Action Training Group Reaching Shooting Public & Veterans in Post Falls

action training group

On Tuesday, April 25, we visited a Disabled American Veterans meeting at the American Legion in Post Falls, Idaho. The objective was to invite the members to get involved in the Action Training Group., a shooting club that focuses on Church Safety training drills. We need volunteers to train new shooters, organize events as Range Safety Officers and build our group’s outreach to Church Safety Teams. Continue reading “Action Training Group Reaching Shooting Public & Veterans in Post Falls”

Action Training Group Presents NRA Range Safety Officer & Multi-State Concealed Carry Classes

Chaplain Stu Vogelman spoke to our Action Training Group at our ATG Meeting at Cabela’s on March 17. Stuart currently serves as the chaplain for District 4 for the Washington State Patrol and Region 1 for the Fish and Wildlife Department.

Stuart spoke to us about his experience assisting many local Northwest churches to get church safety programs in place. He has been in ministry for over sixteen years. Starting in 2000, Stuart formed and ministered nationally though his para church organization called Pure Warrior Ministries. Stuart is the former Executive Pastor at Valley Real Life in Spokane responsible for all church operations including ministering in recovery as well as security, medical, ushering, and transportation. Continue reading “Action Training Group Presents NRA Range Safety Officer & Multi-State Concealed Carry Classes”

SAFEST Committee Forming in Federal Way for Armed School Volunteers

The Citizen’s SAFEST (School Alliance For Every Student’s Tomorrow) Committee will meet on Tuesday, February 19th at 7:00 PM. My email address and phone number are at Please contact me if you are interested in being involved with our committee or just wish to attend.

Many of us see the need to protect our schools with more than dialogue and political band aids. Elected officials and others that implement public policy have an instinct to keep themselves safe politically- especially regarding anything that has to do with guns. Continue reading “SAFEST Committee Forming in Federal Way for Armed School Volunteers”

Law Classes for Armed Citizens Announced for Federal Way

Saturday, June 25th ADTA Law of Armed Defense Meeting:
Location: Regional Library at 34200 First Way South in Federal Way.

The class is for members, the public and especially for armed citizens interested in knowing more about armed defense of self and others! We will cover Washington laws pertaining to your duty to carry a firearm responsibly and how to deal with the legal decisions ypu will encounter before, during and after an actual defensive encounter in which you are armed with a gun. We will also invite you to join the Armed Defense Training Association at the meeting but we will not pressure anyone. Our nonprofit corporation provides opportunities to participate in shooting activities that develop action shooting and tactical skills. Continue reading “Law Classes for Armed Citizens Announced for Federal Way”

Federal Way Communicating Strategically via Twitter

Twitter is useful for emergency preparedness, reacting to rapidly changing events and strategic responses to various threats and opportunities. The following is a copy of my last Tweet @FirearmsLawyer:

MBRs $10 @Bunyan range Mar.23/30- Mar.23rd/30th event
#ArmedDefense #FederalWay #NRA #shootonthemove #SOTM

Please note that the message above is an example of a Tweet that could help us with our problem of telling ADTA MBRs about a change in the upcoming events schedule. Federal Way and surrounding communities can also use it to coordinate emergency response efforts or churches can use it to organize an evangelistic mission. I know the Tweet seems almost like code at first glance (or gibberish) but it has to be 140 characters or less. Continue reading “Federal Way Communicating Strategically via Twitter”

Armed Defense Training Association’s Events at Paul Bunyan

We canceled the Law of Armed Defense Class previously scheduled for April 2 but will be announcing the new date and location very soon. Watch the ADTA calendar page for this and other upcoming events.

Members of the Armed Defense Training Association recently participated in two live-fire events at Paul Bunyan Range in Puyallup. Dave Farrow and Bruce Wood, both experienced USPSA competitors and Range Officers, ran the courses of fire for the ADTA. Additionally, Dave is President of Paul Bunyan and Chairman of USPSA activities at Paul Bunyan. Continue reading “Armed Defense Training Association’s Events at Paul Bunyan”