Is Saul Alinsky Trying to Infiltrate Federal Way Schools?

In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama raised an issue about which I have been passionate for almost 40 years. In his 1992 presidential campaign, President Bill Clinton was also talking a great deal about creating partnerships between private industries and public education.

The idea of training that prepares high school students to obtain apprenticeships in specialized tool making and other crafts really fires my imagination. Maybe it is because I dropped out of high school and then got back on track with an apprenticeship as an Ironworker with Local 377 in San Franciso. Read more

Talking to the WSP: Did Campaign Contributions Make a Difference?

Many law enforcement agencies choose to contract with the Washington State Patrol for radio communications. They have had coverage problems, according to my sources. The WSP previously built their system to cover the freeways, not the woods or other areas that are covered by State Park Rangers, local agencies and sheriff’s departments or the Washington Department of Fish and Game.

After 9/11 the Feds wanted to increase inter-operability–a nightmare. There were UHF, VHF, trunked systems and digital. Without a lot of hardware these systems can’t talk to each other. So the Feds created a standard, P25 digital, and some agencies purchased radios capable of the standard. The WSP could never quite seem to catch up and never went digital. Nevertheless, the WSP became very interested in becoming the radio communications provider for law enforcement. Read more

Federal Way’s Police Volunteers Make City Safer


Keys to a safer Federal Way

Federal Way Mirror · The Firearms Lawyer
January 6, 2012

Every once in a while, we showcase a Federal Way volunteer that is an example for the rest of us.

I first met Dan Goede at one of the city’s emergency preparedness classes at Federal Way City Hall. Dan is one of many volunteers in our community who is involved in a variety of critical responsibilities, including emergency preparedness and working with the Federal Way Police Department. I have the privilege of working with Dan and getting to know him through the Armed Defense Training Association, where we are both members. Read more

Seattle Area Cop Competes on Top Shot


Range time on TV: Root for local ‘Top Shot’ contestant | Firearms Lawyer


Republished with permission from the Federal Way Mirror
The Firearms Lawyer
February 3, 2012

Television programs that feature weapons and shooting technology are becoming very popular.

One of my favorites is “Wednesday Night at the Range” on the Outdoor Channel — actually several different programs about self defense, competition shooting and the history of firearms.

Then on Tuesday evenings at 10:00 PM Pacific Time on the History Channel there is Top Shot. The program has matches in which top military, law enforcement and competitive shooters compete with everything from antique pistols to .50-caliber sniper rifles and machine guns. Read more