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Mark Knapp, Restoring Gun Rights- (253) 202-2081


We want to find out what disaster preparedness officials are doing at all levels of government, police and military. And what are the people doing at the grassroots? What do you think needs to be done? Are we safe under the current arrangements? Should we leave the job of keeping us safe to the government? Then why are the federal, state and local governments spending billions to tell we the people to get ready? Maybe we should start heeding the official advice and practice some local homeland security! All good government starts in the family and with neighbors.


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Tester test ABCD WTF
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Federal Way's Economy Prepared for Growth The whole United States is experiencing a historic wave of new shooters. Federal Way is now positioning itself to enjoy some of the money generated by the firearms industry. Bellevue, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada are two examples of cities that have attracted successful gun related businesses. Potlatch, Idaho, a former timber town alongside the Clearwater National Forest, is one of a number of cities that are aggressively recruiting gun manufacturers and other gun related businesses. In fact, the whole state of Idaho- and other states like Montana- have recognized the economic opportunity represented by America’s legacy of firearms freedom linked to the spirit of enterprise! Las Vegas received funds from a sell-off of federal lands pursuant to a law that only applies to Nevada. Most of the revenue had to be used on parks and $64 million has been spent on the Clark County Shooting Complex, which is on 2,880 acres north of Tule Springs in the northernmost part of the valley. The complex will see another $3 million spent to build a facility for shooting clay pigeons. Meanwhile the City of Las Vegas has acres of indoor gun ranges all competing for the wave of enthusiasm for shooting activities in and around the strip. In our state of Washington the number of concealed pistol licenses is climbing steadily. Many other states are reporting similar increases in concealed weapons permits. The number of gun owners in Washington who have concealed pistol licenses was nearly 378,000- back in the middle of September, 2012. The numbers of people carrying concealed has never been so high and is steadily rising nationwide. There are now more than 8 million licensed to carry in the U.S., according to Dave Workman. The best estimates of gun sales are based on the number of NICS background checks which have been soaring right along with the numbers of CPLs. This trend can partly be explained by fears that President Obama will by-pass Congress and ban certain kinds of gun ownership by entering into a UN treaty or by administrative fiat. It is also recognized that every time a mass shooting occurs, many people purchase weapons, often for the first time. But the trend has continued unabated for many years and started long before most of us ever heard the name Obama. The good news is that many new gun owners are motivated to take classes that often go beyond basic safety courses. It is widely acknowledged that gun safety increases when gun owners invest time practicing their shooting skills. Working with professionals increases the safety factor by teaching even experienced shooters how much we have to learn. Of course, the needs don’t stop with instruction. Gunsmiths, holster manufacturers and sales of optics are all examples of markets that Federal Way can tap into. There are also many vendors that market to law enforcement. Some federal agencies that are now here in Federal Way will be utilizing the new ranges, bringing their colleagues to Federal Way for training sessions and spending money in our stores. Can Federal Way learn something from Las Vegas and Bellevue? We now have our first indoor range in Federal Way and another one is in the works! Bellevue area hosts at least three indoor ranges, and a number of outdoor ranges, all within a short drive from each other. Where there are ranges there are also firearms schools and other businesses that cater to gun owners will follow. Thus, Federal Way can only gain by hitching our economy to America’s love affair with firearms that shows no signs of receding.
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In 2014, the City of Federal Way experienced a shooting in which a young man used a shotgun to kill his live-in girlfriend and then also gunned down three other people. The police believe that he killed the additional three people in order to prevent them from testifying against him. This terrible event made national news and caused series of repercussions in the local community.

A perennial candidate who had already indicated he would not be running for mayor- announced that he would run because public safety was suddenly a concern. He is now mayor and there have not been any mass shootings in Federal Way since that terrible day in 2014.

Law enforcement officers arrived quickly and neutralized the shooter by shooting him dead. There is nothing to indicate that having any more officers would have resulted in a different outcome. Nothing the police could have done would have stopped the carnage sooner.

One victim, a 62 year old man, ran into his nearby apartment unit and bolted the door to call 911. The killer blew the bolt off the apartment door and then blasted away at the victim who was frantically calling 911!

Rudi Alcott, the publisher of the Federal Way Mirror, criticized Mayor Skip Priest, implying that he handled the aftermath of “the horrific events on April 21 irresponsibly.” He inveighed as to how city leaders were remiss in the way they handled the initial press conference:

“At this point, things started to break down. Where was Mayor Skip Priest during this initial press conference? Not only did he not speak, he wasn’t even present. While I will grant the fact that this was predominately a police-centered press conference, the mayor should have opened the meeting assuring the general public that all of us were safe, that this was an isolated event, and that there would be a follow-up meeting — and then turn it over to the police chief for the details.”

Alcott compared the manner in which Federal Way leaders reacted to the shooting and how the mayor of Boston responded to the Boston Marathon bombings. The fact that the media was not permitted to remain in the room throughout an entire meeting in Federal Way caused a certain amount of indignation on Mr. Alcott’s part:

“For the first time, I wondered whether the mayor’s office or the police department was running this city. Imagine the outrage in Boston had the city issued a statement that said “Only the people of the blocks that were cordoned off to capture the fugitives could attend the meeting. All the rest of you need to go away.”

The publisher was “appalled by this action” and personally apologized to all of the citizens of Federal Way for the city’s “ineptitude’ in the way the meetings were handled. Rudi, your apologies are appalling!

Alcott exhorted, “Accept the fact that you mishandled this and begin to move the city in a direction that will heal the community. Your entire community deserves this, in likely the greatest time of need that this community will ever face.”

Does the publisher of the Mirror really believe that Federal Way has faced the worst it will ever face?

I formerly wrote a column in the Mirror that regularly warned about how the times are becoming more violent and that we are all at risk. The Firearms Lawyer column appeared in print for four years because it was controversial and controversy sells newspapers. Although newspaper publishers often print editorial material that does not express the views of the publisher, Mr. Alcott certainly must have recognized that the reason so many people were purchasing guns was not because things are expected to improve for the better.

In fact, the Mirror suddenly terminated the Firearms Lawyer column after the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, because management at the paper had determined that there should be “no more articles calling for more guns.”

The 62 year old man who tried to call 911 when a shooter began slaughtering apartment residents in Federal Way might still be alive if he had picked up a gun instead of a telephone after he bolted the door to his apartment. He was known as a guy that watched over the premises. Because I have been accused of blaming victims for not being armed, I should add that the heroic effort to stop the mass killing was admirable but futile. That man and two other men laid down their lives just by being present on that terrible day.

Bob Roegner also climbed on, stating, “All that changed with the Pinewood Village Apartment murders. Suddenly there were several issues to raise: domestic violence, gun availability, neighborhood safety, and police department staffing.” Roegner also offered up additional pratings about domestic violence and twaddled about the city’s failure to take away the perpetrator’s guns (the murderer had no legal prohibitions and the weapons were legally owned). Other less preeminent sources of political wisdom also pontificated that Federal Way is going down the tubes (a recurring racist theme often appears that our city has become a ghetto).

Jon McIntosh, a local pastor, got it right:

“As a local church pastor and a police chaplain, I had the privilege of participating in this meeting. I could not be more proud of our leaders than I was that night. It is moments like these that demonstrate the levels of integrity and care that assure us of a strong future. If you are unhappy with how the meeting was conducted, you have that right. But please remember, that evening you weren’t the most important thing.”

The same edition of the Mirror contained a highly informative story about gangs in Federal Way and surrounding areas. What the story failed to emphasize is that many of the gangs are affiliated with the Mexican cartels and every major cartel conducts operations in the Seattle area, including South King County and Tacoma.

The fact that the cartels routinely kill law enforcement officers, journalists, prosecutors and judges in Mexico, makes it appear highly likely that carnage will spread North from the border. The cartels have only held back because they know their operations will suffer if the bloodshed occurring in Mexico is duplicated North of the border.

It is easy to criticize Mayor Priest. He might become peevish or just not give you an interview. And I have to agree with those like Jim Ferrell (who announced he would run for mayor of Federal Way after all) when the complaiedn that money spent on the anticipated Performing Arts Center should instead go for essential services like police salaries.

Nevertheless, going after Skip Priest for how he conduced grieving in Federal Way was misplaced and a bit arrogant. The big question is who are you going to trust when things get ugly? For example, someone in high places abandoned Ambassador Stevens and three U.S. security personnel in Benghazi. The hearings put the spot light on the ambassador’s desperate phone calls for help while Al-Qaeda targeted him to be tortured, sodomized with a bayonet and killed. Now a new movie brings back the Benghazi carnage right before the Iowa primary.

Everyone knew that September 11, 2012 was a day when the risk of terrorism was high and the warnings about Benghazi were clearly written for all to see. J. Christopher Stevens was one of their own. But the ambitions of those in the political class dictated that his death was not a real story in the eyes of many.

Rather than publishing editorials advocating for gay marriage and carping about phony issues like the press not being able to do its thing, the Mirror publisher should have been asking how Federal Way residents can better prepare for possible horrifying events in the future. The worse things get, however, the more those in denial will ignore the facts. When the press is in denial, we all get shielded from the facts!

Getting prepared was the dialogue we fostered in the community with the Firearms Lawyer column. The dialogue continues in these blog pages. The key is not more guns but good communication between leaders in government, law enforcement, churches and those that live and work in our communities.

It is always a good idea to have firearms training and carry a gun along with you- just in case. The hand writing is on the wall and we are entering a new time in which the whole world is a danger zone. Yes, I am still encouraging our neighbors to get trained with firearms. And I try to avoid blaming the victims. Even police officers are being cut down in attacks that seem to materialize without any warning. We cannot say for sure what tomorrow holds but we are hearing mire about attacks from individuals and groups that embrace jihad.

There are definitely times when a gun is better than a telephone. The four dead residents of Federal Way might agree. Ambassador Stevens and his security team were outgunned. There is no guarantee that carrying a pistol will stop determined terrorists. The idea that a gun will not improve your chances of stopping the kind of violence experienced in Federal Way is a discredited, foolish notion.

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I went to Law School in 1985. When I graduated from Gonzaga Law School some Toastmasters that I had met at the Coeur d’Alene Toastmasters Club were meeting at TJs in Post Falls where I lived and raised my children. I had the honor of becoming the founding President of the Post Falls Club in 1989!

Within a year I was practicing law in the Seattle-Tacoma area where I also joined a few Toastmasters’ groups. Then I came back to North Idaho two years ago with my wife, Marie, after I had been away from Post Falls for almost a quarter century.

I went right to a local range and gun store in Post Falls. I told one of the owners, “I am the famous Firearms Lawyer here from Seattle area.” She introduced me to her husband, the other owner of our local indoor shooting range, “This is Mark Knapp, a Firearms Lawyer from Seattle.”

He said, “What the hell is a firearms lawyer? I’ve been in this business for many years and never heard of such a thing as a Firearms Lawyer!” So let me explain how I came to be the world famous firearms lawyer.

For a few years I was working as an attorney for the provider law firm for Prepaid Legal, answering questions on the phone and trying to keep body and soul together. Many folks would call asking where they could go with their CPLs and other such legal perplexities.

While talking to the PREPAID LEGAL members, I had a computer with internet access right in front of me. So I was able to easily research such questions- like can an employee of a drinking establishment carry a firearm while working and how to get gun rights restored after convictions for felonies & Domestic Violence.

Soon I was inundated with calls from folks calling to ask about such things. So
I soon decided to make a complete law practice out of it.

I created a website dealing with guns and disaster preparedness- Preparedness seemed politically correct since the government had spent billions starting in the 1950s to prepare the public for everything from nuclear holocaust to earthquake evacuations- especially after September 11, 2001.

In 2001, our federal government poured vast amounts of money into educating Americans about everything we needed to have in case of an emergency- everything except for the most valuable item- the means for defending our families from the violence which can be the aftermath of events like the hurricane that flooded New Orleans near the time I resumed my career as a solo practitioner in Federal Way, Washington.

I also reasoned that if a major disaster engulfed Seattle-Tacoma area it would make sense to let law enforcement know in advance who I was and that I was one of the good guys with no evil intentions.

That was when I took all kinds of armed self-defense classes- from groups like the FIREARMS ACADEMY OF SEATTLE, Massad Ayoob and FRONT SIGHT and then taught to others what I had learned about tactical and practical defense of myself and others and the laws of armed defense. I obtained my CPL, jointed the NRA and Paul Bunyan Shooting Club in Puyallup and also got involved in competitive shooting. First I shot steel target at Paul Bunyan and then USPSA action pistol matches, then rifle & shotgun all in the same event; i.e., 3-gun matches.

Around that time the editor of our local Federal Way newspaper asked me to write a column that we called the FIREARMS LAWYER.

I was writing articles that appeared 2 or 3 times a week; thus, the Firearms Lawyer was a unique column for a weekly community newspaper. Soon the police in Federal Way pretty much knew who I was. So I was on my way to achieving at least one of my objectives!

Then the editor of the Federal Way Mirror suggested I run for judge. The Mirror didn’t support me. But the publisher seems mostly Liberal and the editor apparently thought controversy would help circulation- nothing like a Constitutionalist, gun nut in a race seven way race for the municipal judgeship. Things were already very weird due to some scandals that had transpired in the Federal Way Municipal Court.

I joined the Chamber of Commerce to engage in some electioneering and several Chamber members wanted to get an indoor gun range started in Federal Way.

We started the ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION. I was Founding President. I had previously hosted the kick off banquet when we started the Post Falls Toastmasters Club. My experience in Toastmasters made me uniquely qualified to train inexperienced shooters to shoot while running and ducking behind cover! Funny, right?

A local businessman built a gun range in Federal Way. The ADTA started hosting shoot-on-the-move events at various locations, including the new Federal Way Indoor Range. Most ranges don’t allow rapid shooting while moving down range. Nevertheless, the owners of several ranges agreed to let us have certain areas of the ranges to ourselves. That takes a bit of persuasion because we had to convince them that we could train inexperienced shooters with very high standards of proficiency and none of us began with the kind of NRA credentials that are normally expected for the more advanced drills that we provided.

The ADTA group is nonprofit and all volunteer. We also hold educational sessions at which local law enforcement often discuss topics of community interest.

So my Toastmaster training and network of contacts that have amazing leadership and business skills opened many doors and helped us to recruit well over a hundred ADTA members- almost half of them women! Many new shooters came to us with limited or no shooting experience. The ADTA now has two clubs- we started a second chapter in Mount Lake Terrace.

I now hope to start something like it in SPOKANE or Post Falls. We just need about five committed individuals with some basic organizational skills.

A self-defense shooting group is a great opportunity to work with your local police and other authorities. Law Enforcement will get involved just to keep an eye on what you are up to! And when they see that you are a positive influence for good community relations, cops love to help out! There is nothing worse than having all your citizens running around with Concealed Weapons Licenses, brand new guns and no training or knowledge about the laws of armed self-defense.

If you are interested in experiencing a more action-oriented style of shooting, remember- I am looking for a few good men & women to make it all happen

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A few years back we surveyed several high school girls in Federal Way with a few simple historical questions like which came first- the Civil War or WW II.

See video of Texas Tech Survey.

One girl in our unscientific survey knew the Civil War came before WW II but had to think about it- a lot. She remembered Harriet Tubman from Black Studies and that jogged her recollection. The video linked above exemplifies the same kind of results we discovered in Federal Way

Most of the HS students in Federal Way get taught much about critical thinking and diversity- both very big with modern educators; history is just for senior year, or so the Federal Way high school students claim. Supposedly knowing the difference between an ad hominem argument and a priori reasoning is more important than knowing any facts.

The trouble with such sophistry is that you can use critical thinking to convince someone of almost anything! You thought you believed in gravity, for example. But just because you fall doesn’t mean that some capricious entity hasn’t been manipulating the physical environment for years to create the illusion of a consistent natural principle. Scientific laws just seem inherently true due to our apriori assumptions that material and mass have actual physical properties that hold the universe in place. This is pseudo intellectual casuistry, of course, but a sophomore in high school (or even college) might find an instructor prating away on such things to be very enlightening.

The Bible states by Christ all things consist. But can’t it just as easily be the Lord of the Flies? Exalting a righteous God is just a method of injecting a dope like quality to people that are being enslaved by the overseer class. Its not difficult to persuade people into nihilism when they are starting out void of factual information; especially with kids, when you are working with a blank slate in the first place. Biases like honoring your parents, loving your country and rejecting the evils rejected by your forefathers are safeguards against intellectual chaos.

When kids have some experience and know some facts, they can actually exercise the “critical thinking” process to assess shortcomings in what they receive. Critical thinking would be relatively harmless if it were not for the fact that many of the teachers have been so radicalized by diversity training, Black studies, Chicano studies, neo-Marxist analysis and other anti-American biases.

It is amazing that more kids are not going on shooting rampages. Taking God and the Bible out of schools doesn’t really help either.

There is a whole branch of feminism that is also Marxist. None of these “studies” come labeled as Marxist or radical but they all employ elements of the so-called critical thinking process to deconstruct everything we try to teach kids at home. Communist lawyers founded a whole school of Critical Legal Studies many years ago. The movement is still going strong and has been very persuasively demonstrating how judges make decisions based on protecting the interests of their class-based social status.

Most of us were also educated into the “Progressive” agenda. So we need to use critical thinking to see through the agenda. Critical thinking can be good or bad; i.e., it is only a process and can be used to reach almost any conclusion. Especially when you eliminate any facts that are deemed to be biased just because they are traditional. On the other hand, supposedly innovative social ideas (which aren’t really new at all) are deemed to be inherently progressive, modern and imminently worth entertaining with a dialogue that usually engenders more Progressive foolishness.

There really are people trying to steal what we received from our forefathers and we are starting to see the tragic results. They aren’t people like Khrushchev or some commissars in Red China. People like the Clintons, the Obama True Believers and even some Republicans are just as subversive as Chairman Mao ever was. But the real source of the attack is coming from tax exempt foundations bearing names like Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie. Millions of dollars go to fund academic studies and it skews the academic process and skewers our young.

Communist and Socialist are academic distinctions. The way the Obama administration has encouraged the racial strife in Ferguson, Missouri and other places along with the Obama Administration’s anti-police rhetoric is a harbinger of violence to come.

The only possible distinction between Communism and Socialism is that Communists profess to believe in violent revolution. But they also resort to disguising their beliefs and will even profess to be Socialists, Progressives, Democrats or even Republicans if it suits their purposes.

Do you know who Saul Alinsky is?

A very famous Chicago Communist, Alinsky died many years ago. Nevertheless, Saul Alinsky is still somewhat famous because President Obama learned community organizing under some of the organizations that followed Alinsky’s strategies outlined in the book, Rules for Radicals.

Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis about him and actually worked in Alinsky’s operations before she took off for law school at Yale!

Mrs. Clinton was recruited into Alinsky’s operations in her Methodist Church right in Park Ridge where I went to high school. She graduated the year I started so we were not at Maine South at the same time.

I read her senior thesis written while she was at Wellesley College. It is about Saul Alinsky’s life and community organizing strategies. Very interesting! It makes my case better than I could explain it in 20,000 words or more. See the link to the thesis above.

We now have leaders who have values that are as chaotic and dangerous as the values I previously rejected when I got to meet some of the radicals in Chicago’s Hyde Park. I repudiated all of my leftist and hippy beliefs after I received Christ as my Lord and Savior. It would be a good thing for our nation if some of our leaders would also repent!

But what of our children? The so-called critical thinking that has replaced traditional educational values rooted in the traditional American heritage have left our students poorly prepared to question the premises of teachers who teach that the United States is a nation of genocide and greed. No wonder things are coming apart and our leaders seem more like adolescent children having a food fight when so many important issues confront the nation.

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I am convinced that our Lord embodies all the attributes described in Scripture- Old and New Testaments. The modern sensibility sees a conflict between love and war but that is because most Americans are not able to even imagine our families being raped, tortured, mutilated and destroyed.

That is happening to Christians all over the world right now in places like Egypt.

I have not gotten much of any feedback from any pastor friends; most of the politically incorrect material in the Scripture is usually avoided by religious professionals. Scripture only keeps the lights on and food on the table when it makes folks feel good about themselves.

The wars of Canaan are rarely discussed over the pulpit except in a vein which makes the various “ites” (Hittites, Jebusites, Amalekites, etc.) symbolic of various personal sins; e.g., pride, envy, lust, etc. But alas! Even sin is out of vogue in many of our churches- the only sin is legalism (if you belong to many evangelical churches) or intolerance- in the so-called mainstream churches. Actually both terms connote very nearly the same thing- harsh judgementalism! If even the concept of law falls into disrepute how can we explain to folks that God’s law is an expression of his attributes and character of holiness- not simply legalism.

For example, we do not let people kill and rape and torture us or do such things to our families because we are all made in the image of our Creator. That is also why in modern nations we purport to provide due process via written Constitutions- to protect the dignity of individual rights. Mundane concepts like private property derive from the knowledge that Yahweh God is sovereign and owns the universe. And he can be angry and holy at the same time- something most of us are still trying to figure out how to do!

We should look at the BOOK OF JUDGES as a blueprint for political action. Such an assertion understandably makes one a candidate for increased scrutiny- via drone attack. American citizens are now subject to assassination without due process right here in the homeland if we come under scrutiny from someone in high places. But only if it is determined that we are a threat to national security.

I believe in the Bible. And I believe that abortion is murder so I am pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and happy to be a patriotic American male.

The most terrifying condition to be in is to be taken captive by an enemy. Ask the working poor Whites, Chicanos, Blacks and other minorities captured within the enclaves of inner-city Chicago ghettos- my hometown!

The leaders in Chicago and the academic-media-leftist political complex blame the white power structure- everyone except the Democrat plantation owners that control the blood soaked Windy City- those pesky Dems and their massive Chicago machine have brought urban plantation politics to the suburbs! Thus, nervous and sometimes vehement discussions about the origins of crime and poverty, violence and terrorism roil U.S. society and the world today.

It all starts in rebellion against lawful authority. We will talk about modern Progressives further in a future installment, however.

Just bring up the fact that much of the gun violence occurs largely- but not exclusively- in Eastern gun free cities and the sparks will fly.

The Old Testament books of 1 and 2 Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles list many examples of God commanding his people to defend what and who God had given them- including a Godly heritage. The irony here, of course, is that the Scriptural heritage brought great prosperity which inevitably lead to so much comfort and feelings of entitlement.

Israelites soon lapsed into apathy and became much like Americans are today. The Biblical word is apostate. It means the Israelites were traitors against their own Constitution. Before you tell me that Israel did not have a Constitution, please consider that the five books of the Mosaic Pentateuch were the basis of all law in the Commonwealth of Israel.

Though battlefields and causes change, and weapons and tactics are enhanced, the terms of engagement have not changed since long ago. Defend one’s nation, from inner corruption and the enemies at the gates, or see it fall.

We don’t actually perform ritualistic human sacrifice as a religious sacrament like the ancient inhabitants of Canaan. Medically deleting the unborn is considered to be very modern and civilized, on the other hand, because we never are to sacrifice the rights of the woman to own her own uterus.

The mostly white elitists that push gay marriage, abortion and other new customs are also promoting a culture that is alien to most Americans. The media mavens want you to think that your guns are alien to the ruling elite but the elite just don’t want you to own firearms. They often hire a few security professionals- usually at taxpayer expense.

Since Old Testament days, the formula for a strong nation has been the same, a Godly leader in the mold of King David, following instructions from the Lord. Such a leader must be able to defend the people and the land. Most of our recent leaders have been more focused on defending their elected offices.

Prosperity and stable institutions here in the United States provided safe and compassionate governance for our people and positively influenced other countries around the world. Our elite international ruling elite, like George Soros and his friends, have figured out how to invade the public purse and finance their aspirations to become Masters of the Universe, so respect for the American way of life has turned into resentment.

Where America has long exported resources and personnel to spread the Gospel, we now also export abortion, perversion and missiles wherever a buyer appears. Unfortunately, a promise to deliver Egypt tomorrow or Libya next week is usually sufficient and no other credit is required. At least no credit card is required for regimes such as those in Pakistan, Egypt and Libya.

You are not a regime but just a group like Ansar al-Sharia? That is alright. Your affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood that held the power in Egypt for a time is enough. Just promise to work with the CIA or help us to deliver the goods in Syria.

Great Britain and the United States share success stories that indicate how amazing prosperity and stability will follow upon a nation that trusts its ways to the Lord. Britain and the U.S. should be acknowledged as nations that sent missionaries all over the world. Freedom from fear, personal safety, national security- none of these come from a gun, an army or by government programs and spending. It starts with having right priorities.

You can prepare the horse for the day of battle but the outcome of the battle belongs to the Lord.

Many modern Americans have chosen to trust in government planners rather than the plans outlined in the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. We shall hereinafter refer to such Americans as Progressives. Thus, America seems to be following the road that Britain and other European nations have traveled.

Our technological superiority and natural resources may allow us to remain a military superpower for the near term, but recent economic upheavals have shaken the most exceptional nation on Earth. America’s leadership has chosen for years to follow the path of militarism by depending on large standing armies for most of the Twentieth Century, particularly during and after the Cold War.

The Biblical section that best demonstrates everything above is in the first few chapters of the Book of Joshua. Starting in Chapter 1, Verse 2, the Lord says to Joshua:

“Lead these people into the land which I am ready to hand over to them. I am handing over to you every place you set foot, as I promised Moses. Your territory will extend from the wilderness in the south to Lebanon in the north. It will extend all the way to the great River Euphrates in the east (including all of Syria) and all the way to the Mediterranean Sea in the west.”

Try talking like this to a Palestinian or to someone in the current Administration! In fact, any self-respecting Liberal-Progressive will tell you that what we are advocating here is Manifest Destiny; i.e., the same heretical notion that wiped out the American Indian and the buffalo herds. I am making very intolerant statements- and intolerable, too!

“No one will be able to resist you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not abandon you or leave you alone. Be strong and brave! You must lead these people in the conquest of this land that I solemnly promised their ancestors I would hand over to them. Make sure you are very strong and brave!”

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The manner in which societies organize for warfare has always been dependent on a number of interrelated factors. Technology is an important factor but there are many instances where societies that are behind in the technology of warfare or even behind in industrial strength and other economic factors have been able to become better organized than their opponents. Japan, for example, created the first successful carrier groups and managed to do this virtually overnight in the years before Pearl Harbor. At Pearl Harbor the Japanese executed tactics gleaned from systematic study of the British attack on Taranto that destroyed a major portion of the Italian Navy.

Just prior to WW II, theorists like Liddell Hart advocated in favor of integrating fast moving armored vehicles with smaller infantry units and air cover. The only authorities in a position to follow Hart’s innovative doctrine that were actually listening were members of the German High Command. The German execution of the lightning-fast tactics that the world came to know as Blitzkrieg overran France’s “state of the art” defenses in a matter of a few days with a loss of German lives that was almost nil!

The ability of the U.S. to mobilize and organize a civilian industrial base in order to convert to the building of carriers and planes and other military armament was one important factor that turned the tables on the Japanese and the Germans.

Hitler attempted to personally manage and direct forces that had been effectively trained to proceed with a great deal of rapid decision making at the operational level. Hitler’s seriously flawed military logic in overriding the advice of his generals and consigning Gen. Paulus’ Sixth Army to utter destruction led to its defeat on the Eastern Front.

Over time, battlefields, as the world historically has perceived battlefields to exist, have become almost a thing of the past. During the Napoleonic Wars, hundreds of thousands of men were formed into massed ranks which presented solid boxes at which their opponents would fire. Soldiers on both sides were ordered to fire into massed ranks of the enemy, usually without taking aim.

The field of battle was filled with black powder smoke and cannon balls would skip across the open ground, often removing heads and arms and legs as the iron balls bounded through rows of soldiers lined up like bowling pins.

The American Civil War and WW I caused great loss of life because both sides had such accurate rifles, machine guns and artillery that the men were pinned down in deadly trench warfare. The certainty of death by exposing men to such accurate long range fire initiated a search for new battlefield doctrine that would avoid the drawn out carnage and attrition of the trenches.

By WW II, the German High Command’s innovative mix of tanks, armored vehicles and planes dictated a new kind of warfare that depended on speed and initiative rather than masses of men. The other great powers had greater resources in terms of weapons and by almost every other manner of reckoning. The Germans, nevertheless, had developed a process of planning, innovating and testing various plans and tactics involving new technologies that other leaders only vaguely understood until the German onslaught demonstrated to the world what the English historian, Basil Liddell Hart, had been talking about for so many years; i.e., decentralized coordination between fast moving infantry, mechanized troops and tactical air support.

By the time of the first Gulf War, the U.S. was able to detect and destroy Iraqi armor so effectively that enemy troops just gave up and walked into the desert. At the present time, there is no enemy in the world that can challenge the U.S. on the high seas, in the air or on land. Our forces are trained, organized and equipped in ways that no other nation can match.

This situation prevails as a result of GPS, satellite reconnaissance, networked communications, along with other technogies that make it possible for planners located anywhere in the world to view every inch of a battlefield environment and communicate instructions or reach out and touch personnel and equipment in real time while committing few, if any, troops to the battlefield arena. This is because of robot technology and surveillance systems that make death almost certain for any personnel that expose themselves to the systems our planners and scientists have developed.

According to Max Boot in “War Made New”, however, every victor runs the risk of becoming complacent and relying on the technological and military prowess that provided the last victory. While the U.S. was basking in the benefits of the “peace dividend” our enemies were exploring our weaknesses. The fact that no army will expose itself to the bewildering networks of weaponry deployed by our armed forces creates a new medium of battle. The only way for an enemy to attack is to infiltrate our society with networks that operate with the kind of decentralized structure by which our own special forces deploy.

Each new innovation can only be integrated into a battle system by gradual experimentation and tactical experience. One example of such innovation is information reported by military intelligence that terrorists are using online social networking systems to identify targets, communicate strike opportunities as they arise and conduct surveillance. Thus, older technology is always preserved alongside state of the art developments. This fact brings us to an interesting thesis.

It was predicted to be a matter of less than five years before WMDs would be deployed within the U.S. homeland, according to the the 9/11 Commission. Suit-case nukes, biological weapons and chemical warfare are all available to terrorists and criminals. The argument that nuclear weapons are too high-tech for terrorists is more a kind of denial than a reassurance to any thinking person. Those who study such subjects at the highest levels state that it is just a matter of when the enemy will unleash such weaponry.

Many small arms and personnel are pouring back and forth across the U.S.-Mexican border. An epidemic of kidnappings has started in Phoenix and experts predict that the business of kidnapping is spreading to other cities in the U.S. The fact that many of the kidnappings and much of the contraband and personnel crossing the border involves Mexican gangs goes hand in hand with credible intelligence that Middle Eastern personnel are also coming across our Southern border and receiving many kinds of weapons other than just small arms.

When the new administration uses the complaints about U.S. manufactured guns showing up South of the border, ask yourself whether you would care to be defenseless in El Paso, Texas when the violence spills over the border from Ciudad Juárez.

According to the New York Times, cities llike El Paso, Phoenix and Tucson are “hardly alone in feeling the impact of Mexico’s drug cartels and their trade. In the past few years, the cartels and other drug trafficking organizations have extended their reach across the United States and into Canada. Law enforcement authorities say they believe traffickers distributing the cartels’ marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs are responsible for a rash of shootings in Vancouver, British Columbia, kidnappings in Phoenix, brutal assaults in Birmingham, Ala., and much more.”

It will not take a WMD event to paralyze our economy. Even temporary economic and social disruption could make our armed forces vulnerable. Various synchronized forces and events are ready to converge in many parts of the world. Cyber-warfare and political confusion can amount to chaos in the midst of profound despair and recriminations.

Think about the questions that existed (and still exist) after the WTC attacks and the invasion of Iraq. Some people still question whether Al Qaeda was really behind the attacks. The apparent confusion about how seriously the American public should view terrorist threats raises the issue of whether additional unrecognized enemies can wreak havoc. Can terrorists intitiate attacks in a manner that disguises the identity of the enemy power initiating an attack? Can these attacks occur via tactical teams utilizing small arms, WMDs or industrial-financial sabotage by computer-hacking or some other electronic attack?

An ordinary-looking freighter ship heading toward New York or Los Angeles launches a missile from its hull or from a canister lowered into the sea. It hits a densely populated area. A million people are incinerated. The ship is then sunk. No one claims responsibility. There is no firm evidence as to who sponsored the attack, and thus no one against whom to launch a counterstrike.

But as terrible as that scenario sounds, there is one that is worse. Let us say the freighter ship launches a nuclear-armed Shahab-3 missile off the coast of the U.S. and the missile explodes 300 miles over Chicago. The nuclear detonation in space creates an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Gamma rays from the explosion, through the Compton Effect, generate three classes of disruptive electromagnetic pulses, which permanently destroy consumer electronics, the electronics in some automobiles and, most importantly, the hundreds of large transformers that distribute power throughout the U.S. All of our lights, refrigerators, water-pumping stations, TVs and radios stop running. We have no communication and no ability to provide food and water to 300 million Americans.

This is what is referred to as an EMP attack. Such an attack would effectively throw America back technologically into the early 19th century.

DARPA, a U.S. Government R & D technology lab, was able to create microwave technology at a relatively local cost with generally available electronic components that could disarm many high tech weapons systems. Such inexpensive designs are published on the internet.

The best way to deal with roving bands of killers is on their own terms. The low-tech swarming concept developed by terrorists is also one of the evolving doctrines of our own special forces.

A unit or individual blends into the social environment and, by means of cheap handheld GPS units (available at any electronics shop or outdoor store), cell phone and laptop, units come together as opportunities are presented. Similarly, the ancient Parthian and Mongolians and Turks were just some of the Asiatic horsemen that were able to envelope their enemies by converging from many directions with little or no apparent leadership.

The fact that the Asian “hordes” knew their enemies’ weaknesses stands in stark contrast to the lack of knowledge regarding the onslaught on the part of their victims (Europeans, Persians and Arabic societies, as well as the Chinese empire, to name a few). Such swarming tactics resulted in whole regions becoming systematically repopulated with mountains of skulls.

When a team comes together the units “swarm” their enemy like wolf packs or sharks. The best weapons against such forces are forces of citizens that are armed and trained to detect patterns, react and respond until the police and/or military take over.

The principle of social organization that most characterized the Twentieth Century is the same principle upon which 19th Century factories and armies were organized; the military-industrial complex organized as a massive hierarchy of professionals, bureaucrats, and engineers; i.e., as cog-like components in a huge machine. The concept of a citizen militia seemed outmoded by the 1950s.

A conventional comment is that, “The professional soldiers can provide for our defense.” The idea of a citizen armed with a deer rifle standing up to Blitzkrieg-style storm troopers seems laughable. The U.S. homeland, however, is unlikely to sustain a conventional attack on our homeland, unless our society is already decimated by the networks of terror cells that may already be waiting for the “perfect storm” to arrive.

The fact that so many naysayers deny that we are embroiled in real warfare is because the nature of the new warfare is such that there is normally not a conventional battlefield space.

The real space where the battle occurs is in hearts and minds of citizens and the outcome is determined by how we prepare for and then react to sudden manifestations of violence in schools, churches and synagogues, malls, streets or workplaces.

Our enemies will exploit any dissension (especially partisan gamesmanship) and attempt to break down our trust by creating horrific fear at the same time as the true aims and source of the terrorist acts become more difficult to identify. One source of such “plausible deniability” may result from more than one set of actors with conflicting ideological and national loyalties getting involved, perhaps in joint operations.

There are no means by which enough police can be deployed to guard all our schools. Think of all the workplaces, intersections, overpasses, malls, and other facilities where a few homicide teams bent on destruction and suicide can systematically murder many innocent Americans.

The best defense will be men and women, armed with hand guns and proper training. The government will not take the initiative to train you because “thinking outside the box” is the province of a few individuals- individuals that may lack the patience to wade through the bureaucratic gauntlets. Military officers normally listen to credible military leaders, usually from within their own command.

Even a President or Secretary of Defense has a very difficult time changing the military culture and landscape, littered as it is with turf wars. It took years to unify the various armed forces into an integrated structure where each branch coordinates with the other. A few citizens armed with pistols and spare magazines probably cannot stop a WMD. But think of what happens after a WMD event. If a suit case bomb explodes do you think the carnage will just stop there?

There are some quiet discussions going on among our political leaders about the possibility of arming some of the staff in our schools. There may be a need to change some state and federal laws. Every war takes a different kind of thinking than the last war. The concept that may be foremost in the present day battlefield is “swarming”. No one quite knows quite how it works but for defense of our U.S. homeland it could be as simple as several armed people that are near an intersection stopping one or more terrorist teams from systematically executing drivers while stopped at a traffic light during rush hour.

A Pakistani terrorist, Mir Aimal Kasi, attacked CIA personnel outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, killing two CIA employees and wounding three in 1993.

“At around 8 a.m. on January 25, 1993, Kasi stopped his Isuzu pickup behind a number of vehicles waiting at a red traffic light on the eastbound side of Route 123, Fairfax County. The vehicles were waiting to make a left turn into the main entrance of CIA headquarters. Kasi emerged from his vehicle with an AK-47 and proceeded to move among the lines of vehicles, firing into them. Within seconds, he had killed Lansing H. Bennett MD, 66, and Frank Darling, 28. Three others were left with gunshot wounds. Darling was shot first and later received additional gunshot wounds to the head after Kasi shot the other victims.”

Kasi stated later that he wanted to kill people that were more important to the government. Kasi escaped and was hiding in Afghanistan from where the FBI lured him with an offer of a business deal and then captured him by going to his hotel room in Dera Ghazi Khan, in the Punjab province of Pakistan, “rendering” Kasi back to the U.S. Kasi was tried and convicted in the U.S. On November 12, 1997, four US oil executives and their Pakistani taxi driver were shot dead in Karachi, in what was described as a deliberate response to Kasi’s guilty verdict. Kasi was executed by lethal injection in 2002.

All the military experts recognize the viability of the swarming concept. Swarming tactics do not require advanced technology. Just as happens on any other battlefield, technology plays its part and we need the professionals.

Ordinary citizens will usually be able to respond to an emergency that occurs in a public location more quickly than the police. If the professionals are tied down by multiple emergencies, volunteers with radios, cell phones and preparation for defensive tactical engagement may be able to head off potentially devastating attacks. Or even confront jihadist homicide teams.

Citizen defense conflicts with the way many of us have been trained to react but such thinking is in line with the mental outlook of most freedom loving people up until a few generations ago. One of the reasons that Americans got away from such civil defense strategies relates to the defunct official philosophy that the world would be destroyed by nuclear events if there was ever a war. T

hus, the notion developed that there was no use preparing to defend against our enemies since “mutual assured destruction” had become official policy under the Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (SALT). Even military forces were reconfigured in a manner reflecting the primacy of the unthinkable nuclear threat.

The contributions of many human resources and various perspectives from inside and outside the ranks of the security professionals is indispensible. Intelligence and sophisticated communications, radioactivity detection, bomb squads and medical/rescue teams have been augmented with billions in federal and state funds. Nevertheless, you can get to your neighbor’s home in an emergency faster than any other “first responder“.

You don’t have to be covered with body armor or trained as a SWAT operator or to operate radar to get a concealed carry license, take some defensive shooting classes and think tactically.

The government has also spent billions to inform citizens about the importance of vigilance and getting ready for emergencies. but, at least for now, the tactical training is something that you will have to develop without government assistance, unless you work for the government.

Think about the nature of modern warfare and why individually armed men and women may become more important to our national security than ever before. Our biggest vulnerability is also our greatest strength- the mindset of the average American citizen.

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The Law Office of Mark Knapp PLLC will present the Laws of Armed Defense in the Spokane area on Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 6:00 PM. The class at CenterPlace Regional Event Center in Spokane Valley will cover legal aspects that you need to know if you are preparing to own a gun for self-defense and is geared toward protection of yourself and other members of your family.

• What to consider if you plan to wear a pistol
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• Legal training: before, during and after
confronting deadly force;

• When and how to deploy deadly force to
defend yourself or loved ones;

• Interacting with law enforcement when
carrying a weapon;

• Understand the psychology of stress under fire;

• Aftermath of the self-defense encounter.

Class taught by
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CenterPlace Regional Event Center
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6:00-8:00 PM.

$49/person or $79/two people signed up together.

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