, Syria was faced with global threats to its trade routes running through Palestine; with the Ptolemies threatening in the south, and aggressive Romans, Parthians and Persians pressuring Syria’s other borders, Antiochus determined to enforce cultural uniformity.

The Seleucid authorities took over the priesthood and Hellenized the Temple worship in Jerusalem and a split occurred between Jews who compromised with the Greek culture and anti-Hellenist traditionalists, eschewing foreign culture and religion. The split became an open revolt at a time when the Syrian forces(Seleucid army troops) were retreating from a failed siege in Egypt (under impending threat of Roman intervention). The irate Antiochus Epiphanes ordered strong measures in Jerusalem. Syrian troops massacred the Jewish population there.

What followed came to be known by Jesus and present day Bible teachers as “the Abomination of Desolation”. The Temple of Solomon was relegated to the cult of Zeus and desecrated by sacrifices of swine. This set the stage for the appearance of an amazing breed of Jewish warriors that had not been seen since the ancient days of Israel’s Judges in before the advent of the Kingdom of Israel.

The Antiochus administration dispatched an officer named Apelles to the rural village of Modiin in order to suppress any Judaistic practices in the countryside. The means of ensuring that submission to Hellenistic culture was without reservation on the part of the Jewish underclass was to set up an altar and order Mattathias, the local Jewish priest, to sacrifice and eat the swine flesh. Mattathias refused.

When a more compliant fellow stepped forward, Mattathias went berserk with righteous indignation (like Samson or Jesus when he drove out the money-changers in order to cleanse the Temple from corruption, killing the traitor and Appelles. Mattathias and a handful of farmers took to the hills outside present-day Ramallah. The Judean terrain offered a mountain stronghold for the guerrilla force that was forming even as events propelled them onward.

The Maccabees organized a nationwide intelligence apparatus, refrained at first from aggressive operations and emphasized principles that went beyond mere cultural indoctrination. I imagine that there was school of sorts like Samuel’s School of the Prophets, wherein champions of the faith (see Hebrews 11 and the Books of Samuel) were studied along with Torah study (Five Books of the Law).

In Samuel’s time, the Philistines denied oppressed Israelites the fundamental right to sharpen their own farming implements; i.e., the Philistine instituted “gun-control” in the form of restrictions on edged weaponry. It is not easy to educate a people that have lived under oppression for so long that they have lost their identity as warriors and feel nothing but shame and conflict when law-givers like Moses or Samuel try to tell them, “This is who you are; your God destined you to be a warrior. Be strong and of good courage!”

In the beginning, the Maccabees may have been less than fifty able-bodied fighters out of a band of two hundred Jews that took to the Judean hills. Mattathias died in the first year of the revolt but designated Judas Maccabeus to lead Israel’s forces.


The Jewish farmers possessed weapons that were little more than slings and farming implements against a well-equipped, well-trained modern army by any standards- veteran Syrian soldiers reputed for ferocious cavalry charges, fierce infantry troops, chariots, elephants and well trained artillery engineers with machinery for launching large boulders- all the usual instruments and engines of classical warfare.

But the Seleucid training was geared towards conventional fighting. Sword, javelin, spear and arrow in the hands of large numbers of mercenaries soon gave way to a few committed fighters willing to hit their enemy, grab some weapons and then prepare to strike again. A few men operating with the advantage of surprise tied up many soldiers waiting to react defensively. The Jewish guerillas also had support from local populations and easily melted into the local landscape.

The rebels gradually assembled an arsenal of modern weapons- swords, bows, spears, maybe even some ballistas for throwing rocks and battering rams (if they weren’t too heavy to carry them into the hills after an attack). The Syrian troops were organized into tactical phalanx elements starting with the syntagma of 250 men, like a modern company. The conventional tactics are familiar to any student of shock troop warfare (evolved from the Grecian hoplite units) in which two armies press each other in a head on clash while skirmishers and cavalry protect the flanks.

The disadvantage of this kind of warfare against mountain fighters soon became apparent when Judas the Maccabee, Mattathias’ middle son, attacked Appolonius, who was advancing from Samaria to Jerusalem with 2,000 Syrian troops.

The Syrians entered a narrow passageway. Judas divided his fighters into four units that maneuvered Appolonius into a trap. Judas attacked two separate chiliarchiae of approximately 1,000 Syrian troops each from east and west. A chiliarchiae was being cut to ribbons in the defile while the other units kept pressing forward without knowing that they were about to be surprised from the rear. Appolonius, in the second chiliarchiae rode forward took to see what was occurring in front and took fire from both hillsides, thus, spilling out his life on that battlefield.

These events left the entire Seleucid force in a state of utter destruction four miles north-east of Gophna. The Maccabees 600 fighters added more weapons to their considerable arsenal.

The Syrian General Seron was determined to avenge the Maccabean exploit that occurred at Nahal el-Haramiah. Gen. Seron stayed near the coast and turned inland near Jaffa past the present day airport of Lod. According to 1 Maccabees 3:16, the General used a secondary route to Jerusalem that led through the same pass used by general Allenby when the British 90th Division advanced on Turkish held Jerusalem in 1917.

Any reader that reviews Biblical history along with the accounts of modern day warfare in Palestine, especially Israeli military history since 1948, cannot help but see many events that are proof that Yahweh still has his hand on Israel. One geographical location, such as General Seron’s route through Beth-Horon, can invite repeated conflicts over the centuries. The same route was chosen by Israeli forces in 1967 in order to take the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Battle of Beth- Horon comprised 4,000 troops (four chiliarchia) against 1,000 Jewish troops. Judas reminded his men that they were fighting for their homes, families and heritage- their heritage in Y-hw-h G-d (Hebrew mandates that the name of God (transliterated Jehovah in Anglo-Saxon texts) is unable to be pronounced; the exact pronunciation is consequently unknown. General Seron was the target of choice as he rode through the narrow passage at Beth-Horon. Seron made sure not to bunch his troops and thereby considerably diminished the possibility of another ambush.

As the Syrians worked their way up the hillsides toward Beth-Horon, perhaps a little more than a day’s march (fifteen miles by road from Jerusalem), Judas led the charge. He carried Appolonius’ sword and continued to do so from that time onward. Jewish militia men lay hidden on each side of the road to Jerusalem. They came out of the rocks with slings and bows and then closed in with swords chasing the surprised Syrians back toward the plains below.

Judah’s risky strategy of dividing his 1,000 men into four separate units destroyed the enemy’s plan to link up with the Syrian garrison in Jerusalem and to subdue the whole country from that command center.

Such lessons were similar to the experience of Americans later in history. Battlefields like New Orleans, where frontiersmen, pirates and Indians vanquished the most powerful army of the time, the veteran British regulars who had bested Napoleon in Europe and India. The Americans at the Battle of New Orleans had the long rifle, giving them a greater edge in technology, at least in terms of accurate firepower.

Back in the command centers of Antiochus, the news of Seron’s defeat caused the leaders to quickly change their plans by reassigning forces to use any and all means to search out and destroy the remnant of Judea and allot the land to aliens, a familiar experience for Israel and other conquered peoples dating back at least to the Assyrian occupation of the Northern Kingdom in 740 BC.


Thus, the stakes were high when three Syrian Generals bivouacked at Emmaus (present-day Imwas near Latrun). According to 1 Maccabee there were 40,000 Syrian infantry troops and 7,000 cavalry but 2 Maccabee estimates that the Syrian strength was higher. Judas was busy recruiting a force that mustered out at 6,000. He organized them as battalions (1,000 strong), companies (of 100 men), platoons of 50 and 10 man units. This is similar to the way modern armies are organized, according to Herzog. Judas somehow divided these units into four groups (1500 each), three of which were commanded by his three brothers.

Judas invoked the glorious heritage of Israel and the injunctions of the Law (Torah). As things shaped up, the two opposing camps were visible to each other.

The Syrian General Gorgias led his forces into the hills for a night attack (this was evidently a first for the conventionally minded shock-troops). The Israelis anticipated the night attack. When the Syrians launched their attack, the Maccabean camp was empty but Syrian scouts observed the Jewish rearguard in retreat and gave chase.

These actions say a great deal about the importance of intelligence, usually on the part of recon scouts who are trained to move under cover and report what they see with their eyes. We can deduce such a premise because of the fact that the Maccabean retreat was an elaborate deception intended to lure Gorgias into another defile. There Judas attacked the Syrian troops with units stationed in the defile during the night.

The Syrians anticipated Judas’ next move which was to attack the Seleucid-Syrian camp at dawn. The Seleucid forces were arrayed for battle, the element of surprise was lost. Judas attacked the western flank of the enemy phalanx, penetrated the phalanx and his men engaged the shock-troops in hand to hand combat. Another group of 1,500 Israelis attacked the remaining Syrians who were languishing complacently in the camp. Total confusion overtook the Syrians. The phalanx formation disintegrated early in the fighting, the troops guarding the baggage in the base camp were fleeing to the coast, as elephants, horses, camp followers, slave traders and soldiers screamed, stampeded and bled in the dust.

Gorgias turned to face the valley; the sight of the burning base camp panicked Gorgias’ forces and the Jewish troops went after them in hot pursuit. The recruiting got easier for Judas who now controlled the whole country with the exception of Jerusalem. The Jewish militia was now at 10,000 strong and, in addition to the great value of their other plunder, the amount of weaponry they seized put Judas’ Jewish militia volunteers in a strong position to lay siege to Jerusalem.

Lysias, a noteable within Antiochus Epiphanes’ own family, undertook to punish Judas’ audacity. The plan was to enter Jerusalem, avoid the mountains completely and operate from a secure fortress in Jerusalem called Acra. He traveled through Idumea (Biblical Edom), where the population was not friendly toward the Jews.

The Seleucid forces were at about 20,000 strong and, thus, outnumbered Judas’s men by about two to one. Again Judas picked the battle terrain, this time in an area that was carved up by wadis, the term for ravines and gully washes in that part of the world. And once again the Judean forces were divided into four groups but this time Judas had no illusions as to the possibility of splitting the enemy’s forces.

Judas’ guerilla forces disengorged from their hiding place in a ravine just as the Seleucids emerged from another defile. Jewish militia that Judas had held in reserve sealed the area along a half mile front as their brothers surprised their enemies from both sides. Imagine the dismay, humiliation and abject terror of that proud army and the carnage to which they were subjected! The Syrians lost approximately 5,000 men, mostly mercenaries of poor quality and Lysias performed a tactical retreat.

The Battle of Beth-Zur was a psychological and strategic victory for the rebels. Judas’ next objective was to rededicate the Temple. The Gentile people began a pogrom against the Jewish communities all over Syria. At the same time, Judas was entering Jerusalem, removing the offensive symbols of paganism from the temple and consecrating the restored Temple after rebuilding the altar. The Acra faced the Temple Mount.

The Maccabees contained the Syrian garrison within the walls of that mighty fortress as Judah evaluated the situation that was developing into a desperate holocaust for the Jewish communities outside of Jerusalem. Fortified Jewish towns were under siege and an expedition of Israeli special forces had to go to their rescue.

Now Judas’ ability to govern was on display, not only to the Seleucids but before Rome and all the world. Could Judas rescue his besieged brothers and sisters and still hold Jerusalem?

Dathema, sixty miles from present day Amman, Jordan, was the center of Jewish resistance. The enemy already had men scaling the walls of the fortified Jewish city. Judas successfully attacked the besieging forces from the rear, defeated a counter-attack and rescued his besieged countrymen in Trans-Jordan. He punished the hostile Idumeans (for helping the enemy)and burned the harbor and shipping at Jaffa in reprisal for the drowning of a Jewish community that had resided there.

The fortress of Acra now confronted Judas as his next big challenge. Judas’ forces possessed siege engines and in 162 BC they invested the citadel. This led to a protracted siege and Lysias returned with thirty war elephants and 30,000 troops, not including cavalry and chariot units. Judas’ militia had never faced elephants. War elephants bore turrets containing a driver and four fighters. The Maccabees were now fighting defensively and the psychological impact of the elephants cannot be overestimated.

Eleazer, Judas’ younger brother, made a daring foray to demonstrate that the elephants were vulnerable. He fought through the forces that protected the immense battle pachyderm platforms, gored an elephant’s underbelly and was crushed when the beast fell dead on top of him.

This battle of Beth-zechariah demonstrates the principle that civilian reserve militia cannot prevail in so-called set-piece operations against the inherent strength of trained regulars. The time and place need to be selected by the resistance leader with tactics that are appropriate to guerrilla warfare.

As a consequence of fighting the enemy on enemy terms, Jerusalem lay unprotected before Lysias. The besieged population of Jerusalem was low on food when Lysias was called away due to political conflicts within the royal family. Judah and Lysias negotiated terms guaranteeing religious freedom. Judas resolved, nevertheless, to fight on for total independence. The Seleucids themselves returned to slaughtering Jews, as soon as Lycias (regent over the Seleucid Empire) defeated Philip (Antiochus’ son). The guerrilla fighting was renewed in earnest.

Judas defeated the Seleucids at Nicanor (161 BC) and negotiated a treaty of alliance with Rome, thereby establishing Judea as an independent state recognized by Rome itself.

The new state of affairs set the Seleucid’s in opposition to Judean independence more firmly than ever before. The terms of the previous cease-fire granting religious freedom had lulled the Jews into a sense of false security. Therefore Judas was able to raise less than 3,000 “picked” militia members to fight 20,000 infantry and 4,000 cavalry.

The Jewish volunteers melted away when the battle was joined, leaving Judas to fight on with 800 men against overwhelming forces arrayed against him. Judah raised the morale of his men and fought on valiantly, turning the tide several times before he finally fell in battle. The combination of bravery, moral force and outright inspirational leadership achieved victories that still have political and military ramifications to this day.

The events related by Herzog (merely summarized herein) and 1st and 2nd Macc, welded together the national character of the Jewish people like few other events in the history of that unique people. Had it not been for the Maccabean revolt, many of the events that characterize the New Testament Biblical narrative would be indecipherable.

In the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life there is reference to the Feast of Dedication which was celebrated in memorial to the restoration and consecration of the temple when the Maccabees entered Jerusalem. This is the holiday that we now call Chanukkah.

The following is an explanation of the spiritual significance of Chanukkah from a Messianic Jewish teacher:

The word “Chanukkah” in Hebrew literally means “dedication” in memory of the rededication of the Temple in 165 BC by Judas Maccabeus, after it had been polluted by Antiochus Epiphanes, the Syrian king. In 176 BC Antiochus tried to force the Jews to give up their faith and to adopt Greek customs. He persecuted the Jews who refused to do this.

Antiochus Epiphanes converted the Temple of the Lord to the worship of Zeus, and placed an image of Zeus the dominant Greek god (the abomination of desolation) in the Holy Place. He looted the Temple and ordered all Jews to bow down to the idols placed there. Then, he brought in a sow, and placed it on the Holy Altar in desecration of Almighty God’s Holiness. He brought waste and destruction - desecrated the vessels of the LORD in debauchery and drunkenness and put out the “Ner Tomid” ("Perpetual Light").

The Hasmoneans, the Maccabee family, led the Jews in a revolt. After several years of fighting, Judah and his men drove the Syrians out. On the 25th of Kislev (exactly 3 years after the defilement of the Sanctuary) in the year 165 BC they made their entrance into the Temple and rededicated it to the service of the Great God of Heaven.

In the Temple, the priests left a light burning in obedience to the command of the Holy One, but when they prepared to rekindle this light after the victory, they found that there was only enough oil to last one day.

This was a tragic discovery to the Jewish people for the Almighty’s command could not then be carried out. Search was made for the oil for this Lamp. The oil must be pure and prepared under the care of the high priest and sealed with his seal. No pure oil could be found nor could any be prepared before 8 days (7 days set apart to the Lord; the 8th day it became holy to the LORD). The small jug of oil bearing the seal of the high priest might suffice for only one day, but according to the Jewish people’s tradition the supernatural occurred, the oil lasted for the full eight days!

Thus, we see that military events put the hearts of a people on display before the world and before powers and principalities in heavenly places. Judas was a “hammer” (his name literally means “Hammer of God” in Hebrew- but correct me on this if I am wrong, Hebrew scholars), forging the will and the character of a nation. See also Charles Martel:

Effective intelligence networks along with flexibility of thought and the ability to shift tactics rapidly were important.

Taking the initiative decisively in order to decide the timing and terrain of the battle was just as important. Leadership was always an important element in the equation, of course. The leadership in Judas Maccabeus’ case conformed to Scriptural precedents for leadership toward which Judas steadfastly directed his followers. The account herein raises some important issues; further discussion should be forthcoming.

“A wise man scales the city of the mighty, and casts down the strength of the confidence thereof.” Proverbs 21:22

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We posted this article a year ago and it is still up to date. The attack on the mall in Nairobi, Kenya was shocking in 2013 but still something we should prepare for in the United States. The Somalian terrorists attacked in Kenya because Kenya assisted the United States and other nations to push al Shabaab out of Somalia. As the authorities in Nairobi sort through the debris after the collapse of three floors of Nairobi’s Westgate mall during the terrorist siege in which at least 67 people died.

There were indications that the Shabaab terrorists hung hostages from hooks, decapitated them, gouged out eyes, cut off limbs and committed gruesome mutilations that included castration and burning the faces and hands of their victims which included children.

If this ever happens in the United States, we need to refarin from retaliation against any ethnic or religious group. Neverthless, every American that can do so should train with firearms and carry a pistol at all times because the only way to stop such an attack is when it is first initiated.

Any response needs to be just as sudden and unexpected, violent and determined as the attack by the jihadist. A response that is going to be initiated immediatelymust probably be from armed citizens or from one or two law enforcement officers that are already at the scene- or a combination of both. If hostages are taken, there can be no delay. Even though some hostages will die, immediately overwhelming the terrorists is the only way to prevent massive deaths that may exceed 130 in Nairobi when the authorities are done counting.

It has been confirmed that several of the attackers came from the United States. There have already been American- Somalis, including one from Seattle, that have joined al Shabaab. One was a rapper from Alabama who helped with al Shabaab recruiting and was killed during a leadership struggle within that organization. A Somali terrorist from Seattle died in a homicide bombing in Somalia some time back. The fact that al Shabaab is an arm of al Qaeda in Africa raises the issue of why the U.S. government is intent on aiding the Syrian rebels, many of whom are also affiliated with ISIS-al Qaeda.

The fighting in Syria has reached a new phase. According to the Wall Street Journal and other outlets, the Pro-Western rebels in Syria are now in a fight for their lives against an onslaught of foreign Sunni Islamicists that are affiliated with Al Qaeda and other Islamicist networks.

Turkey, Iran and the Arab states form three distinct power centers that arm and finance an incipient Islamic Caliphate in Syria. Such a development does not seem remarkable if you realize that Syria was the seat of the Islamic Caliphate in the past and a Caliphate in Syria is predicted to rise again by certain Islamic traditions.

The United States, Russia and Europe also have interests in arming and financing various factions that seek hegemony in the region. The last Caliphate ended in 1924 when the Ottoman Empire, centered in Turkey, was partitioned. It is interesting to note that the British strategy for defeating Turkey in WW I involved supporting a potential claim to the Caliphate from the Arabian Hijaz, where Mecca is located; i.e., a challenge the legitimacy of the Caliphate established under the Ottoman Turks:

“During the Great Arab Revolt of 1916, King Hussein’s great-grandfather, Al-Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca and King of the Arabs (later he also became known as King of the Hijaz), led the liberation of Arab lands from their domination by the Ottoman Turks. After freeing the lands of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and the Hijaz, Sharif Hussein’s son Abdullah assumed the throne of Transjordan and his second son Faisal assumed the throne of Syria and later Iraq. The Emirate of Transjordan was founded on April 11, 1921, and became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan upon formal independence from Britain in 1946.”

The Sharif families ruled over the Hijaz region in Western Arabia between 967 and 1201 CE. The Hashemites ruled the holy city of Mecca from 1201 CE until 1925 CE.

The Hashemites recognized the sovereignty of the Ottoman sultan in 1517. Thus, King Hussein and his son who now reigns in Jordan are directly descended from the Prophet and represent over one thousand years of rule in the area that gave rise to Muhammad. The nobility established by the Sharif’s pedigree and two thousand years in the holy city of Mecca, persuaded Britain to invest a great deal of time and energy into encouraging an Arab rebellion against the Turkish Empire.

Lawrence of Arabia became famous as the British agent acting on behalf of the British to win over Arabian fighters and unite them under the Sharifs.

The British placed the three sons of King Hussein’s great-grandfather, Al-Hussein bin Ali in power in Syria, Iraq and Jordan. Nevertheless, the only present king descended from the Hashemite dynasty is the present King of Jordan.

The fact that the Allied Powers pinned such great hopes on one family provides a suggestion as to the motive behind why networks of financial-political elite seem to be pushing out Pro-Western leaders like Mubarak and Assad, in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups that are now being portrayed as moderate.

Many of the groups being armed by the CIA can only claim moderation because they are working with Soros funded front groups that operate under the banner of democracy and the Arab Spring. The darker side of these operations is deadly infighting, with Sunni fighters taking over towns near the Turkish border and killing Alawite and other Shiite residents of border cities in places like Azaz.

As the Free Syrian Army battles with pro-ISIS factions, the secular elites facilitate political operations between secular-socialist and Islamic fundamentalist groups that only share operational strategies but are violently opposed to each other histroically and in terms of religious ideology and dogma. Ultimately all the factions understand the game in which each ideological nexus of power leverages other networks in the expectation of suppressing opposition with sheer force once the region has been consolidated under hegemonic authority. There will ultimately either be an autocratic Islamic theocracy across the region or an autocratic secular socialism that parades under the banner of Democracy. In other words, “democracy” stands the proverbial snow ball’s chance in hell!

Another historical precedent for purposes of understanding this equation of power is the way certain Wall Street and British financial interests invested so much into creating the Bolshevik Revolution which wrested power from the Provisional pro-Western, Parliamentarian Kerensky government, to create the USSR.

Despite the fact that Russia was a U.S.-British ally during WW I and despite the certainty that Lenin would take Russia out of the war- and eliminate the German-Axis Eastern Front- Lenin was sent into Moscow with gold bullion from certain Western financial interests to finance the Communist Revolution.

After years of building up a formidable Cold War enemy with nuclear weapons, the global elites acquiesced in Russia’s transformation back to a quasi-Constitutional “democracy” and poured Western capital into Russia. Countries like Georgia and Ukraine experienced quiet revolutions that provided the model for the Arab Spring.

The fact that George Soros’ Open Society Institute engineered revolutions in many of the former Warsaw Pact nations- and brought them into the NATO sphere of influence- raises the issue of how the Arab Spring- also engineered by Soros operations in the Middle East, will impact Americans that work and pay taxes.

Once a Caliphate exists in the Middle East, the Islamicists know that their war is with the secular elites and the intensity of the renewed warfare will sweep away anything that stands in the middle, including most of our vaunted civil liberties. It may be just a matter of time before the present battles on the Turkish-Syrian border unfold on our own turf.

It is hard to deny that Ukrainians and other former Warsaw Pact nations enjoy more freedom under the NATO sphere of influence than they would enjoy under Putin’s government.

Nevertheless, Islamicists know that developments in Syria are being manipulated by networks intent on consolidating the New World Order. Chatter about Illuminati and various conspiracy theories earns derision but the Islamicists know that the networks described above exist. The Islamicists blame almost everything on Zionist control because of the international banking cartels’ history of operating through secret conduits.

Each of these networks appeals to certain ideological outlooks. There is evidence that the modern terrorist cells themselves have evolved from Masonic networks (documented in scholarly works on the Middle East like “A Peace to End All Peace; Creating the Modern Middle East 1914-1922” by David Fromkin).

Many Communist, socialist and other terrorist networks have their roots in various offshoots and secret societies that grew up at the time of the Illuminati organization which was offically disrupted in Bavaria near the time of the American revolution. There are many such networks, many of them with connections to families in Europe and the U.S., including the Rothschilds and the National Socialist Workers Party (Nazis). The networks compete but they all work on a paradigm in which One World Government is the goal- not Zionism as often alleged in the histories of secret societies. Those who conspire against humanity use many ideologies against each other in order to consolidate and maintain power.

Just as the elites pit Fascists against Communists, for example, or nation states like Germany and England against each other, they will use the worthwhile goal of restoring Jewish people to Israel in order to divide those that would denounce invisible networks that create so much carnage and suffering across the globe.

The Al Qaeda affiliates,Salafists and other factions work with other groups, religious and secular-socialist- that will give cover and funding for their objectives. Beyond the purely operational level, war is already waging and the intensity of the anticipated bloodshed which is already taking place across the whole region and globally will be apocalyptic.

Stay armed when you visit your local malls and other public places. And do not support candidates like John McCain that do the bidding of George Soros and the other elitists that have learned how to use war to advance their globalist New Age agenda.

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I-594 is a proposed initiative that its proponents claim will prevent mentally ill and other prohibited person from obtaining firearms. The campaign is being financed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The anti-gun billionaire’s “grassroots” organization, EVERYTOWN FOR GUN SAFETY filings with the Public Disclosure Commission reveal a $50 million action fund to support Initiative 594.

The Initiative, sponsored by the Seattle-based Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR), is thus being promoted by Bloomberg and other billionaire’s that are normally surrounded by bodyguards. Bill and Melinda Gates contributed $1,000,000.00. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen contributed $500,000.00 earlier this month and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer donated an additional $1 million, bring his total donation to the campaign to nearly $1.4 million. Warren Buffett and several other billionaires have swelled the total contributions to EVERTOWN and other organizations that support I-594.

But the Initiative’s language demonstrates an agenda that has less to do with universal background checks and more to do with creating difficulties for those of us that own and train others in the use of firearms.

The measure will criminalize, with few exceptions, all temporary transfers of firearms that do not involve purchases, such as for safekeeping, hunting, loan, recreational sharing, safety training, coaching, transport, etc.

The Federal Way based ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION is a good example of how the law may impact local gun owners. Founded in 2010, the non-profit group provides opportunities for education, training and gun safety. Many of the public service presentations involve members teaching gun safety to new gun owners and those who may be thinking of becoming first time gun owners.

The fact that ADTA members volunteer to let folks handle unloaded firearms in very closely supervised setting, often in a church or similar setting, raises the issue of whether we could be prosecuted for a crime just by letting someone handle a firearm.

It sounds ridiculous but the I-594 definition of transfer includes temporary handling of firearms. The ADTA is not a political group but many of the members have become concerned about how the law will be applied to our training activities.

But it is not just armed citizens like us that are concerned. The Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS) voted to oppose I-594 and support I-591. Initiative 591, is a proposal that prevents government gun confiscation without due process and requires that background checks in Washington comply with a uniform national standard.

If the legislature were dealing with such issues, I-594 would never even be reported out of committee. Legislators know what happened in Colorado when lawmakers were recalled for infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Voters should be clear and vote for I-591 to keep a clear national standard in place. I-591 is funded by gun owners and not billionaires! On the other hand, I-594 is well-funded, deceptive and seems to be intentionally confusing. Bad legislation always has intended and unintended consequences.

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From: “Bill Warner” Date: June 23, 2014 10:04:42 AM PDT

All of this data after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Towers comes from The data before 9/11 comes from and comes as a surprise for most people.

Why is it that our media and government do not ever try to connect the dots?


Apr 14, 1972 New York, NY 1 3 Ten members of a local mosque phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding officers, killing one.

Jan 19, 1973 Brooklyn, NY 1 1 Muslim extremists rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who responds to the alarm.

Jul 1, 1973 Bethesda, MD 1 0 An Israeli diplomat is gunned down in his driveway by Palestinian terrorists.

Jul 18, 1973 Washington, DC 8 2 Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.

Oct 19, 1973 Oakland, CA 1 1 Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead.

Oct 29, 1973 Berkeley, CA 1 0 A woman is shot repeatedly in the face by Nation of Islam terrorists.

Nov 25, 1973 Oakland, CA 1 0 A grocer is killed in his store by Nation of Islam terrorists.

Dec 11, 1973 Oakland, CA 1 0 A man is killed by Nation of Islam terrorists while using a phone booth.

Dec 13, 1973 Oakland, CA 1 0 A woman is shot to death on the sidewalk by Nation of Islam terrorists.

Dec 20, 1973 Oakland, CA 1 0 Nation of Islam terrorists gun down an 81-year-old janitor.

Dec 22, 1973 Oakland, CA 2 0 Nation of Islam terrorist kills two people in separate attacks on the same day.

Dec 24, 1973 Oakland, CA 1 0 A man is kidnapped, tortured and decapitated by Nation of Islam terrorists.

Jan 24, 1974 Oakland, CA 4 1 Five vicious shooting attacks by Nation of Islam terrorists leave three people dead and one paralyzed for life. Three of the victims were women.

Ap 1, 1974 Oakland, CA 1 1 A Nation of Islam terrorist shoots at two Salvation Army members, killing a man and injuring a woman.

Ap 16, 1974 Ingleside, CA 1 0 A man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam terrorists.

Mar 9, 1977 Washington, DC 1 1 Hanifi Muslims storm three buildings including a B’nai B’rith to hold 134 people hostage. At least two innocents were shot and one died.

Jul 22, 1980 Bethesda, MD 1 0 A political dissident is shot and killed in front of his home by an Iranian agent who was an American convert to Islam.

Aug 31, 1980 Savou, IL 2 0 An Iranian student guns down his next-door neighbors, a husband and wife.

Nov 6, 1989 St. Louis, MO 1 0 A 17-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her parents for bringing ‘dishonor’ to their family by dating an ‘infidel’ African-American.

Jan 31, 1990 Tuscon, AZ 1 0 A Sunni cleric is assassinated in front of a Tuscon mosque after declaring that two verses of the Qur’an were invalid.

Nov 5, 1990 New York City, NY 1 0 An Israeli rabbi is shot to death by a Muslim attacker at a hotel.

Jan 25, 1993 Langley, VA 2 3 A Pakistani with Mujahideen ties guns down two CIA agents outside of the headquarters.

Feb 26, 1993 New York, NY 6 1040 Islamic terrorists detonate a massive truck bomb under the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000 in an effort to collapse the towers.

Mar 1, 1994 Brooklyn, NY 1 0 A Muslim gunman targets a van packed with Jewish boys, killing a 16-year-old.

Mar 23, 1997 New York, NY 1 6 A Palestinian leaves an anti-Jewish suicide note behind and travels to the top of the Empire State building where he shoot seven people in a Fedayeen attack.

Ap 3, 1997 Lompoc, CA 1 0 A prison guard is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim.

Mar 17, 2000 Atlanta, GA 1 1 A local imam and Muslim spiritual leader guns down a deputy sheriff and injures his partner.

Sep 11, 2001 New York, NY 2752 251 Islamic hijackers steer two planes packed with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds on impact and eventually killing thousands when the towers collapsed. At least 200 are seriously injured.

Sep 11, 2001 Washington, DC 184 53 Nearly 200 people are killed when Islamic hijackers steer a plane full of people into the Pentagon.

Sep 11, 2001 Shanksville, PA 40 0 Forty passengers are killed after Islamic radicals hijack the plane in an attempt to steer it into the U.S. Capitol building.

Mar 19, 2002 Tuscon, AZ 1 0 A 60-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim snipers on a golf course.

May 27, 2002 Denton, TX 1 0 Muslim snipers kill a man as he works in his yard.

Jul 4, 2002 Los Angeles, CA 2 0 Muslim man pulls out a gun at the counter of an Israeli airline and kills two people.

Sep 5, 2002 Clinton, MD 1 0 A 55-year-old pizzaria owner is shot six times in the back by Muslims at close range.

Sep 21, 2002 Montgomery, AL 1 1 Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one.

9/23/2002 Baton Rouge, LA 1 0 A Korean mother is shot in the back by Muslim snipers.

Oct 2, 2002 Wheaton, MD 1 0 Muslim snipers gun down a program analyst in a store parking lot.

10/3/2002 Montgomery County, MD 5 0 Muslim snipers kill three men and two women in separate attacks over a 15-hour period.

Oct 9, 2002 Manassas, VA 1 1 A man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas two days after a 13-year-old is wounded by the same team.

Oct 11, 2002 Fredericksburg, VA 1 0 Another man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas.

Oct 14, 2002 Arlington, VA 1 0 A woman is killed by Muslim snipers in a Home Depot parking lot.

Oct 22, 2002 Aspen Hill, MD 1 0 A bus driver is killed by Muslim snipers.

Aug 6, 2003 Houston, TX 1 0 After undergoing a ‘religious revival’, a Saudi college student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4″ butterfly knife, nearly decapitating the young man.

Dec 2, 2003 Chicago, IL 1 0 A Muslim doctor deliberately allows a Jewish patient to die from an easily treatable condition.

Ap 13, 2004 Raleigh, NC 1 4 An angry Muslim runs down five strangers with a car.

Ap 15, 2004 Scottsville, NY 1 2 In an honor killing, a Muslim father kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested.

Jun 16, 2006 Baltimore, MD 1 0 A 62-year-old Jewish moviegoer is shot to death by a Muslim gunman in an unprovoked terror attack.

Jun 25, 2006 Denver, CO 1 5 Saying that it was ‘Allah’s choice’, a Muslim shoots four of his co-workers and a police officer.

Jul 28, 2006 Seattle, WA 1 5 An ‘angry’ Muslim-American uses a young girl as hostage to enter a local Jewish center, where he shoots six women, one of whom dies.

Feb 13, 2007 Salt Lake City, UT 5 4 A Muslim immigrant goes on a shooting rampage at a mall, targeting people buying Valentine’s Day cards at a gift shop and killing five.

Jan 1, 2008 Irving, TX 2 0 A Muslim immigrant shoots his two daughters to death on concerns about their ‘Western’ lifestyle.

Jul 6, 2008 Jonesboro, GA 1 0 A devout Muslim strangles his 25-year-old daughter in an honor killing.

Feb 12, 2009 Buffalo, NY 1 0 The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce.

Ap 12, 2009 Phoenix, AZ 2 0 A man shoots his brother-in-law and another man to death after finding out that they visited a strip club, in contradiction to Islamic values.

Jun 1, 2009 Little Rock, AR 1 1 A Muslim shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center explicitly in the name of Allah.

Nov 2, 2009 Glendale, AZ 1 1 A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too ‘Westernized.’ (10-20-09)

Nov 5, 2009 Ft. Hood, TX 13 31 A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.

Dec 4, 2009 Binghamton, NY 1 0 A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for ‘persecuted’ Muslims.

Ap 14, 2010 Marquette Park, IL 5 2 After quarrelling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to ‘take them back to Allah’ and out of the ‘world of sinners’.

Ap 30, 2011 Warren, MI 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is shot in the head by her stepfather for not adhering to Islamic practices.

Feb 7, 2013 Buena Vista, NJ 2 0 A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.

Mar 24, 2013 Ashtabula, OH 1 0 A Muslim convert walks into a church service with a Quran and guns down his Christian father while praising Allah.

Ap 15, 2013 Boston, MA 3 170 Foreign-born Muslims describing themselves as ‘very religious’ detonate two bombs packed with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and causing several more to lose limbs.

Ap 19, 2013 Boston, MA 1 1 Jihadists gun down a university police officer sitting in his car.

TOTAL 4677 1592
Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
copyright © CSPI, LLC,
Use as needed, just give credit and do not edit.

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Texas Gun Politics

By Mark Knapp, Firearms Lawyer

Originally published in SandpointPR.

Watch the video Fire and Ice near the end of this contribution.

Finland & the Progressive War on Common Sense

Wendy Davis is a Democrat running for governor in Texas that supports the right to openly carry firearms- at least the right to carry for some Texans. If the truth be known, the state senator from Texas, who became famous as a champion for abortion rights in the Texas legislature, probably has views about firearms that are like most others in her party.

The fact that leaders in the Democratic Party tend to hate guns creates a big problem for Davis, Texans love their guns and don’t vote for folks that hate babies or guns. But Texas has recently had a series of open carry demonstrations in which people show up with rifles slung. The catch, however, is that Davis thinks the Second Amendment should not apply in cities, just on farms and ranches- and, of course, for sporting purposes.

“Obviously in Texas we have a culture that respects the Second Amendment right and privilege of owning and carrying guns — but we also, of course, have respect and understand the rights and privileges of property owners to make decisions about what’s right for them.”

“My position on open carry reflects my respect for both of those principles, and I believe that municipalities, school districts, hospitals, private property owners should be the ones that ultimately have a say as to whether this is right for them and their facilities,” she said.

Liberals constantly tell us that they believe in the Second Amendment but that it only applies to the state militias. Or that we have to have more “common sense” gun laws. Most states recognize that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution contains common sense by including similar provisions in state constitutions that make it clear that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right that belongs to the people! The opinion of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (not exactly a bastion of Conservative thought) stated in NORDYKE V ALAMEDA COUNTY:

“The right to bear arms is a bulwark against external invasion. We should not be overconfident that oceans on our east and west coasts alone can preserve security. We recently saw in the case of the terrorist attack on Mumbai that terrorists may enter a country covertly by ocean routes, landing in small craft and then assembling to wreak havoc. That we have a lawfully armed populace adds a measure of security for all of us and makes it less likely that a band of terrorists could make headway in an attack on any community before more professional forces arrived.

Second, the right to bear arms is a protection against the possibility that even our own government could degenerate into tyranny, and though this may seem unlikely, this possibility should be guarded against with individual diligence.”

Read the text of the Nordyke case.

Every day in the news we see situations all over the world in which city dwellers and rural folks alike are confronted with situations requiring the use of violence to stop violence. In the Ukraine, there have been armed citizens standing up against well-armed folks that claim they are not members of Russia’s elite military units.

There have been news reports that volunteers in Mexico have successfully taken up arms against the Knights Templar, a vicious cartel that has oppressed whole areas by cutting off the heads of law enforcement officers and any others that get in their way.

In Nigeria, whole villages have begged their government to arm the people against the Boko Haram that has kidnapped school children and terrorized people. Our own government has armed volunteers in places like Libya and Syria so that the people can defend themselves against corrupt regimes.

What about situations where the violence comes from groups that are allegedly sponsored by government but maintain some kind of plausible deniability like the “volunteers” in Eastern Ukraine that seem to be so well equipped?

Or, for example, some of the volunteers in Mexico think the Mexican and even the U.S. Government assist some cartels in order to advance the war being waged against other cartels. It is often not immediately apparent who perpetrates attacks but it is historically demonstrated that governments do attack their own people for various reasons.

All these considerations raise the issue of why some liberals like Davis claim that the Second Amendment is only for rural areas and should not be applied in urban environments.

Liberals are constantly accusing government of every variety of perfidy. Moreover, Progressives invariably characterize Republican administrations as Nazi or Fascist! So why shouldn’t urban minorities be armed, especially with so much latent genocide lurking in the heart of the U.S. government?

At this point in the conversation, the astute Progressive intellect usually objects, saying something like, “But how do you expect to stand on your front porch with a deer rifle and defend against armored vehicles and attack helicopters?”

My reply

I am so glad you asked that question. Let me tell you about Finland’s two wars with Stalin’s mighty Red Army in 1939 and 1941.

Finland’s geography is much like North Idaho without mountains. It is covered with lakes and rivers and forests that become frozen killing zones for Stalin’s troops during the Winter War of 1939. The Finnish people worked in the woods, underground in mining, hunted and often got around on skis in the winter time.

After WW I, the Finnish government began acquiring Mosin Nagant rifles in anticipation of a confrontation with Russia. The idea was to arm troops with the same weapons and ammunition deployed by their potential enemies.

In short, when Stalin demanded that Finnish land be annexed to Russia, tiny Finland was ready to make sure it was not digested as food for the Eastern Front and the Red Army’s war machine; the Ukraine and so many other countries never came out of that experience until the 1990s when the Soviet Union supposedly ceased to exist.

Stalin’s troops came into Finland with trucks and armor, which pinned down units near the roads. Finnish snipers decimated the Soviet personnel and then emerged from the woods to scoop up guns and ammunition. Pursuit was futile because the Finns vanished back into the wooded areas on skis.

Hostilities ceased with the Finns giving up very little land. But by 1941, Stalin resumed his quest to conquer tiny Finland. The result of the Continuation War was about the same as the 1939 Winter War. Finland had very little in the way of an army and Britain and the U.S. scared away any assistance Finland expected from her neighbors by declaring war against Finland for defying our Soviet ally!

Finland is still very much a nation that honors its heritage as an armed and fiercely independent people, like Switzerland and the U.S.A.

Watch the 2006 video FIRE AND ICE : THE WINTER WAR OF FINLAND AND RUSSIA if you want to learn how to stop a tank in its tracks. This is a beautiful and eloquent video history of Finland’s repulsion of a Russian invasion that dwarfed the Allied invasion at Normandy Beach. The video is a Finnish re-enactment that realistically documents this little known episode in man’s struggle against brutal tyranny.

Stalin thought it would only take “one shot” to turn the Karelian Isthmus into the Northern terminus of the Eastern Front, replete with conscript troops and slave labor.

See this article in Sandpoint PR with video: Fire and Ice.

Senator Davis, we need all law abiding Americans to have legal access to firearms. The American heritage of firepower, the Gun Culture, encourages familiarity with weapons. The knowledge and understanding gained from easily keeping and bearing arms prepares all of us to protect what we hold dear. Not just a few white Texans that go to elite schools or live on ranches and farms! And despite our appreciation for your permission to carry openly, most of us still prefer to carry unobtrusively. –>

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By Mark Knapp, Contributing Firearms Editor for

Patrick Kelley’s dad taught him to shoot. He went on to become an avid Bull’s-eye target shooter and shotgun competitor. After years of developing skills in the fundamentals, he started shooting USPSA and 3-Gun matches.

See video of action at Spokane Valley Rifle & Pistol Club.

Pat is now in his 50’s and one of the top 3-Gun shooters in the world with many accomplishments.

Devoted to passing on the techniques he has learned to a new generation of shooters, Kelley is also an announcer for 3-Gun Nation on the Sportsman’s Channel.

Fifteen of us attended the INLAND NORTHWEST ACTION SHOOTERS’ 3-Gun seminar at the Spokane Valley Rifle & Pistol Club in Mica, Washington on May 10. Pat started out by discussing the fundamentals of marksmanship. He states unequivocally that the fundamentals learned in Bulls-eye and clay target sports are what earned Kelley so much success in shoot-on-the-move disciplines.

Trigger Pull: the heart of the matter in multi-gun shooting

Trigger control, of course, is the heart of the matter. No matter how quickly you are traversing a complicated course of fire, things always boils down to a proper trigger pull. Misses result from jerking the gun out of alignment when the trigger is pulled.

Once Pat had us confirm that our sights were aligned, we proceeded to shoot steel plates with pistols while moving backwards, forward and sideways. Kelley quickly had us performing similar drills with rifle.

Learning the rhythm of shooting when the shooter’s weight is transferred to the front foot is difficult.

Each technique takes a lot of practice after the class is over and the homework assignments are demanding. The ability to maintain fundamentals while engaged in a very intuitive and fluid series of movements with transitions to three different weapons takes a great deal of discipline.

Game plan for action

The shooter must have a game plan and be ready to change the plan at any point. No where does this become more apparent than when shooting a shotgun which has an inherent tendency to malfunction- more than rifles and pistols which have a way of developing problems under conditions of many rounds that are rapidly fired.

When things are working, smoothly the shotgun is ideal for swinging through a series of targets. Our class practiced shooting steel targets while swinging the shot gun back and forth with a nonstop motion. It was easy to miss but the goal is to keep the muzzle moving at a steady speed. We quickly realized the potential to shoot faster than with a rifle because of the fact that each shot pattern shades into the following one and the need to be totally accurate is not as great as with a single round.

The Mica Range

The range at Mica is surrounded by green hills and farmland and sits alongside farmland that is hemmed in by trees. Long distance shots of 1000 yards go up into the timbered areas. But we were shooting at distances of about 40 yards or less. The weather was sunny- 60 degree temperatures- and right next to us were USPSA pistol shooters shooting a match hosted by the Inland Northwest Action Shooters which also provided the Patrick Kelley seminar.

Some of us left the class for about 30 minutes to shoot through the four courses of USPSA targets. Normally this would take the better part of the day but the range officers let us go ahead of the other shooters so we could get back to class.

On Sunday, the class shot the INAS 3-Gun Match at the Mica location as a squad of 15 shooters with Kelley as our coach. The weather was perfect and we started out with rifle, shooting a rack of small plates about 40 yards out. I was surprised how many of the shooters could quickly knock down the plates without missing. I had to shoot at one plate twice but they all went down nicely. Then we transitioned to popper plates with shotguns. I had to pick up another plate that I missed from swinging through the plates too rapidly with my Mossberg 930.

Some of the challenges you face

All three courses of fire held challenges for our squad which had shooters that have never shot a 3-Gun match and experienced practitioners of the sport. There were four clays hung out on two ropes at close quarters. The red dot optics that most of us use on our rifles makes for an offset at close range; the offset requires that a shooter aim about three inches high- especially with such small targets. I hit each clay on the first shot but then missed a swinging paper target with my pistol. A failure to neutralize adds seconds to the time. Missing adds up quickly and will rapidly bring down even the fastest times. We all enjoyed watching our instructor whip through the courses of fire with smooth reloads and very good accuracy.

I shot in the open category and there were only a few other shooters shooting with optics on their pistol. It takes some practice to locate the red dot on the JP site that I recently had mounted on my Glock 17. Once you get the red dot on that first target, acquisition of targets becomes very fast and surgically accurate.

I only had one malfunction with my Mossberg (which also has a red dot) and was about two or three inches low on one of my four slug shots- another failure to neutralize because I got over confident and only shot the target once. One hit in the A zone is all it takes to neutralize a target. The key is to stay focused and have a good time.

Inland Northwest Action Shooters will host a USPSA and a 3-Gun match every second Saturday during the coming months. The Fernan Range in Coeur d’Alene has also started a monthly 3-Gun match. Multigun is the fastest growing shooting sport and now appears on the Blaze channel for those of us that know Glenn Beck.
3-Gun Nation was featured on NBC until the school shootings in Connecticut scared the network away.

I have never been able to view 3-Gun Nation on television but I am sure that Patrick Kelley makes it lively. He is a treasure trove of information about many of the personalities, techniques and history of modern shooting sports. I hope to be watching him on television soon! Patrick is also available for classes, usually with groups of about six people. –>

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The South King County Fire & Rescue has had its share of problems. As an example, the Chief, Al Church, complained about unfair attacks on his son claiming that Jerry Galland and Mark Freitas have conspired and “unfairly targeted the Church family,” even though his son was investigated by an independent board and found to have behaved unethically by contacting a woman that he helped to transport while on duty as an emergency medical responder.

See video of meeting.

Mark Freitas is an elected commissioner with a duly constituted responsibility to oversee the Chief’s activities. The commissioners hire the fire chief, who is the SKCFR’s administrator, and agree by contract to goals and expectations.

Chief Church initiated a formal complaint against Freitas which alleged the following:

• Driving through the District parking lot, to “check in on the Chief;
• Unfairly criticizing the Chief for not attending meetings each month at which his contract provides he is to report the District’s business and get commissioner approval if needed;
• Stalking the Chief and conducting surveillance on him at the chief’s house.
• Meeting with others such as Jerry Galland, for the purpose of obtaining “inside information” about the Chief and the Department’s activities.
• The chief negotiated a “few modifications to my contract”- i.e., a 100% increase in severance pay. In a year that saw firefighters being laid off, his golden parachute increased from over $170,000 to over $340,000 at today’s salary.

Nevertheless, seeking information about the severance package was alleged to be improper on the part of Galland and/or Freitas.

In early 2013, while reviewing Chief Church’s self written evaluation and prior to approval, Commissioner Freitas asked the CFO for the Chief’s compensation information; instead of providing the information, David Lawson turned the note over to the secretary and the board, who chose to treat it like a public records request, delaying the release until after it was of any use. The Chief became indignant that a commissioner was trying to make an informed opinion prior to adding a comment to an employee evaluation.

The seating arrangement in the board of commissioner meetings is such that the commissioners seat facing the room, the chief and secretary are in the front row. The chief accused Freitas of looking at him.

Apparently Freitas should be expected to stare out the window and avoid eye contact with Chief Church, a very common demand made by potentates and satraps operating under principles of despotism that are common throughout world history but entirely inconsistent with principles of equality as practiced in our constitutional republic. Of course, if your opponents get too aggressive you can initiate an investigation and your friends on the Commission might find an attorney that will put the offender in a poor light.

Jerry Galland, a friend of mine, attends the Commissioner’s meetings at the SKCFR and argues that Commissioner Freitas often positions himself in a position where he can fully participate. The chief accused Freitas, who I have met but do not know well, of moving to a position where Freitas “stares at me throughout the entire process.” I have had the experience of seeing Mr. Freitas in public and feeling as though he was looking at me in a harsh manner. When I went up to him and said hello, he was perfectly congenial.

According to the March 3, 2014 Investigative Report written by Attorney Russ Perisho, Freitas used to be a deputy with a sheriff’s department. Many LEOs are not overly congenial and can make people feel uncomfortable, especially people harboring a guilty conscience!

Church has made numerous unsubstantiated accusations against Freitas which the Investigator did not investigate. One such allegation is that Freitas had inappropriately gathered information from someone affiliated with the union involving a possible merger with Valley Regional Fire; sharing work product about the service benefit charge in 2010 with Bob Roegner and Jerry Galland; having coffee with a constituent, Jerry Galland, and other conduct that was “reprehensible, egregious and beyond mere words of expression.”

Church even alleged that Freitas was “feeding (Galland) with information”, all of which was “reduced into blog form” ( so that Galland could personally attack him and his family.

Church claims that his son, Brandon, is “currently doing excellent work as a firefighter” and that Galland fabricated facts. Brandon Church was found guilty of ‘unprofessional conduct’ in a department investigation in early 2012. The district and the employee holding an EMT license is required by law to notify the Department of Health (DOH) when a licensee is found to have violated a condition of the license.

Neither the district nor the employee, Brandon Church, notified the DOH of inappropriate contact made by Church’s son even though the incident was found to have occurred and became widely reported in the communities SKCFR serves.

In November of 2012, while on probation at the fire district for unprofessional conduct, Brandon answered NO to a question on the renewal application regarding whether he had been disciplined for unprofessional conduct. Galland reported on his blog site regarding the District’s attempts to minimize the affair and not reporting what had happened to the state DOH.

Freitas was elected to serve the public and all the facts in the report are consistent with taking his duties seriously when it comes to staunching the costs that have many taxpayers fuming. The fact that four members on the SKCFR board of commissioners have conducted an investigation pertaining to alleged harassment and hostile work environment at substantial expense to the taxpayers- thousands in attorney’s fees- says something about our local political leadership.

The accusation that seemed to be well founded, according to Mr. Perisho the attorney-investigator, is that Freitas told the Chief and the Assistant Chief they should retire. I have never talked to the Chief but I know the Assistant Chief. Ed Plumlee is a wonderful person. But maybe they should retire. I don’t think either of them are too old but if Freitas meant that some folks at SKCFR need to come back to reality and stop wasting the taxpayers money. I agree with him!

The trouble is that after years of working together, people get so comfortable that no one wants to rock the boat. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of interests at work. Unions make demands. Constituents read newspapers and become unhappy if they hear that more money is not going for some facilities or equipment- stuff that our firefighters supposedly cannot go without.

Kids need braces and college tuition or a job as a firefighter- just for example. And then there are those pesky little travel expenses, steak dinners and other important functions.

Of course there are the other constituents that complain about proposals to spend more, guys like Jerry Galland that always find things wrong with the Commissioner’s meetings and then raise issues that are reported by the media. Galland claimed that he had the right to record the SKCFR meetings. It turned out he was right.

Then some Commissioners threatened to eject anyone that carried a gun into their meetings. A bunch of open-carry advocates showed up, the commissioners called the police and the police had the gall not to make any of the armed advocates leave.

After that Commissioner Fossos defended his violations of the campaign disclosure laws by claiming he had to leave a meeting with Galland at which he was scheduled to show his campaign expenditures.

Why did he have to leave? Because Galland came to the meeting with a gun. Even though there was no evidence indicating that Galland ever even carried a gun at that time, a PDC investigator found that the refusal was justified but still found two counts of noncompliance with campaign disclosure laws against Fossos.

Most investigators honestly report what they find. They have biases, however, just like all of us, and attorneys definitely have a need to obtain work. Most people know better than to rock the boat. Keep watching what is happening with the insiders in our local, state and federal governments.

Politicians are starting to fall into the pits that they dig for their enemies. The unfunded municipal, state and federal liabilities for public pension plans are a huge threat to our way of life and the unions just keep getting the same people elected again and again in Wsetern washington and then ask for more.

Meanwhile states like Illinois, California and Washington are getting closer to following cities like Detroit, Stockton and San Bernardino into bankruptcy. Wisconsin is one very good model of a way out of this mess. But South King County Fire is like a morality play that symbolizes the national issues that are about to set our house on fire.


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Kris Jensen competes in a Biathlon Shooting Event on cross-country skis. Photo courtesy Kris Jensen.

Sandpoint PR Contributing Editor, Mark Knapp.

A lot of people watched the WINTER OLYMPICS and are asking questions about the Biathlon competition in Sochi. In a Biathlon, competitors get their heart beats racing by skiing across the countryside from one location to another and then stopping to engage targets out as far as 165 feet!

One of my friends asked me about the unique features of the .22 caliber rifles that the competitors use. I went to law school at Gonzaga with Kris Jensen. Jensen is a Biathlon competitor so I asked him about which rifle he shoots. It is an Izshmash 7-4. Izmash was at the Shot Show this year and, judging by their presence in Las Vegas, the armory that produced the AK-47 and many other Russian firearms, is invading the U.S. gun market in a big way.

There are two makers of biathlon guns, Anschutz, the German Biathlon rifle is about $3500.00- just for an entry level version without most of the accessories. The Izshmash entry level version is about $1500.00. All the guns used in competition have been modified extensively to lower the weight, custom fit the shooter and make the gun shoot more accurately. The rules of Biathlon are that triggers be within a certain pull weight, overall weight must be over a certain amount and lengths are also specified within certain parameters. Ammunition is standard .22 caliber.

The bolt action on the Anschutz is finger pull back and thumb press forward. The Izshmash action is also finger back and thumb forward but requires the thumb to come out on the side of the bolt, which is a little slower because your hand moves a little more between shots. This German YouTube video shows some good views of the Biathlon rifles that show the bolt action movement with finger back and thumb forward.

Jensen grew up in Wenatchee in a family that hunted a lot. Jensen had two other brothers that were also athletic. Over the years he enjoyed Nordic skate skiing more and more. His family had a cabin in the Methow Valley where he was cross-country skiing a lot during the winter. Skiing and shooting were a natural fit. Jensen is the President of the Methow Valley Biathlon board. The team is coached by a volunteer, Winthrop veterinarian Betsy Devin-Smith.

The participants are mostly high school kids but there is a Masters division that holds regular races during the winter season. There is also a club that uses facilities at Stevens Pass.

Jensen helps support the team and takes the pressure off the coach by administering the website and helping with logistics.

Methow Valley Biathlon has two main fundraiser events each year. They are called TRY BIATHLON. The club invites recreational skiers to come try the sport of biathlon. If you want to give Biathlon competition a shot or just get more information, you can go to

Range size really depends on the site. Shooting distance is 50m (165feet). A range typically has ten lanes, so that’s about 100 feet wide making the total shooting footprint about 16,500 square feet. Jensen estimates that with proper backdrop and good side shields you could squeeze it onto one acre (43,560 ft2). An enterprising entrepreneur or local government working with Idaho business leaders can create such a venue in North Idaho with a minimum of expense and use the range year around for action matches, high power and bull’s eye shooting the rest of the year.

The backdrop in the pictures is USFS land with a steep hillside. We have been advocating for additional shooting venues in North Idaho and there are already things happening behind the scenes that promise to be exciting! Olympic shooting trials can bring in a huge amount of international coverage and tourism. Thus, despite the suggestion that one acre may be sufficient, several acres may be more favorable to North Idaho’s plans for economic development.

If some investors want to get really ambitious, North Idaho can even become the birthplace of a new sport in which participants shoot rifle, pistol and shot gun from skis. Biathlon started as a military discipline with high power rifles. In 1978, eighteen years after Biathlon became an Olympic event, athletic officials bowed to European ways by going to standard velocity, more politically correct .22 caliber ammunition. Prior to 1978, the American team used Winchester Model 70s in .243 Winchester!

In the summer time, North Idaho can turn the Nordic skiing trails into motocross trails and really crank up some high speed shooting action!

Reposted with permission of Sandpoint PR.

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FWPD’s Dep. Chief Andy Hwang spoke at the Armed Defense Training Association’s monthly membership meeting on Thursday, January 9th. The meeting was held at Brooklake Church in Federal Way.

See January 9, 2014 ADTA Membership Meeting.

Changes in Federal Way

Things are changing quickly in Federal Way and some things seem very optimistic. Mayor-elect Jim Ferrell is about to engage in a “full court press” to attract new business to Federal Way and is already changing the city’s management structure.

The Mayor has appointed FWPD Deputy Chief Hwang as interim chief while a search is made for a new police chief. Hwang could not be a better choice for a permanent chief.

Interim Chief a Resident of Federal Way

Dep. Chief Hwang has been active in Federal Way and has the kind of professional and congenial manner that makes him the man to whom other officers have looked for leadership. Andy lives in Federal Way, something that should be important to local government leaders. Knowing folks as neighbors that we see around town is what may be lacking in many of our modern institutions.

Andy Hwang is definitely part of our community. He is liked and respected by his colleagues at the FWPD and his presentation and discussions with the members of the Armed Defense Training Association demonstrate why the City of Federal Way places so much confidence in him!

I have known Andy personally from when we were both members of the Federal Way Noon Kiwanis Club. His quiet, congenial approach hardly suggests that he has trained other LEOs in the use of force, including combat tactics for the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Copmmission.

Statistics: Traffic Fatalities Outnumber Murder

After briefly introducing himself, Dep. Chief Hwang explained the importance of recognizing a number of statistical facts. For starters, 35,000 people die in the United States every year as a result of traffic collisions; only 16,000 per year are murdered.

The fact that almost a third of the traffic deaths involve DUI collisions and that many murders involve domestic violence and/or drugs and alcohol means that many threats can be avoided just by making good choices. Keeping guns locked up when they are not on your person can prevent many accidents, suicides and thefts.

Teen suicide has tripled since 1960 and the frequency of active shootings has nearly tripled. When non-LEOs are confronted with deadly force virtually every means of protecting oneself is legal.

Dual Standard for Use of Force

For law enforcement, however, what constitutes a reasonable use of force is different than for the rest of us because LEOs have different tools and traning and are held to a higher standard under RCW 9A.16.040:

“The legislature recognizes that RCW 9A.16.040 establishes a dual standard with respect to the use of deadly force by peace officers and private citizens, and further recognizes that private citizens’ permissible use of deadly force under the authority of RCW 9.01.200, 9A.16.020, or 9A.16.050 is not restricted and remains broader than the limitations imposed on peace officers.”

The Constitutional criteria for reasonable use of force on the part of police officers is set forth in the 1989 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Graham v. Conner.

Mental Conditioning and Attack Indicators

Dep. Chief Hwang reviewed the color code of awareness and the mental conditioning that prepares normal people to recognize threats and act with confidence under stress. Recognizing pre-attack indicators will very often give a potential victim an opportunity to defuse violence, avoid it and to react when necessary.

For example, watch for someone that seems to be building resentment and anger in order to justify a violent attack. On the other hand, some attackers may become overly cooperative right before they execute their plan. Small changes in posture or even a person’s glance could indicate that a suspected attacker is preparing to take action.

Active Shooters

The protocaols for how school authorities should deal with active shooter situations are changing. A member of the audience asked a question as to whether the Federal Way Public School District has started training school personnel and students in new ways to react to active shooters. In many cases the best solution is to run and fight. It seems to be unclear as to the current state of FWPS protocols in such situations but if there is an escape path, an attempt to evacuate is imperative.

It may be necessary to fight with improvised weapons as a last resort and this means that the most violent action possible- initiated by two or more defenders- if possible- may save many lives even if one or more defenders are wounded or killed by disarming the shooter.

Hand to Hand Combat

The Deputy Chief demonstrated a number of ways that elbows and hands can become very deadly. He called upon a member of the audience and demonstrated various striking moves. It quickly became apparent why Andy Hwang has been teaching tactics to other officers for so many years.

Fighting is a last resort but there is a point, regardless of whether you are in a road rage situation or an active shooting scenario, where talking or hiding is not productive and could get you or your loved ones killed.
So be mentally prepared to fight violently, quick and hard!

One point that is important that was not made during the ADTA session on Thursday night is that if you are armed and someone has closed the gap, do not draw your gun until you have broken away or at least taken control of the opponent’s hand in such a way that he is not able to grab the gun. There are techniques for accomplishing this and the ADTA is a good place to start working on such issues.

Wu Chin is our ADTA martial arts instructor and provides classes at the Federal Way Community Center. Some of his students, including ADTA President Chad Hiatt, are also martial arts practitioners. The primary weapon that all of us possess is the mind. Awareness, training and being committed to act appropriately are all things we expect to see in our law enforcement officers. Each of us can develop a modicum of such conditioning by attending classes and seminars like the ones offered at our meetings.

Upcoming ADTA Events

Future membership meetings, which are on the second Thursday of every month, will deal with knives, hand to hand self-defense, self-defense for women, disarming attackers and similar subjects.

We also have Dave Workman coming to share on the subject of Washington State Firearms Rights and Responsibilities. Dave wrote the book on the subject and will be at the monthly ADTA membership meeting on Thursday, February 13th at Brooklake Church in Federal Way. The meetings, held on the second Thursday of every month, are open to the public at no charge.

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On Friday an armed school resource officer stopped a potential mass shooting at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. The 18 year old shooter legally purchased a pump-action shotgun. He was also armed with a machete and three Molotov cocktails.

Many high schools don’t have any armed personnel. It is good that Arapahoe’s SRO (actually an armed Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the school) was armed. Karl Pierson, self-avowed socialist, had enough ammunition and weaponry to create another grizzly scene like nearby Columbine High School or Newtown.

One of his classmates, Claire Esther Davis died after lingering on for several days. Pierson also ignited a firebomb in the school library. Then he killed himself as the school resource officer closed in.

Apparently Pierson had been kicked off the debating team and had a reputation for talking about subjects like Keynesian economics. In fact, he is reported to have held a very dim view of Republicans because of the cold hearted economic policies favored by those on the GOP side.

One media outlet quoted one of his fellow students describing Karl as having socialist opinions. The news outlet changed the quote and simply characterized the shooter as “opinionated.”

Imagine the way the Mainstream Media would have managed the message had young Karl Pierson been a fan of Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin! The whole event took 80 seconds- enough time to kill many innocent people- but only one person died and another was injured.

Then on Tuesday, Dec. 17th, a shooter killed an innocent victim and himself at the RENOWN REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER in Reno, NV. Nothing has been reported so far as to the Reno shooter’s politics or economic theories or whether a good guy armed with a gun had a hand in preventing further carnage.

The number of active shooters with leftwing socialist world views has been noted by many observers. Most recent mass shooters, with some exceptions, did not have a great deal of experience with firearms. They often seem to purchase their guns right before embarking on their deadly killing sprees. Karl Pierson, an Eagle Scout, may have had some prior training because the BSA still encourages gun safety education and many Scout troops actually go the range and engage targets.

Boy Scouts with guns might be regarded as a symptom of latent homophobia by the Huff Post crowd. The fact is that Eagle Scouts rarely go off the rails until they start buying into Marxist-Leninist theory and various strands of socialism; i.e., the Progressive intellectual stew that begins and ends with the premise that all human progress springs out of social interests clashing in inexorable struggle; i.e., violent struggle.

The number of mass shootings prevented by good guys and gals with guns is large enough that we will have to present one or two examples at a time in future articles. And what is the relationship of Keynesian economics and socialism to mass shootings? That will take a trip back to former times in England- a journey that introduces a cast of characters fit for a novel by Charles Dickens!

The literary in our audience realize that Dickens wrote his novels in installments in magazines and newspapers. So please look forward to future installments.


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